Advantages of purchasing real estate in Istanbul 2023 – the most important reasons

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We’re talking about Advantages of purchasing real estate in Istanbul
Real estate investment experts have noticed an increase in the demand for
purchasing real estate in Istanbul in the previous years until 2023, and this is due
to several reasons.

What are the reasons for the increased
demand for real estate purchase in Istanbul 2023?

Increase in government projects

The establishment of new government projects has positively affected the
investment market and purchasing real estate in Istanbul, such as the new
Istanbul Canal construction project, whose delivery is scheduled to be
completed in 2027, and the canal itself has several Impacts on the Turkish
economy and tourism, not only on real estate investment in Istanbul.

This is because the canal will play the role of a strategic commercial crossing
with merit, so one of the main goals of Its construction is to replace the
Bosphorus Strait so the other becomes a tourist attraction instead of being
a commercial corridor.

Of course, the new canal project mainly affected real estate investment,
which led to an increase in prices In Istanbul apartments.

Tourism boom

Istanbul is full of various tourist places, in which you can find heritage places that
tell great historical stories, and others of a religious nature such as mosques and
churches, in addition to modern tourism places such as the Istanbul Aquarium,
and Vialand Istanbul, which Is an amusement park that can be described
as the Turkish version of Disneyland , In addition to the mostfamous museums In Turkey.

So of course, the landscapes that characterize Istanbul are one of the most
important reasons that raised the level of tourism boom, which in turn was
reflected In real estate investment.

Turkey’s economy progress

According to the International Monetary Report, Turkey achieved an estimated
economic growth of 5% In 2022, and according to economists, they expected
that the volume of exports in Turkey would reach $242 billion In 2023, also
$255 billion in 2024, and monetary inflation is expected to slow down by 8%.

Therefore, Istanbul Is considered a stable and safe market for investments.

Seeking Turkish citizenship

Many foreign investors seek to obtain Turkish citizenship for several reasons,
including the ability to buy a large number of real estate, in addition to the
desire to obtain all Turkish citizenship rights that cover free medical services,
education services, and most of all, once you obtain a passport, you can travel to
more than 80 countries without having to carry your passport!

Lower prices

Istanbul’s property Is characterized by abundance, and this has created Ideal
competitive prices for everyone who wishes to work In real estate investment
or to get a house In Turkey at a cheap price. The living in Istanbul Is generally
cheap that has been compared with European countries.

Tax facilities

The Turkish government has worked to attract investors through tax facilities,
especially real estate investment due to real estate ownership laws that are in
the interest of investors, including the abolition of the reciprocity law in 2012,
which provided for the possibility of purchasing real estate in Turkey
exclusively for nationalities that Allow purchasing real estate for Turks in their countries.

What are the advantages of purchasing real estate In Istanbul 2023?

In addition to all the advantages we mentioned of purchasing real estate in
Istanbul, which are reasons that made real estate investment a continuous
boom, there are also additional reasons.

Abundance of real estate investment projects

Istanbul is characterized by a large abundance of real estate investment
projects with a good investment return. If you visit the projects page that we
have on our website, you will be impressed by the current investment projects.

Real estate diversity

The diversity of real estate in Istanbul provided various opportunities for
investment and housing, and thus a great diversity in the real estate
portfolio of the investor.

The great demand for real estate in Istanbul In 2023

The majority of seasoned real estate experts noticed the increase in the
demand for real estate purchase in Istanbul in the past years until 2023, and
It is constantly increasing until the moment, due to many reasons, mainly
the economic prosperity that led to an Increase in the number of indigenous
and foreign residents, in addition to the increase in demand for tourism that  It
contributed to the increase in the number of visits to Turkey, especially In
seasons and holidays, and this led to the prosperity of tourist villas overlooking
the Bosphorus, for example.

That is why the demand and continuous search for real estate for sale in Istanbul,
cheap homes for sale in Turkey, or luxury real estate for sale are increasing,
and real estate investment in Turkey has taken a new form for those looking to
buy real estate to achieve passive income, plus a good ROI.

How do I know the best real estate investment places in Turkey?

How do I know the best real estate investment places in Turkey?

There are several things that you have to take into consideration to choose the
ideal property when you decide to enter into real estate investment, and to make
it easier for you, we will present to you the most prominent areas currently
available for investment in 2023, in which there are real estate for sale in Istanbul.

First – Sultan Ayoub area

It contains projects that are among the best Investment projects, and one of the
most important investment factors that make it an excellent choice in terms of
purchasing real estate In Istanbul is that It is excellent for housing, as it Is
characterized by very good specifications and finishes in real estate,
In addition to its strategic location, and It contains the most prominent investment
project in the region.  Sultan Eyup in Istanbul, a project located in the “Beyoglu” area.

Secondly – the places near the Istanbul Canal

The Istanbul Canal Is characterized by its great importance in all aspects, whether
economic or touristic, and with regard to real estate prices in Turkey, specifically In
this region, it has been greatly affected, and once the construction of the canal Is
completed, real estate prices will rise by up to 30% of the property price  the original,
that’s mean a great return on investment.

Among the most prominent projects near the Istanbul Canal are: (Basaksehir
project, Kucukcekmece project, Spartakule project), which are projects
under construction.

You can also consult an expert real estate company to choose the most
suitable real estate, according to your goal of the purchase process.

As we mentioned previously, buying real estate In Istanbul In 2023 has many
advantages, the most important of which is obtaining Turkish citizenship,
citizenship rights, and living a comfortable life, in addition to those
who want to start real estate investment to be able to achieve a successful
Investment return, Istanbul has many investment factors encouraging to start,
and In  Either way, you are in the right place, all you have to do Is write to us
on WhatsApp and take a free and instant consultation so that we can help you honestly.

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