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جدول المحتويات

the most beautiful places Tourists should visit in Istanbul
Istanbul is the first tourist destination when visiting Turkey for the variety of tourist areas in it, including islands and cruises, mosques, archaeological museums, and popular markets. The world famous Istanbul Metro has won international awards and is one of the most important factors for ease of movement between tourist areas for its ease of use and the wide spread of its stations.

Emirgan Park in Istanbul:
Located on the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait near the Istinye Park complex, it is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul and is famous for being a historical park containing more than 120 species of rare trees and plants. The park has an imaginary nature and becomes a destination for tourists in the spring to enjoy seeing the wonderful flower fields of various colors and shapes. three wooden pavilions were built inside it that still exist today, the white pavilion, the Floral Pavilion and the yellow Pavilion.

Dolmabahce Palace:
It is located in the Besiktas area on the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait connecting the regions of kabatash and Besiktas, which is parallel to the esquadr area on the West Coast with the sea port extending from the sea of Marmara, and from the tourist places located next to the palace, Dolmabahce mosque, clock tower and several museums, including the Palace Museum and the Istanbul Maritime Museum, Dolmabahce palace is one of the palaces known for its luxurious architectural design, where it mixed Andalusian and Turkish architecture together.
One of the most important features of Dolmabahce palace is that it contains 285 rooms, 44 Halls, 68 bathrooms and 6 traditional Turkish baths, Dolmabahce palace was the residence and residence of the former Turkish President (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk).
Dolmabahce palace is affiliated with the national palaces administration, where you can visit it only through a competent tourist guide, and it is not allowed to take photos from inside the palace.

Princess islands cruise:
It consists of 9 islands located in the sea of Marmara and on the Asian side of Istanbul, the largest of these islands is buyukdah, and the commercial center represents a small part of it, or the rest of the islands are divided into natural forests and wealthy residences.
These islands were used in ancient times as an area for the exile of princes and rebel Kings by the Sultans, the island of the princesses is characterized by the presence of many ancient historical buildings such as the Hamidiyah mosque and a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Princess Island is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for tourism, as it has picturesque landscapes and you can move around it by horse-drawn carriages or by bicycles.Princess Island also contains a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and everything that meets the requirements of tourists.

Istiklal Street is the first tourist destination in Istanbul:
Istiklal Avenue or Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets of Istanbul visited daily by about three million people located between the tunnel Square and Taksim Square in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul and contains many archaeological buildings, restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, a fish market, libraries, theaters, cinemas, and musical also contains an old Metro built from the Ottoman era.
It also houses many embassies and consulates such as the French, Greek, American and British consulates, as well as many religious buildings such as the Hussein Aga kami mosque and churches such as Santa Maria.
Istiklal Street is a street that is open only to pedestrians, that is, it prevents the passage of cars or motorcycles, and it also contains a railway for trams, which you can take to get to the shops you want to visit within the street.

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