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Turkey is the first destination for every traveler with the aim of tourism or investment, and one of the most important factors attracting tourists to Turkey is the picturesque landscapes and the many important historical and archaeological places, so we find in Turkey a wonderful combination of ancient and modern architecture to meet all that a tourist may want to see from popular ancient places and modern:

It is located on the Bosphorus Strait and is located in both Europe and Asia, where it is divided into European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey and ranks first as the most attractive city for tourists around the world, which is not only famous for tourism, but is also seen as an economic, historical and cultural center of Turkey and to get to know the most important tourist areas in Istanbul Read More (link to the article Istanbul streets and features)

Stock Exchange:
It is one of the most important industrial cities in Turkey located between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara in the northwest of the country and overlooking the sea of Marmara, famous for the nickname (Green Bursa) because of the many public parks and parks located around and next to the city is Mount Uludag, where there is a cable car and a famous ski resort, and there is also the famous perennial tree, a pine tree that is more than 600 years old and located on the Uludag Mountain Road.
One of the tourist places in the city of Bursa is the Bursa waterfalls and there are a number of distinctive lakes that tourists enjoy visiting for their beauty and for the fun entertainment available in that area, and among the famous historical places are mosques such as the Great Mosque of Bursa and the green mosque, and the city of Bursa is famous for its halkum industry, so one of the most important places to visit is also the halkum factory.

It is one of the most prominent cities in Turkey and this city is ranked the third largest city in Turkey in terms of population and this city attracts tourists because of its vital attractions, there are parks and various entertainment destinations with traditional markets.Ankara is famous for its architectural and civilizational development, such as modern markets.
One of the most famous places in Ankara is the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which is one of the most important museums and tourist attractions, where it displays many historical archaeological remains of very ancient civilizations that inhabited Anatolia.there is also Ankara Castle, an archaeological fortress characterized by its sober and strong immunity and precise engineering architecture.
One of the most famous parks in Ankara, Turkey, is the Youth Park (Genclik Park), which also has different names, such as the seven colors Park, which contains a water pool and a walkway, in addition to a huge game City, restaurants and cafes.

It is located in the north-east of Turkey on the Black Sea coast, overlooking a series of Mountain Heights, and includes a large and ancient port that has the greatest impact on the commercial boom witnessed by the city of Trabzon.
Trabzon is famous for its natural attractions, rural villages that have a special charm, Customs and traditions that are reflected in the cuisine and popular markets, and one of the most famous places is Sera Gol Lake, which is characterized by wild fishing trips in the vicinity of the area with barbecues and children’s play facilities, there are also Sultan Murad Heights, which is visited by many tourists when the weather is winter in Trabzon, so fans of climbing and snow skiing adventures will find their ideal place.

Yalova (Yalova):
Yalova in Turkey is one of the beautiful cities in Turkey that contains hot springs and is a special place for those looking for tranquility and relaxation, it has a charming view where Yalova Beach is located on the sea of Marmara, and there are also recreational trips such as cycling, long-distance walking and special camping camps.
There is a waterfall in Yalova, Turkey, where it is one of the distinctive waterfalls with its natural shape and many scenic views surrounding it, and it provides all tourists with great pleasure to barbecue near the waterfall and sit on wooden benches in this tourist area.
One of the archaeological places in Yalova is the Kemal Ataturk Palace Museum, which is one of the most important historical symbols that helps to show the history of Turkey in general.this palace was also the summer residence of the Turkish President, and it includes many furniture and collectibles belonging to Ataturk.

Located on the Mediterranean coast in the south-west of Turkey, it is the capital of Antalya province, one of the most important reasons for tourism in Antalya is its beautiful waterfalls served by restaurants and cafes, and the beaches of Antalya are one of the most popular things for tourists to visit to enjoy the sea view and the beaches offer pleasant activities for everyone.
As for the historical places, there is ancient Antalya (kaleici), which is located in the heart of Antalya, Turkey and is characterized by historical charm, as it contains the most important monuments of archaeological tourism that attract tourists from all over the world.
The presence of the Antalya Aquarium also had a great reason to attract most tourists to see the amazing Sea World of various seas and oceans and offers the visitor entertainment in addition to getting to know the culture of the seas.

Located on the coasts of the Aegean Sea, characterized by its extended sandy beaches and enjoying the mountains covered with green grass, Bodrum is the ideal destination for lovers of tranquility and recreation with its high-end resorts and services scattered everywhere, such as the famous Turkish baths, and it also holds annual festivals and special shopping offers.
One of the most famous beaches in Bodrum is Fink Beach, which contains many entertainment events such as water skiing and boat trips, in addition to the presence of many restaurants.
In terms of the outstanding historical places in Bodrum, the maritime Antiquities Museum, the most famous of which is located in the Saint Pierre Palace, displays ancient maritime relics recovered from the depths of the sea, such as historical ships, jewelry and coins.

It is a historical region in central Anatolia located in the province of nowshehr east of the Anatolian plateau, Cappadocia is famous for its thermal balloons, which are one of the most attractive tourism activities in the region for tourists.
Cappadocia has several tourist hotels in the form of ancient caves and houses carved into the rock, which are unique and distinctive for the rest of the World hotels.
The Goreme area is the most famous in Cappadocia, and it has the chimneys of the orcs, which are famous for tourism, and they are natural mountain cities, and the Goreme area includes antique houses carved in rock, ancient churches, the most important of which are the tokli church and the Apple Church, in addition to the pigeon towers.

Located in the Marmara region of northwestern Turkey and overlooking the Black Sea coast, Sakarya is famous for its rivers, plateaus, mountains, beaches and lakes, in addition to the presence of many ancient monuments.
Sapanca Lake is one of the most magnificent natural lakes at the world level and its length is about 16 km and you can do some water activities such as swimming, water skiing and boating to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque landscapes, as there are many famous restaurants near the lake.
For fans of snowboarding, you can visit Mount kartpe in Sakarya, which has a length of about 1650 meters and was given this name because it means the top of the snow and can be climbed by cable car to enjoy the view of the snow from the top of the mountain.

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