the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 Law

جدول المحتويات

? What are the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 Law

Because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it has tourist, economic, commercial, and cultural advantages; its history is great; it has an important strategic position; it draws attention to its exhibitions and the architecture of its beautifully structured buildings; and because it has originality, civilization, and beauty. we are talking about Turkey. Many seek Turkish citizenship, which has become easier with the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 Law.

To become a Turkish citizen, you must acquire Turkish citizenship.

: How to obtain Turkish citizenship

New legal amendments have been enacted in Turkish law as the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 Law, changing the value required to obtain them through real estate investment in Turkey.

The new law gave foreigners an opportunity to realize their dream. Acquiring Turkish citizenship by purchasing properties worth $400,000 These amendments to the Nationality Act also include 2023 husband or wife and children under 18 years of age.

This is a profitable investment, and in return, it is an opportunity for the investor to become a Turkish citizen in just two months. This also benefits the husband or wife and the children, and this investment contract is profitable for both sides as a result of his investment return. The investor has full social and educational rights, as well as access to work and health care in other countries such as the United States of America. Special visas are enjoyed by Turkish citizens. a guarantee of a life of well-being and comfort, although it is fortunate that foreign investors start buying real estate for housing. Especially in Turkey, there are beautiful and comfortable residential homes with all the amenities and luxury of beautiful locations. The cost is reasonable, and after three years of restriction, real estate can be invested in for rent or sale. 

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are several options to acquire Turkish citizenship, the quickest of which is to buy a property worth 400,000 dollars. They are then able to apply for Turkish citizenship in accordance with the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 Law. by moving to the General Directorate of Arashi Registry and Land Registry and preparing the required documents for Turkish nationality by Turkish government institutions.

in accordance with the legislation in the state. following confirmation of the value of the property provided to them. Through a lawyer known and employed by the law, work is facilitated to expedite the necessary procedures. to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

On the investor’s wife

Previously, investors’ wives could have acquired Turkish citizenship, but since the promulgation of the new Turkish Citizenship Law,

this is no longer possible, as the decision to allow investor wives to obtain citizenship was largely incompatible with the Turkish legal system. If there is a plurality, wives are not entitled to take all nationalities. but only the first wife.

Syrians are still unable to invest in Turkey, even if they hold other nationalities. There has been no renewal.

In accordance with the amendments to the Citizenship 2023 law, a deposit of at least US $500,000 can be made in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. in a Turkish bank account, by transferring the amount to the Turkish lira for deposit and retention. This is the pound program, protected from the exchange. Here you can deposit in order to obtain Turkish citizenship automatically.

In reality, an investment deposit has become necessary to protect the Turkish lira from economic volatility and foreign exchange fluctuations. It protects bank deposits from the depreciation of the Turkish lira. The maximum period of entitlement must be limited after a year, although it can be determined according to existing laws.

However, it is not clear that this decision will remain in force in the future. It is a financial instrument, recently introduced by the government in Turkey’s banking system. and after the elections, the new government could cancel or modify it. Here again, only the first wife is entitled to Turkish citizenship.

In short, there are significant changes in Turkish citizenship rules through amendments to the Citizenship 2023 law. which have a negative indirect impact on naturalized citizens through investment.

However, many will endeavor to work in earnest to take Turkish citizenship and its advantages.

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