Turkish Citizenship…The Cheapest Nationality that Can be Purchased

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Turkish citizenship ranks sixth among the list of the cheapest nationalities that can be purchased. The Turkish government has issued many new decisions and updated old ones with the aim of attracting foreign investors to its lands by offering its citizenship in exchange for some investment programs.

Our article today provides extensive details about everything related to Turkish citizenship and the reasons that made it one of the cheapest international nationalities.

Turkish citizenship is the cheapest citizenship to buy:

The Turkish government has reduced the value of the investment required to obtain Turkish citizenship for all types of investment, and although it is among the cheapest nationalities, it is one of the most important and strongest nationalities that can be obtained.

In light of the economic and political crises and wars that most countries suffer from, Turkey has preserved peace and stability within its territory, along with the economic prosperity it has achieved in light of the collapse of the global economy, in addition to the fact that obtaining Turkish citizenship requires low investment values, the procedures for obtaining it can be completed within only 120 days.

Also, the Turkish government sought to make these procedures easy and simple without any obstacles, and this convenience in obtaining Turkish citizenship makes it one of the most comfortable nationalities and not only one of the cheapest .

Investment programs that make Turkish citizenship the cheapest citizenship to buy:

Below we will mention the most important investment methods through which to apply for Turkish citizenship:

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment :

Foreigners who buy a property in Turkey worth 400,000$ or more have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, and thus the Turkish government has reduced the previous required value of the property from 1 million dollars to 400,000$, in addition to many tax reductions it provided to foreigners, as it equalized between the foreigner and the Turkish citizen in the tax cost of real estate, which is basically low compared to real estate taxes in other countries.

Many real estate experts said that this condition was not a restriction for the foreigner, but on the contrary, it gives him the opportunity to enter the real estate investment market and get to know it closely or take advantage of the benefits of residence in Turkey, stressing that he will come out of the three-year period with satisfactory results.

By licensing the required real estate investment value, the government sought to encourage real estate investment and stimulate the buying and selling movement, and it has already managed to attract huge numbers of foreigners of different nationalities, especially Arab nationalities, with a desire to obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from its many advantages. It also did not stop at this point of facilities, but also abolished the reciprocity ownership law that prevents nationalities whose countries do not allow Turkish citizens to own property in their lands from owning real estate in Turkey, and thus opened the door to many new nationalities. This cancellation is also among the facilities that Turkish citizenship enjoys.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by bank deposit:

As for obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit, here the reductions were very large, as the Turkish government modified the value of the deposit required to be deposited to apply for naturalization from 3 million dollars to 500 thousand dollars and more.

The bank deposit method is one of the easiest ways that only entails a pledge not to withdraw from the amount of money before the lapse of three years from the date of its possession, and this reduction was a golden opportunity for foreign nationals who found it cheap in exchange for the many advantages that Turkish citizenship gives them.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey:

The Turkish government also allowed the foreign investor who buys shares in government projects or buys government bonds with a minimum value of  500,000$ and not to sell them before three years have passed since the date of their purchase to apply for Turkish naturalization. Also, whoever starts his business with industrial or commercial investment with a capital of no less than 500 thousand dollars or its equivalent in other currencies, apply for Turkish citizenship.

It should be noted that the Turkish government has reduced the value required for investment from 2 million dollars to a minimum of 500,000$. Also, in addition to the low value required for naturalization and the many advantages granted by Turkish citizenship to its holder, these investments will bring a lot of profits to the owner, because Turkey is one of the countries that has all the ingredients for investment success of all kinds, in addition to having a strong economy capable of embracing and supporting various investment sectors.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by establishing a company:

Whoever establishes a company in Turkey and employs 50 Turkish citizens can apply for naturalization, by this Turkey has reduced the number from 100 to 50 people. Those many reductions in the investment values ​​required to apply for naturalization were enough to make Turkish citizenship the cheapest nationality that can be purchased at all.

There are also many other ways to apply for naturalization, including:

-Marriage to a citizen of Turkish origin, provided that the application takes place after three years of marriage, in order for the marriage to prove that it is real and not for the purpose of obtaining citizenship only and that the husband does not pose a threat to public security in the state.

-Any foreigner under the age of eighteen can obtain Turkish citizenship if he was adopted by a Turkish family and did not pose any threat to Turkish public security.

-Those who provide evidence that they are of Turkish origin can obtain Turkish citizenship if they are proven to be credible.

-There are also exceptional cases in which the Turkish government grants foreigners Turkish citizenship who provide services to the Turkish state or Turkish society, such as scientific or technological services, which contribute to the further development of the Turkish state.

There are many ways to obtain citizenship, depending on the various types of residency conditions.

The best way to obtain Turkish citizenship:

In comparison between the different methods that allow a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship, and to determine the best method, the advantages and disadvantages of each method must be determined separately from the advantages granted by citizenship. Bank deposit methods and the purchase of government shares are among the methods that require freezing amounts of money for a period of three years, while the establishment of the company is not one of the possible ways for everyone, because it needs experience in a specific field of work.

As for real estate investment, it is the best and fastest way and achieves many profits for the investor, as the real estate investment market in Turkey is one of the booming markets with guaranteed results, as it has proven its success and development for a long time.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Although there are many discounts and facilities, there must be some general conditions that are defined for foreigners and give them the right to benefit from the many ways available to obtain Turkish citizenship, and we mention among these conditions:

-The person applying for naturalization should not be under the legal age allowed, i.e. 18 years old.

-The person applying for Turkish citizenship must be of full mental strength and not suffer from any kind of Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other mental illness.

-He does not pose any threat to Turkish public security or the order of the state.

-Validity and credibility of the documents that he applied for citizenship.

These conditions are considered among the general conditions that include all methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, while the rest of the special conditions were mentioned while the method related to them was mentioned.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship:

The fact that citizenship is cheap is not a condition for receiving a great foreign interest. Rather, the many advantages it gives to its holder are what made it the focus of attention and a destination for investors who found a low capital in return with the many profits that he achieves if we look at the advantages of citizenship as profits added to the investment profits achieved by investment within Turkey, we mention among these advantages:

-Ease of legal procedures:

A foreigner who holds Turkish citizenship is treated as a Turkish citizen and can carry out all legal procedures and transactions within Turkey with ease and without any additional procedures related to his nationality.


Those who hold Turkish citizenship have the right to reside on Turkish lands like any Turkish citizen without the need for a residence permit.

-Dual nationality:

Those who hold Turkish citizenship are allowed to retain their native citizenship or any other nationality, and there is no need to abandon any of them.

-Turkish passport:

One of the most important advantages of Turkish citizenship is to obtain the Turkish passport directly after that, which is considered one of the most important and most powerful international passports, which opens to its holder the gates of the world.

We mention among the most important advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

*Turkish passport holders are allowed to travel to 61 countries without the need for an entry visa.

*The Turkish passport holder also obtains an entry visa to 45 countries upon arrival.

*The passport holder can book an electronic entry visa for 8 countries through the official websites.

*Entry is permitted to 26 Schengen zones

* Through it, you can benefit from free scholarships and training courses that are granted to Turkish students only.

-Distinguished job opportunities:

Those who hold Turkish citizenship have the right to work in all public and private sectors of the state, in addition to their right to access the special state jobs that are reserved for Turkish citizens only, in addition to high-ranking positions in their jobs, such as human medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, law and customs clearance.

– Granting the citizenship:

A foreigner who obtains Turkish citizenship has the right to grant it to his wife and children under the age of 18.

-It grants full citizen rights:

The citizenship holder enjoys the full rights of the Turkish citizen, such as his right to benefit from free educational services granted to Turkish citizens and their children, in addition to his right to benefit from discounts on medical services for Turkish citizens and to benefit from health insurance programs in addition to benefiting from his right to insurance that covers the pension and various other types of insurance

-His right to vote:

The holder of Turkish citizenship has the right to vote and run for election as well.

-Easily moving:

It grants its holder the right to move easily and freely between the various Turkish states, and allows him to enter and exit to and from Turkey without the need for an entry visa.

-Ownership Right:

The holder of Turkish citizenship has the right to own real estate and other properties in addition to the right to buy and sell.

Additional advantages for investors holding Turkish citizenship:

By being an investor in Turkey and having its citizenship, you can benefit from the many advantages that this country brings to you, not from other countries:

-Geographical location of Turkey:

Turkey is characterized by a strategic location in the middle of three continents, which allows the investor, regardless of the type of investment, to expand his business between the East and the West, in order to achieve more development and thus more profits.

-Strong relationship with other countries:

Turkey enjoys a strong relationship with the European Union countries, which is one of the most important advantages granted to the investor, because he will be able to link his business with those countries and thus increase his chance of obtaining more profits.

-Economic prosperity:

The Turkish economy is one of the strongest global economies and has proven its ability to persist in the face of global economic crises and health crises such as the Corona pandemic, which reflected its negative effects on various global countries, in addition to its stability in the face of wars and crises of the surrounding countries.

This strong economy is a guarantee for the success of investment of all kinds.

-Cons of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There are many points on which nationalities differed, some of them considered them as negatives of nationality, while others did not consider them as negative or positive, and we mention them:

-Whoever obtains citizenship before reaching the age of 22 will be obliged to perform military service in Turkey if he did not perform it in his home country.

-The duration of military service in Turkey is only one year.

-The holder of Turkish citizenship loses his right to seek asylum in any other country.

-The holder of Turkish citizenship is not entitled to benefit from temporary protection.

-The holder of citizenship is not entitled to benefit from scholarships in Turkey.

Cases of withdrawal of Turkish citizenship:

There are many cases in which a Turkish citizen can lose his citizenship, including:

-Citizenship is withdrawn from naturalized Turkish citizens if the papers or documents that the person submitted his application for Turkish citizenship are not credible, and the citizenship is withdrawn after the Ministry of Interior investigates and verifies all the papers and in the case of proven fraud, the citizenship is withdrawn.

-Citizenship is withdrawn from a Turkish citizen if he proves that he has performed services for the benefit of another state whose interests conflict with the interests of the Turkish state.

-In the case that a Turkish citizen provides voluntary services for the benefit of a country at war with Turkey without the consent of the Turkish government, in this case, the citizen loses his citizenship directly.

-In case that a Turkish citizen provides military services for the benefit of a second country in a state of war with Turkey without the permission of the Turkish government, Turkish citizenship will be withdrawn from him.

-In case that the Turkish citizen commits any of the crimes that fall within the crimes that violate the security of the state and the constitutional order, the Turkish citizenship will be withdrawn from him.

When a foreign citizen naturalized with Turkish citizenship loses his citizenship, this does not affect the citizenship of his wife and children.

After the many facilities provided by the Turkish government, Turkish citizenship has become one of the goals that can be reached.

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