The Areas of Investment in Istanbul and the Best of them

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Recently, Istanbul witnessed remarkable progress in all fields, especially investment projects that would support the Turkish economy. Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey. It receives special government attention and all kinds of support in terms of supporting investment projects on the one hand and strengthening service infrastructure on the other hand, as well as the facilities and efforts made by the Turkish government to encourage foreign investors to invest and provide a variety of investment fields in Istanbul.

Features of Istanbul Service :

-Infrastructure in Istanbul :

The city of Istanbul has a strong service infrastructure, and this structure is with the modern transportation network that is being developed permanently and the highways that are being built between the regions of Istanbul in order to facilitate access to all areas in it, especially the areas where there are modern investment projects as well as the service centers in several areas in the city of Istanbul, such as universities and government schools that receive all investors of all nationalities, as well as the hospitals and health centers scattered in all areas of Istanbul and are ready to receive all cases, which gives importance to the city and attracts large numbers of investors.

-Government support projects:

The Turkish government has been interested in establishing several projects in the city of Istanbul and this was evident after the great economic development that the city experienced. The government has established projects such as the new Istanbul Canal, which is one of the most important water centers in the world, as well as the new Istanbul Airport, which is characterized by its hugeness and luxury and the great features offered inside the airport. Therefore, this will support several investment fields and attract more investors in various fields.

-Diverse options for investment fields in Istanbul :

There are many possible and varied areas of investment in Istanbul, including:

*Fields of advertising and publications

*Film and television production

*general trade area

*The field of import and export

*Investing in the field of education at its various stages

*Communication and modern technologies

*The field of clothing and textiles

*Investing with bank deposits

*real estate investment field

* jewelry trade

*Investing in restaurants and cafes

*Advertising and publications

-Investing in the jewelry business :

This field is considered one of the profitable areas and projects in Istanbul, as it is one of the vital sectors at the local and foreign levels.

It is known that the majority of European nationalities go to Istanbul for multiple goals, including the special desire of European and Arab women to shop from Istanbul’s jewelry and gold sales centers.

-Investing in film and television :

The cinema and TV shows of Turkish series have received a wide turnout and a significant audience of most international nationalities, as it is possible for a businessman or a production company to adopt an investment project in Istanbul by adopting a specific idea to produce it in the form of a series of television episodes (Turkish TV series) And putting it on the market, achieving success in this type depends on the audience’s acceptance of the offered work, and therefore the greater the viewership and acceptance rate, the greater the opportunity to achieve the goal of such a project.

-Investing in import and export :

Here, the investor heads to Istanbul to establish a private import and export company. He buys various Turkish products, taking advantage of the acceptable prices of Turkish goods, and from the presence of the New Istanbul Airport as well as the Bosphorus Strait to be able to make ship operations to other countries, which may include the export of electrical appliances, cars, furniture, foodstuffs, drinks, Turkish sweets, Turkish packaged foods.

For import, the company may serve the shipping operations of Turks in other countries who wish to send supplies and mail boxes to Istanbul, or import the requirements of the local market in Istanbul from other international goods.

-Investing in general trade :

General trade in Istanbul received attention at the level of shops, commercial centers and malls, which witnessed a great renaissance in the city of Istanbul at the level of goods, prices and magnitude, and this luxury was evident in the malls spread in all areas of Istanbul, such as Mall of Istanbul, which is one of the most important malls in Istanbul because of the magnitude, luxury, vitality and great features, which means that it is possible to invest in one of the commercial centers in Istanbul and work to spread a good reputation for the investor in the Istanbul markets, and thus he will be able to achieve the investment goals.

-Investing in education :

Here, the investor can obtain a license from the government authorities to open an educational center or private school, and then provide it with a highly qualified educational staff to be able to attract Turkish and foreign students in Istanbul.

  -Investing through bank deposits :

What distinguishes this type of investment is the presence of several banks in Istanbul that offer profitable benefits through bank deposits, as well as an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if an amount of at least 500 thousand US dollars is deposited by a foreigner in a Turkish bank, so this type of investment is increasingly popular in recent years.

-Investing in communications and new technologies :

This type of investment is one of the required investments that has been increasing in popularity in the past ten years. The people of Istanbul, like other peoples, have multiple interests in keeping pace with developments in the world of communications and technology devices. Here, the investment can be made by establishing a specialized company for the sale and maintenance of cellular devices and public services on these devices.

-Investing by starting a software company :

This type of investment is made in the possibility of obtaining a specialized place within the city of Istanbul to be a specialized company to provide software services. The investor must provide an integrated work team capable of providing most of the requirements of the software market in Istanbul from web design services; services for designing mobile applications, special accounting programs, software related to computers and many other services that a software startup in Istanbul has to provide.

-Investing in apparel and textiles :

It is known that Turkish clothing is one of the best international clothing, and this saying is from the old legacy, and therefore the idea of ​​investing in Istanbul in the field of clothing and textiles is not a successful idea. Perhaps, you may succeed if you open a specialized center for the sale of clothing with international brands, such as clothing belonging to American-German-British companies. But, here you are targeting some Turkish customers or tourists who want European and international goods.

-Investing in restaurants and cafes :

It is known that Istanbul is one of the global cities that receives special attention and a great desire for most international nationalities for the purpose of visiting and tourism, which means that it is one of the tourist cities with distinction, and therefore a restaurant investment project in the tourist areas is one of the successful projects as tourists like to eat and taste Turkish dishes and also drink cold drinks in summer and Turkish coffee in winter.

-Real estate investment field :

This type of investment is one of the most important and best areas of investment in Istanbul, as it is one of the most important types of investments made in the city of Istanbul, and this was a result of the great demand for city properties by real estate investors in recent years.

Why is real estate investment considered one of the best investment projects in Istanbul?

1-The advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul :

Real estate investment in Istanbul is characterized by a set of features that make such an investment project an advantage over other areas of investment, including:

-Tax cuts for foreign investors :

One of the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of real estate for foreign investors is the exemption from the added tax, which provides the investor with a large amount of money, which attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest in real estate in Turkey during these years, which positively affected the Turkish economy and thus making positive results to the real estate market.

-Profits that grow over time :

Real estate investment in Istanbul enables you to profit more than other investments, the real estate investor guarantees the stability of the capital in the worst case, but if the purchase period is long, it guarantees huge profits, and the monthly or annual benefit from the property by renting it, real estate rental must be done in the places where tourists and temporary visitors are located, and this is in places of tourism and natural areas overlooking the lakes, and these places abound in Turkey, especially Istanbul real estate with its Asian and European sections, and the investor must choose the location of the property very carefully because of its importance in attracting tourists and tenants, and a beautiful view should be chosen.

The real estate must give the residents peace and psychological comfort and support the tourism movement in the country.

-Facilities provided by the Turkish government :

The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment; facilitating the procedures for buying and selling real estate for foreigners. In other countries, buying real estate requires great and many conditions, while in Turkey, the conditions for buying and real estate investment are very normal, which contributes to attracting all investors from all over the world because of these great facilities in the investment process.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

This feature is the biggest and best feature for what foreign investors are seeking. The investor can obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions. The property must be worth at least 400,000 US dollars. Foreign investors who have obtained Turkish citizenship can apply for a Turkish passport, which means that the Turkish government’s facilities in the field of granting nationalities to investors have made Turkey’s real estate the focus of attention of the whole world and of different nationalities.

2-The advantages that investors enjoy in Istanbul :

Real estate investors who come to Istanbul enjoy many advantages related to the city of Istanbul, the beauty of living in it, and learning about its traditions and customs. Therefore, real estate investors in Istanbul enjoy the following advantages:

-The goodness and preservation of the Istanbul community :

The Turkish people are considered one of the best people in the world because of their loyalty, honesty and peace, as well as the people of Istanbul. Istanbul society is characterized by reservation and attachment to the Islamic religion, which stipulates moral values ​​that must be available within the people in Istanbul, such as generosity of morals, generosity of souls, and moral reservation compared to the ethics of other societies in Europe. Istanbul is the best city to live in, as it combines a sophisticated and simple society with high morals, a strong real estate movement and a thriving economy.

-The beautiful nature of Istanbul :

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, and it is the city visited by tourists from all sides to enjoy the beauty of nature and the splendor of the regional terrain in it. The topography of Istanbul enjoys the presence of green areas called tourist areas that celebrities and businessmen go to in order to spend enjoyable times in Istanbul by investing real estate in the region. Therefore, real estate investment in Istanbul gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in Istanbul and even provides you with ways to visit the rest of the other cities in Turkey.

-Istanbul strategic location :

Istanbul is the link point in the middle of Turkey. It is a strategic location on land and sea routes for trade, which makes it one of the best cities located on the best strategic locations in Turkey. This strategic location gives the city of Istanbul great importance above its importance, which is the ease of access to it via all land and sea roads, which led to the establishment of the new Istanbul Airport, which is expected to be a destination for real estate investors in real estate located inside or near the airport.

-Infrastructure development in Istanbul :

Istanbul is one of those cities that has a strong infrastructure represented by a transportation network that connects all areas of Istanbul, as it contains a large number of highways that make the process of reaching the famous tourist areas in Istanbul easy and simple, so the real estate investors who come to Istanbul enjoy the advantages provided in the field of infrastructure, public utilities and service centers spread throughout Istanbul.

3-Features related to real estate in Istanbul :

Real estate in Istanbul has several advantages that make it a center of attraction for real estate investors from inside and outside the country, and these features:

-Acceptable Prices :

The most important characteristic of real estate in Istanbul is its acceptable and average prices, which gives great importance to real estate in Istanbul and attracts larger numbers of investors.

The strong construction :

The Turkish government and real estate companies specialized in building real estate are interested in the good and strong design of real estate and the selection of the best and finest types of building materials used in the construction of real estate in Istanbul, which gives great importance to real estate in Istanbul in terms of strength and ability to confront natural phenomena.

-Gorgeous views :

The most important characteristic of real estate in Istanbul is the wonderful views of most of the properties in Istanbul, and this is due to many and widely spread tourist places throughout the city.

In conclusion, we can say that investing in Istanbul has great opportunities for success. You are the master of the decision in choosing your investment project. We have presented the most important and best areas of investment in Istanbul, and you have to determine what your goals, future plans, and budget are, to start your project in this city.

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