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جدول المحتويات

Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul, one of the addresses that receive the highest degree of interest from real estate investors and foreigners who want to live in Istanbul, and Fatih was certainly one of the most suggested areas of Istanbul for them.

This article is devoted to addressing the most important information related to the Fatih area and answering many inquiries about housing and investment in its apartments.

Fatih Istanbul:

-Fatih occupies a strategic location in European Istanbul, with an area of ​​15.67 square kilometers and an average height of 60 meters above sea level. It is one of the most vibrant centers of Istanbul, where the population density rises dramatically, up to half a million people, in addition to large numbers of foreign tourists.

– Fatih overlooks the Golden Horn in the north and the Marmara Sea coast in the south.

The historical significance of the Fatih district of Istanbul:

It is not possible to talk about th Fatih region without addressing its historical importance represented by the many ancient monuments, such as the Agha mosques, the Al-Fatih Mosque, the shrine of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, and many historical and archaeological monuments that reflect the nobility of this region extending in antiquity.

The importance of Fatih housing for the Arabs:

The Fatih area is considered one of the most preferred areas for Arabs in Istanbul, because it is one of the areas that are dominated by the apparent Islamic character through its many Islamic landmarks. Fatih is dominated by the conservative Islamic atmosphere suitable for Arabs, in addition to that it provides them with an appropriate standard of living and an integrated life with all its basic and recreational needs, in addition to the great diversity of residential real estate and the multiplicity of investment opportunities in this area.

The tourist importance of Fatih area:

Fatih area is considered one of the most important and first tourist areas that tourists put in their plans while visiting Istanbul. It is one of the areas very rich in diverse tourist attractions such as museums, mosques, churches, beaches and many other attractions.

It is one of the most areas of Istanbul which receives tourists in large numbers, and this is reflected in the number of resorts, restaurants, hotels and cafes scattered in this area and on their quality as well to fit with the importance of this tourist area.

A trip in Fatih neighborhoods:

Each of the Fatih neighborhoods is distinguished by its individuality that increases its attraction and importance. Below we will mention the most important neighborhoods in Fatih to know the tourism activity in them, which is directly related to the importance of these neighborhoods in real estate investment, which makes anyone hesitant to buy an apartment to invest in rushes to make his decision.

 Fatih District Center:

The Fatih Center is characterized by the presence of the Fatih Mosque and its complex, which was named after Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, and its construction dates back to 1463 AD. It also includes a hospital, a school, bathrooms and houses, in addition to the presence of Fawzi Pasha Street, which dates back to Roman times, and the Ftih Center also includes the Millet Library, the Marsian Byzantine Column, in addition to the Hırka-i Şerif Mosque.

Most of the tourist tours depart from the Fatih Center, which is rich in various attractions.

Eminonu and Sirkeci:

The coastal neighborhoods of Fatih districts that extend along the Golden Horn are among the most popular neighborhoods that attract tourists and are characterized by the presence of many old cafes and restaurants. They include Eminonu Square, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, Yeni Cami Mosque, Gülhane Park, and Sirkeci Train Station, which is one of the oldest train stations in Istanbul.


One of the most popular Fatih neighborhoods, it was one of the most active areas in the Ottoman era, characterized by its proximity to the Bosphorus, the Hippodrome Square, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, in addition to the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. Sultanahmet neighborhood receives many tourists every year in many restaurants, cafes and hotels, tourists cannot visit Fatih without passing through Sultanahmet in order to buy gifts and souvenirs from them, and most apartments in Sultanahmet have a charming view of the Bosphorus.

The road from Divan to Beyazit:

An old road located between Sultanahmet Square and Beyazit Square. The road includes many historical monuments with distinguished architectural designs dating back to the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine eras.


Among the historical neighborhoods located at the end of Divan Road, it includes Beyazit Square, known for its cultural and tourist importance, in addition to the Grand Bazaar, which is one of the most famous markets in Istanbul and the most popular market by tourists.

Laleli and Aksaray:

One of the neighborhoods that combine the past and the present in the Fatih area, it includes many commercial centers, tourist markets, restaurants and hotels, and it is one of the most active neighborhoods. There are also many historical monuments such as Laleli Mosque, Bodrum Mosque, Sultan Walid Mosque, Fenâri Îsâ Mosque, Murad Mosque Pasha.

After disembarking from Laleli, you will arrive at Aksaray Square, which dates back to the Byzantine era, which includes the Sofular Turkish Bath and many restaurants specializing in food from the ancient Turkish cuisine.

Süleymaniye Mosque District:

Which includes the Süleymaniye Mosque, which is famous for the nobility and accuracy of its architectural design, decorated with colored tiles and stained-glass windows, and is characterized by its ancient columns. In the same neighborhood, there is the Süleymaniye complex, which includes many monuments such as mosques and schools.

In the vicinity of the Süleymaniye Mosque there are many spacious gardens and attractive wooden houses.

Fener and Balat:

The Fener neighborhood is known as the ancient Greek Quarter, and the Balat neighborhood of the Jewish Quarter, which are two of the coastal Al-Fateh neighborhoods that extend on the shore of the Golden Horn. The two neighborhoods are distinguished by their historical importance and the presence of many restaurants and cafes.

Valens canal ad Vefa neighborhood:

The Valens canal was built since the Roman era and is considered one of the most beautiful and prominent tourist attractions in the surrounding area, and was used to transport water

Vefa Wazirk is located along the Valens Canal and is a densely populated residential neighborhood with many historical monuments such as Vefa Mosque, Ayin Berry Church and many other landmarks.

Edirnekapı and Karagümrük:

One of the neighborhoods of Fatih, which is famous for the presence of the Sultan Mihrimah Mosque and Chora Museum, which dates back to the sixth century.

Each neighborhood of Fatih has a charm of a special kind, and none of them is less famous and of tourist importance than the other neighborhoods.

The quality of urbanization in the Fatih area:

Real estate in Fatih is characterized by its high quality, using the finest building materials and by following international standards in construction, which were followed to obtain buildings resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters. It is also famous for its diversity of designs and based on the finest and latest decorations.

Residential real estate in Fatih area:

Fatih area is considered one of the residential areas distinguished by its high population numbers, and therefore it includes a wide variety of residential real estate such as villas, independent houses, apartments and hotels, and many residential complexes have spread in it.

Prices of apartments in Fatih area:

The prices of apartments in the Fatih area vary according to their type, such as apartments and hotel apartments, individually or within residential complexes, in addition to their specifications such as space, views, proximity to transportation and the centers of activity and vitality in the region.

But in general, the prices of apartments in the Fatih area are acceptable and reasonable in relation to the importance of the area, and foreigners find that these prices are low if they are compared to prices in other countries.

Is your choice to buy an apartment in Fatih a right choice?

The Fatih area is considered one of the widely serviced areas, and it is considered one of the very suitable areas for residence and real estate investment. It is witnessing a continuous increase in the number of residents and real estate investors, due to the comfortable nature of life enjoyed by the residents of this area and the high investment profits associated with the importance of the tourist area and the increasing demand for apartments by residents and by tourists.

Therefore, you should quickly choose your apartment in the right place in the Fatih area to have your investment opportunity or the best type of accommodation.

Advantages of buying an apartment to live in Fatih area:

The various Fatih neighborhoods can give you advantages of living that you do not have anywhere else, including:

-By owning an apartment in Fatih, you can have a distinctive residence in the most beautiful and most prestigious areas, and you will always find an outlet between the landscape and the tourist attractions.

-Fatih is characterized by an atmosphere of calm, so you will have a quiet stay away from the noise of cities.

-The strong transportation network in the Fatih area, which allows its residents convenient transportation between its various neighborhoods, in addition to the ease of travel from Fatih to other areas of Istanbul, where public bus lines pass within Fatih in addition to the metro, metrobus and tram lines.

-There are many different markets and commercial centers in Fatih, popular and the high-end, that provide the main and secondary needs of its residents.

-The infrastructure in Fatih received great attention from the Turkish government, which sought to provide it with its various types of education, including universities and schools, and health centers, hospitals, health centers and pharmacies distributed in the various neighborhoods of Fatih.

-In addition to the spread of many parks and exhibitions that provide its residents with the most integrated life without having to leave Fatih to get their needs.

-The social life in Fatih, which makes its residents live in an atmosphere of familiarity with their different cultures, and foreigners will not find any difficulty in adapting within the area due to the friendly nature of its residents.

-You will have many different apartment options in their spaces, views and specifications, which are compatible with all the different options.

-Residents of Fatih, of all nationalities, Turks and foreigners, enjoy a distinguished residence in all its aspects.

Buying an apartment in Fatih Real Estate Investment:

Apartments in the Fatih area are characterized by a high investment return, whether through the continuous and guaranteed rental return due to the continuous demand for rent, or by buying and selling apartments and benefiting from the price differential profits resulting from the continuous rise in real estate prices within Fatih. We mention the advantages of buying an apartment for real estate investment:

-The demand for apartments in the Fatih area is constantly rising by the constantly increasing numbers of residents, which leads to activating the movement of buying and selling apartments in the Fatih area in addition to activating the rental movement, this is what makes your choice to buy an apartment for the purpose of real estate investment in Fatih a distinguished and promising options.

-The touristic importance of the Fatih area, which is characterized by its great richness in historical monuments and is very popular with tourists to its various neighborhoods. It is known that the importance of the tourist area is reflected positively on the importance of its properties in real estate investment.

-The location of the Fatih district in relation to the city of Istanbul, which makes it one of the most important areas for the success of investment of all kinds, especially real estate investment.

-The prices of apartments in the Fatih area, which are considered low compared to the importance of the investment area and real estate prices in other countries.

-The continuous rise in the prices of apartments in the Fatih area as a result of the increasing demand, which guarantees double profits.

-Real estate investment in Fatih apartments is characterized as a guaranteed investment with high profits.

Factors controlling the price of apartments in Fatih area:

The prices of apartments in various areas of Istanbul are controlled by many factors, it is like other areas in which the prices of apartments vary between high and low depending on these factors:

-The location, the apartments close to the active centers and the tourist attractions are the most expensive, because of the importance of these apartments in real estate investment, as they are the apartments that attract the most tourists.

-The prices of apartments also rise due to their proximity to transportation lines of all kinds and different means of transportation because they are the best for real estate investment and for housing and residence, as they provide easy and fast transportation and make life more practical.

-The prices of apartments near the various infrastructure centers, schools, universities, hospitals, and other service centers, are higher than those apartments far from them, because they provide an integrated and stable life for their residents and raise the value of the apartment in real estate investment as well.

-The apartments near the markets and commercial centers are the most in demand, and the prices are higher.

-Fatih apartments near the historical and archaeological landmarks, foremost of which is the Fatih Grand Mosque, are of higher tourist importance and the government is very interested in due to their importance and antiquity.

Thus, the prices of these apartments are higher than other apartments in the area.

In general, using a reliable real estate company or a real estate expert with sufficient experience in the real estate market in Istanbul can help you get the best apartments in Fatih at the lowest possible price, and it is necessary to take a wide tour before buying the apartment in addition to monitoring the real estate market in the region for a specific period of time to get the best opportunities and most importantly enter into a negotiation with the seller, in many cases the equality ends with a good reduction on the price.

Residential complexes in Fatih area:

As a result of the large increase in population numbers in the area and the increase in demand for apartments in the Fatih area, the importance of this area in real estate investment has increased and attracted many real estate investors of various nationalities. Therefore, construction companies rushed to construct residential complexes to meet the increasing demand, and followed, in building their own complexes, the latest and most advanced construction techniques to guarantee modern apartments commensurate with the importance of the tourist area and with the demand of foreign investors, especially investors wishing to buy an apartment for real estate investment and in order to get the advantages granted by the Turkish government to foreigners when they buy a property in Turkey, which requires a property value of 400,000 dollars in order to obtain Turkish citizenship and a property value of 75,000 dollars in order to obtain real estate residency in Turkey, but the complexes in the Fatih area were not limited to high-priced apartments, but varied at different prices according to their sizes and specifications as well.

Like other residential complexes scattered in various areas of Istanbul, the complexes in the Fatih area are characterized by a high degree of safety as a result of their protection systems, surveillance cameras and guards, in addition to the diversity of services within them, which makes the complex a small integrated city.

This was the most important information related to the Fatih area in its various neighborhoods in general and the real estate of this area and its apartments in particular, which helps everyone who is looking for an apartment for sale in Fatih, Istanbul in choosing the best apartment, in the best place with the best specifications.

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