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Sultanahmet is an ancient historical area of an Islamic character that is evident in various features of the region, which makes it a destination for the Arabs in search of residence or investment.

In our article today, we will talk about the most important information about the Sultanahmet area and what makes it popular with the Arabs, which makes it the top of their list of options for buying a property in Istanbul.

Sultanahmet Region:

The area follows administratively to the Fatih area located in the European part of Istanbul, one of the most rich areas of historical and archaeological monuments and is known for its great tourist importance and its reception of large numbers of tourists, it is at the forefront of their tourist plan to Istanbul, and the name of the area is linked to the Blue Mosque within it, which is the Sultanahmet Mosque.

Transportation to Sultanahmet area:

The Sultanahmet area is characterized by a strong network of transportation that makes access to it very easy, and one of the means of transportation that reaches this area:

  • Tramway:

One of the famous means of transportation in Istanbul, which makes it possible to move from the Sultanahmet area to other areas of Istanbul easy and comfortable, is the tramway station in front of the Sultanahmet Mosque directly, and the tramway line in this area is characterized by its connection to other transportation lines within it of various types, such as the public bus line and the metro, which makes other areas of Istanbul close to the Sultanahmet area.

  • Metro:

Located at the end of the Grand Bazaar in parallel with the Taksim Line and known as Wiesenglar, the Metro Station is close to the tourist areas in the region such as Istiklal Street, Amino and many markets and commercial centers, which makes the movement of tourism in the region more active thanks to the easy access of tourists to it.

  • Havaist:

A special type of bus that connects the Sultanahmet area with Istanbul third Airport at a low cost with permanent flights to and from the airport, and this also contributes to the activity of both tourism and investment in the region because it makes the region open to the possibility of travel to and from various countries of the world and using the largest airports in the world.

In turn, it is reflected in the importance of the region in real estate investment and various other types of investment.

  • Public buses:

There are large numbers of buses distributed in the Sultan area and are always available to transport passengers from it to various other areas of Istanbul.

  • Taxis

It is distributed everywhere in Sultanahmet and used on request to move to various areas.

Sultanahmet  tourist Attractions:

The Sultanahmet area is characterized by great tourist importance and this is linked to the ancient history of this area, and to the large number of archaeological and historical monuments in it, which make it one of the most attractive areas for foreign tourists and one of the most famous areas of Istanbul, and we mention the following the most important tourist attractions within it:

  • Sultanahmet Mosque:

The area is named after the mosque that has been built since the Ottoman era and is characterized by its architectural design that is very precise and creative, in which the blue color is strongly accentuated and therefore known as the Blue Mosque.

It has a capacity of 10,000 worshipers and is the main destination for tourists in the Sultanahmet region.

  • Sultanahmet Mosque Square:

The area surrounding the mosque is known as the mosque square, which is characterized by its spacious green gardens and the presence of many churches and museums in addition to many popular markets and bazaars attractive to tourists, the tourist of the Sultanahmet area can not miss the opportunity to walk around it in order to buy gifts and souvenirs.

  • Hagia Sophia Mosque:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the Sultanahmet region, which was known as a museum for a period of time before returning to being a mosque and being known for its history and the beauty of its architectural design.

  • Topkapi Museum:

From ancient museums since the Ottoman era, it features an enchanting view of the Bosphorus, its white marble and distinctive decorations, which are attracted to a large part of the region’s tourists.

  • Gülhane Park :

Known as the Royal Garden because of its proximity to the Royal Palace, which is separated from it by a fence, and characterized by its green trees and the diversity of flowers, which make it an outlet for most of the residents of the region and a destination for many tourists.

  • Yerebatan Palace:

A famous tourist attraction in the Sultanahmet area, also known as the sunken palace because it is a giant underground tank, built in ancient times in order to store water in it during the siege, with an area of about 9800 square meters.

  • German Fountain:

A historic monument in the Sultanahmet area, it is known for its exterior design in the form of a dome built in a Byzantine style and carried by eight marble columns that are very beautiful, the interiors of which are built with golden mosaics, which are considered one of the tourist points that must be stopped.

  • Bathrooms:

One of the most famous landmarks is the Turkish baths, and the tourist in the Sultanahmet area will have the opportunity to experience the Turkish baths that make him return to complete his tour with a lot of activity after the relaxation that the bathroom gives him according to the Ottoman way, and a custom from the baths of the Sultanahmet area, the Hammam of Hagia Sophia, the Chumberlitash bathroom, the Kialuilu bathroom.

  • Restaurants and Cafés:

Due to the importance of the tourist area, it has been characterized by the spread of many elegant restaurants and cafes, which are characterized by the diversity of its cuisine between the ancient Turkish cuisine and the Arab cuisine, as it is one of the most attractive areas for Arabs in addition to the western cuisine.

  • Hotels:

The Sultanahmet area varies widely among hotels from 3 to 5 stars and is characterized by its many services that suit the tastes of tourists of different cultures. Sultanahmet hotels are the hotels that enjoy most of the tourists of the Fatih area and Sultanahmet because of their proximity to the tourist areas in the region.

  • Markets:

The Sultanahmet region is characterized by the presence of many popular markets attractive to tourists and varied in various types of products, gifts and others.

A tourist area with privilege and one of the preferred areas for foreign tourists, especially Arabs.

Sultanahmet area.. arab lover to buy a property in istanbul:

The Arabic language is one of the languages that you hear a lot in the Sultanahmet region because of the great Arab spread in the region, and this great turnout of Arabs to the Sultanahmet region is linked to several reasons, including:

  • It is one of the tourist areas of interest to Arab tourists because of its high tourist value and rich in historical landmarks. It is known that Arabs want tourist areas in Istanbul for residence or for a tourist tour.
  • The region has received great attention from the Turkish government, which has taken care of its various basic services and various types in addition to its interest in the entertainment aspect, which has increased the opportunity to have an integrated and luxurious life.
  • The high Islamic value for the Arabs of some of the historical monuments in the Sultanahmet region.
  • The spread of various popular markets in the Sultanahmet region, which is considered a preferred and interesting type for the Arabs.
  • It is considered from the nearby areas to the center of Istanbul, which increases the importance of the investment area with various types of investment, especially real estate investment.
  • A strong transportation network connecting the area with various other areas of Istanbul and with Istanbul third Airport .
  • Sultanahmet can easily access Arab embassies that Arabs need to visit for legal procedures and transactions while in Istanbul.
  • Despite the region’s vitality and activity, it allows its residents to live a quiet life away from the noise of cities.
  • It is one of the safest areas for Arabs to enjoy a peaceful and stable life.
  • Social life in the region, which the Arab feels an atmosphere of social familiarity away from any sense of isolation.

We therefore find that the number of Arabs in the region is almost equal to the number of Turks in the region.

Real Estate Investment in the Sultanahmet Region:

The Sultanahmet region enjoys a great activity for tourism in it, and it is known that the tourism activity in a region reflects positively on the various types of investments in this region, foremost among which is real estate investment, due to the increase in demand for real estate in this region, whether it is for rent by tourists, which promises a continuous and high return or for the purchase of real estate. Real estate in the Sultanahmet region had the largest share of the positive effects of tourism in the region, which led to a rise in the prices of real estate in it, which continues to rise gradually, in addition to the increase in investment profits by renting or by buying and selling the property.

Real estate investment options in the region range from investment in apartments or hotel apartments that are of increasing importance due to increased demand by tourists or may amount to investment in large hotels that generate very high profits for the real estate investor, villas, as well as commercial properties such as shops, commercial offices and other types of real estate.

This real estate diversity also contributes to increasing the importance of real estate investment in the region because options are more attractive to the investor than limited options.

Types of real estate investment in Sultanahmet Favorite for Arabs:

The Arabs largely turn their real estate investment towards the following types of investment:

  • Real estate investment in hotels through the purchase and investment of a hotel. This type of investment requires high capital, but in return it is considered one of the successful projects that achieve very high profits because its success depends on the demand of tourists.
  • Investment by purchasing a hotel apartment and renting it to tourists, which is also characterized by a high return on investment.
  • Purchase a furnished apartment and also rent it and benefit from its return on investment, which is also high but less than the condition of the hotel apartment.

Advantages of hotel apartments in the Sultanahmet area:

These apartments have many advantages that increase their importance to tourists, including:

  • The hotel apartments in the Sultanahmet area were built with the latest construction techniques that make their walls soundproof and achieve an atmosphere of complete calm for the residents of the apartment.
  • The hotel apartments are provided with special facilities for Important people.
  • The apartments feature private parking for the apartment’s residents as well as a car or bike rental service.
  • It is also equipped with free Internet service available to its population.

Residents of hotel apartments in the Sultanahmet area enjoy a high degree of luxury and tranquility.

Purchase of apartment for housing in Sultanahmet:

There are many options for apartments available in the Sultanahmet area, which are varied in their specifications and size. By moving to the outskirts of the area, you can find many options for large apartments with a family system, which are characterized by lower prices than the apartments near the tourist attractions in the area. There are also many options for apartments of various sizes in the residential complexes that have spread widely in the Sultanahmet area to meet the increasing demand for real estate in the area.

It is considered one of the areas distinguished by the availability of various educational services through the presence of many schools of various stages, private and public universities, in addition to the presence of hospitals and health centers distributed within them and the spread of many markets that provide the basic and secondary needs of the residents of the Sultanahmet region in addition to the ease of movement to and from the region, which makes it one of the areas suitable for a stable and integrated life for its residents, in addition to having a tourist opportunity among its monuments permanently.

Sultanahmet Real Estate and Turkish citizenship:

Real estate in the Sultanahmet region represents a golden opportunity for the Arabs, which will open doors for them to a new life full of successes, due to the high prices of real estate in this region so that it becomes easy through the purchase of a property in Sultanahmet to achieve the required value of the property, which is 400 thousand dollars in order to obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from its many advantages, in addition to the importance of these real estate in real estate investment, which achieves great profits for them.

After the decisions of the Turkish government to grant many benefits to foreign real estate investors, the Arabs were among the first fast investors to benefit from them, and their first destination was Sultanahmet.

Purchase of Real Estate Investment Hotel in Sultanahmet Region:

Buying a hotel in the Sultanahmet region requires a very high budget and an experienced real estate investor to be able to choose the right hotel for the most successful investment. In general, there are some tips related to buying the hotel, namely:

  • The hotel closest to the attractions must be chosen, which gives tourists the opportunity to freely and easily tour the area until late at night without having difficulty returning to the hotel.
  • Selecting the hotel that is more famous in the region, this saves the investor a great effort and time to announce his hotel, and the fame also achieves an excellent return for the hotel because tourists are moving towards the familiar names of the hotels more.
  • Attention to the exterior architectural design, interior finishes and decorations that must attract tourists with their beauty and precision.
  • Monitor the internal and external service facilities for hotel visitors and ensure that there are those that match the tourists’ desire to obtain their basic services and high level of luxury.
  • Hotel rooms with a beautiful view are an attractive type for tourists, so a hotel must be chosen that achieves a distinctive sea view or historical landmarks in the area.
  • The use of a real estate and legal expert to help you with your selection and the hotel’s economic feasibility study in order to verify the success of your investment before you take any step that may cause you to lose your money in addition to helping you in various legal procedures.
  • You have to do some maintenance and repair of the most important facilities in the hotel, maintenance is one of the necessary points to ensure the best success of your project.
  • Add your own touch to the hotel to draw attention to the difference in management that is interested in serving its customers optimally, as this has an impact on visitors.

The decision to buy a hotel for real estate investment is one of the decisions that needs extensive study and the use of many experts in their various specialties to ensure the success of your decision, and it is also one of the projects that need very high capital, but in return, it guarantees to its owner in the event of the success of his steps from the beginning of the hotel’s work a lot of high profits in addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Thus, we have finished the most important information related to the Sultanahmet area, which makes it an Arab lover and their first option to buy a property in Istanbul.

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