The Five Best Areas to Buy Apartments in European Istanbul

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What are the best areas to buy apartments in European Istanbul? How can I select the right area for me? Many questions come to the minds of investors, and before answering them in this article, it is necessary for us to mention that this part of Istanbul is distinguished by being the first pole of tourism and trade in the country and is considered the main node of transportation and highways in Turkey.

The most prominent areas for buying apartments in European Istanbul:

Among the real estate areas that have attracted the largest number of owners, especially recently, we mention:

First – Başakşehir area:

The area is included in the list of promising real estate areas due to its proximity to the largest strategic projects in Turkey, such as Istanbul’s third airport and the Istanbul Water Canal. Statistics also confirmed that Başakşehir will be among the first five regions whose prices are expected to rise after the completion of the giant projects we mentioned above.

Moreover, many investors consider buying real estate in Başakşehir a right choice because the region receives great and clear government interest. This is evident in the public facilities available in the region in general, such as Arab schools and famous universities such as Ibn Khaldun Private University and many others, as well as health services with high quality.

The high quality of hospitals and medical centers in the region, including but not limited to Çam Sakura Hospital, which is the largest medical city in Europe.

Secondly – Beylikdüzü region:

Beylikdüzü is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is one of the modern and developed areas that includes a number of universities, schools and the largest shopping centers, such as Marmara Park Mall, in addition to that, it includes many luxury residential projects, some of which have been completed and some are still under development.

Therefore, it is the first destination for investors wishing to buy a property in European Istanbul, whether for the purpose of housing or investment. The old saying(A blessing in disguise) applies to the Beylikdüzü area, which was, for a long time, a remote area that lacked many services until the time of the earthquake in Istanbul, and Beylikdüzü was one of the rural areas that were not affected by it.

 At that time, the Turkish state began working on developing it in all fields through urban transformation plans and providing it with public services such as schools and universities such as BeyKent University, and it also has many other facilities such as restaurants, sports clubs and commercial centers.

Third – Şişli District:

The bustling heart of Istanbul, as some people call it, due to its vitality, sophistication and luxury, has become a destination for many investors wishing to buy real estate for sale in European Istanbul. The area includes many cafes, shops and other places that meet all the needs of the population, and there are two types of real estate (ready and under construction), which makes it easier for the investor to choose what suits him in terms of taste and budget. It is also characterized by its charming view of the Marmara Sea and the famous Bosphorus Strait, which Many civilizations and cultures arose on its banks.

Şişli is considered one of the vital areas located in Istanbul within the European side of it, which made real estate prices in it competitive and appropriate with its specifications, and it is considered very cheap compared to the prices of counterpart properties in European and foreign countries. Depending on the location of the property, its view, its area, the used decorations, designs, etc., the prices of the real estate centers in the area vary.

Fourth – Sariyer region:

The area has many advantages and components that make it one of the best areas to search for luxury European real estate in Istanbul, thanks to its charming view of the Black Sea shore, as well as its proximity and view of the Bosphorus Strait, which is distinguished in the world, in addition to that, it can be said that Sariyer is an example to be followed and mentioned as the first option when talking about the most important and luxurious areas for buying Istanbul real estate, as it is considered one of the most luxurious and prestigious areas in the European part of Istanbul and due to its calm and being far from the hustle and bustle of the city and pollution, it has also become a destination for celebrities, politicians and the wealthy, where the high prices of these properties suit owners High budgets, in addition to being considered one of the safest areas against earthquakes.

It is also worth noting that the tourism importance of the area contributed to making it one of the most important real estate investment destinations in Istanbul. Tourists from all over the world flock to it because of its distinctive features, most notably (Emirgan, Yeniköy).

Fifthly – Fatih area:

Fatih area is distinguished by its geographical location, as it is located within the city center, so it was called the lifeblood of Istanbul. In addition, its land witnessed many historical events that had an impact on the abundance of tourist areas such as (Fatih Mosque, Topkapi Palace), which made it a distinctive area for housing, stability and investment in Istanbul, this is due to its modern infrastructure and good services, and this is reflected in the profits positively.

If you own a property in Istanbul within the Fatih region, it will result in many profits. In addition, it is characterized by the diversity of its properties and the spread of residential complexes, villas, etc., which leads to encouraging the investor to buy real estate in it, and consequently, the demand for it will increase, which will help to stimulate the commercial and investment movement in it continuously in order to meet the continuous needs of the increasing numbers that flow into the region.

Based on the above, many malls and major commercial centers have spread in the Fatih area and the property ownership and rental movement has flourished in the region.

How do I choose the right area in European Istanbul?

You should not randomly choose the area that will later be home to your property. Rather, it needs a deep study, acumen and intelligence in choosing the most correct way to buy real estate in the European section of Istanbul, most notably:

First – Hiring a reliable real estate company:

This step saves you the trouble of searching and thinking about the appropriate area for you and choosing the property that matches your desires without much effort especially if you are not residing in Turkey, one of their common ways is to take a photo of the property so that its advantages appear without its negatives and damages.

Second – Taking the advice of the real estate consultant:

Everyone who is going to buy apartments in European Istanbul must deal with a real estate consultant, especially those who are new to the field of real estate investment, because his main task is to support them and provide advice that they urgently need, and due to his prestigious position and extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, he can identify you the appropriate areas suitable to your goal and then you can choose what you like, and sometimes the consultant directs you to certain construction companies that contain your request and offer good offers.

Third – Do not move away from the service facilities:

It is preferable that the area is equipped with all kinds of recreational and main service facilities, and this is a prerequisite if you want to invest in real estate by selling or renting it. In addition, it connects you with all the European areas of Istanbul, shopping centers and malls that prevent you from going to another destination.

Fourth – The touristic position of the region is important:

If the area in which you intend to buy an apartment is of great tourist importance, this is good news, as the profits resulting from its investment will be very huge and in foreign currency as well, because most of those who buy it are among the foreign tourists coming to enjoy the beauty of the European part of Istanbul state and also to see historical monuments and museums and the archeology contained within it.

Fifth – Put the developing regions in your options:

Developed areas are able to generate profits for you much more than those that lack sophistication and luxury, and you always find them full of vitality and movement. Thousands of pedestrians are in front of it on a daily basis, and even if the property is residential, it will witness a great turnout from local, foreign and Arab investors, meaning that you will be on a date with a real wealth of abundant profits, as the increase in demand is followed by a rise in the price, and in return the return will be higher.

Sixth – Proximity to mega projects:

It is necessary to choose an area that contains a good number of luxury real estate projects, such as residential complexes and villas, that provide its residents with many social, technological and recreational services, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gardens, and parks designated for walking or by biking, and many more.

It should be noted that real estate located in an area close to infrastructure projects get much more profit than others, because they are of great interest by investors, foreigners and entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt that these projects will contribute to a qualitative leap in all areas of the area in which they are located or next to it, especially the field of real estate investment, as it will increase real estate prices in the region, and in this context we must point out, however, that European Istanbul contains many huge projects that are still in the process of being completed, to mention but not limited to the new Istanbul Airport, since the Turkish state’s statement on its building plan, it settled in the minds of many interested in the matter, and it was classified as the largest airport in the continent of Europe, and despite the incompleteness of all its stages, it received many valuable prizes by the competent authorities.

Prices of apartments in European Istanbul:

Although there is a lot of cheap real estate with reasonable prices in the European part of Istanbul, it also offers luxury real estate on a large scale and is not visible in the rest of the country. And we do not deny that the tourism importance it enjoys has played a prominent role in the rise in apartment prices, as it has recently attracted more tourists due to the booming economy and the increase in commercial activities that took place in the developed regions and municipalities. It also provides transportation lines to connect neighborhoods and municipalities with ease.

Reasons for the price difference in apartments in European Istanbul:

It is impossible to find an area whose real estate prices are all equal, so there must be some differences resulting from several factors that play an indispensable role in raising or lowering the price of real estate, and the most popular of these factors are:

First – the external finishes of the apartment:

The external appearance is very important in determining the price of the property, especially in the famous and central areas, where the price of properties that are located within luxurious buildings with modern designs such as glass facades are high compared to normal buildings in the same area. Also, properties that lack these details and finishes may not attract the attention of the foreign investor, which may lead to a decrease in its financial value.

Second – the area in which the apartment is located:

The more medical, educational and recreational services available from shopping centers and malls in the vicinity of the apartment, the higher its financial value, in addition to the fact that its proximity to highways and transportation networks such as the metro, Metro-bus and others gives it a more expensive price and vice versa.

Even within the same area, the prices of apartments vary according to the neighborhood in which it is located, the extent of its luxury and the quality of the services it provides and if it is located in a separate building, the price of each of them varies, even if the space is the same and of the same style, and this depends on the floor on which it is located and also the view.

An apartment with a sea view or one that overlooks the Bosphorus or a tourist attraction is more expensive than the one that overlooks the city center or the internal garden of the project.

Third – the type of apartment:

Real estate in European Istanbul has many types and their prices vary, of course, depending on the quality of the social and recreational services they provide. If we compare the regular apartments and the apartments in the residential complexes, we will find that the second offers better and more services than the first, and therefore its price will be more high than it.

Fourth – the area of ​​the apartment:

Some experts consider that the larger the area of ​​the property, the lower the price per square meter, but in general, the increase in the area of ​​the property corresponds to an increase in the price.

Why is it recommended to buy apartments in European Istanbul?

The European side of Istanbul is more densely populated than the Asian side, as it is a center of trade, business and industry, and the common saying is that it is the vibrant heart of Istanbul due to its vitality and the movement of its streets that continue day and night.

It also attracts the attention of foreign investors with its natural and cultural richness, as it contains a developed transportation network, a very important geographical location, and a prestigious tourist position. As a result of all the things that we mentioned to you above, European Istanbul has become the focus of attention and attracting countless numbers of investors, foreigners and entrepreneurs. Its real estate has become a safe haven for them and a treasure for collecting huge profits.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion of our article, which included many information and points familiar with the conditions of the real estate market in the European section of Istanbul, which has become the focus of attracting a big number of investors, foreigners and entrepreneurs.

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