The high demand for Tourism in Istanbul

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Turkey has always been distinguished by its tourist places and archaeological monument,

attracting a large number of tourists annually, thanks to the economic prosperity in the

first place, which was followed by a recovery for the country in all aspects such as investment,

politics, and others, which tourism in Istanbul had to be an integral part of that prosperity,

and we On “HANA for Real Estate Services” website, we will share with you the most

prominent features of the region and why there is a high demand for tourism there.

Latest tourism statistics in Istanbul

According to statistics and data issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, in the first seven

months of 2022, Turkey received more than 23 million tourists from around the world, three

million of whom are of German nationality, which is the highest percentage of all nationalities,

and the tourism growth rate  estimated at 128.28%.

Before that, it had achieved a growth rate of 207.10% in the first five months, and the number of

tourists in the ninth month reached more than 40 million, with a growth rate of 97.96% compared

to the previous year for the same period, with tourism revenues attained 27.1%, so it’s more than

35 billion dollars. Until November of the same year, 14.7 million foreign tourists came to Istanbul alone.

The reasons for the boom in tourism in Istanbul

1. Best tourist places to visit in Istanbul

For Sure, the nature of the best places to visit in Istanbul is one of the most worthy factors for

its success, as it is famous for the splendor of its tourist places, and many of them have been

classified among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as:

  • Sultan Ahmad Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia Mosque
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Mount Nimrud
  • Adiyaman

The tourist places in Istanbul are diverse, as there are archaeological sites,

there are also wonderful entertainment places suitable for families, such as:

• Istanbul Aquarium, located in the Sea of Marmara. It was established in 2011 and quickly achieved

wide success and fame. It’s a water park that takes care of 17 different genres of wonderful

marine creatures, including small fishes, sharks, penguins, sea snakes, and other sea ​​animals.

Galata Tower, a high tower in Istanbul, 67 meters above the ground, consisting of 9 floors, and

you can see Istanbul from the top with a magnificent scene.

The Basilica Cistern Palace, an ancient earthen cistern built in the sixteenth century, is located

near Sultan ahmet Square and not far from the Hagia Sophia Museum. It contains hundreds of

high columns, amounting to 336 columns, and you can also see some small fish swimming on the

floor of the cistern.

2. Bazaars

Istanbul contains several bazaars. Turkish people are proud of this popular markets,

because they consider it as a historical heritage.

The Grand Bazaar is the most famous of these bazaars, located in the Fatih area,

this traditional bazaars are visited by a quarter of a million visitors daily.

3 . The amazing nature

The charming nature and terrain of Istanbul are one of its most features that are in favor of tourism,

as it captivates tourists with its vast green spaces, in addition to the oceans and seas that overlook

it, such as the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea, and many springs, mountains, plateaus, and islands,

and among the most beautiful of these areas:

Princesses Island, a group of nine islands with an exquisite nature in the Sea of Marmara.

Cappadocia, despite all the great landmarks this region contains, such as Zulfi Museum and

the hidden underground city “Derinkuyu” and other sites, the most beautiful part is the balloon

tour in its sky.

Additional factors that led to the prosperity of tourism in Istanbul

Political stability and economic prosperity helped attract tourists from all over the world,

not only for tourism and touring the streets, but also for choosing it as a place to live and work.

Among the reasons that encouraged this:

  • Low cost of living compared to European countries.
  • Istanbul’s strategic location, located between Europe and Central Asia, separated by the Bosphorus Strait, makes it an excellent geographical location, especially in the field of import and export.
  • Tax facilities on investment projects for foreigners, especially in real estate investment.
  • The convergence of the present and the past in one city, Istanbul brought together the ancient history and the speed of civilizational development. You can see this clearly through the architectural structure of city buildings. Wherever you look, you will find heritage buildings such as mosques, churches, and old houses. You will also see skyscrapers and modern facilities with contemporary architecture.

At the end of our article, if you decide to turn your tourist trip into a permanent desire

to reside, our experts can help you from A to Z, starting with the assistance of registering

your children in appropriate school, and provide you with a suitable income, and certainly

enabling you to obtain Turkish citizenship, and providing more information about Istanbul.

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