Obtaining a Real Estate Residence Permit in 2023

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Obtaining a real estate residence permit in 2023 has become of great importance,
as it represents a great opportunity to obtain permanent residency in some
countries, with its benefits being particularly appealing to those interested
in real estate investment.

What is a Real Estate Residence Permit?

A Real Estate Residence Permit is a government program offered by many
countries, allowing investors and immigrants to obtain legal and
permanent or temporary residency in that country by purchasing real estate
or investing in the local economy.

What are the advantages of obtaining a real estate residency for the year 2023?

Real estate residency offers numerous advantages for investors, compelling
them to seek out a savvy real estate company in the country of interest in
search of properties for sale. Among these benefits are:

  1. Permanent or Temporary Residency: Real estate residency holders can obtain permanent or temporary residency in the countries that offer it, allowing them to live and work in these countries without the need for an entry visa.
  2. Travel freedom: Obtaining a real estate residency allows investors to travel freely to other countries without the need for an entry visa, based on agreements between these countries. For example,
    obtaining a real estate residency in Turkey grants you one of the world’s strongest passports – the Turkish passport – which allows you to enter approximately 160 countries.
  3. Real estate investment: Real estate residency holders can seize a golden opportunity in real estate investment. Investing in properties, such as selling or leasing them, provides financial returns to investors, while the country in which they invest benefits from real estate and economic growth.
  4. Healthcare and education services: Real estate residency holders can benefit from the healthcare and education services offered in the countries where they reside, in the same way as local citizens.
  5. Legal protection: Real estate residency holders receive complete legal protection according to local legislation in the countries where they reside, giving them confidence and security in real estate investment and living in these countries.

The advantages of obtaining real estate residency may vary from country to
country according to local legislation, and investors interested in purchasing
properties should verify the conditions and benefits available in their desired

What are the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries that offers great benefits to those who obtain a real
estate residency by 2023, and here are the main advantages:

  • Legal protection: Real estate residency holders in Turkey enjoy the legal protection provided by the Turkish government.
  • Obtaining a work permit: Those who own a property in Turkey, for example, can obtain a work permit. It is worth noting that the European side of Istanbul is a vibrant city with a high demand for job opportunities, and many investment projects are active there.
  • Turkish citizenship can be obtained under certain conditions if one manages to obtain a real estate residency, in addition to the many advantages of Turkish citizenship, like Health and education services, Investors looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, especially the distinguished apartments in Istanbul, will receive health and education services like any Turkish citizen.

These are some of the benefits enjoyed by real estate residency holders in
Turkey, and there are many other advantages that can be explored after
obtaining a real estate residency in Turkey.

What are the conditions for real estate residency in 2023?

Due to the varying requirements that must be met depending on the desired
country of residence, it’s important to consider that each country has its own
local legislation and immigration and citizenship laws. Therefore, when
considering purchasing property in any country, it’s essential to review these
basic conditions:

  1. Searching for property for sale at a specific value: Investors must purchase property at a specific value in countries where they wish to obtain residency through property ownership, and the required amount varies from one country to another. For instance, in Turkey, investors must buy property worth no less than 75,000 US dollars, while in Spain and Portugal, the required value is at least 500,000 euros.
  2. No criminal record: Some countries may require applicants for property residency to obtain a certificate of no criminal record.
  3. Residence commitment: Some countries may require investors who apply for permanent or temporary residency to commit to residing within the country continuously for a specified period without leaving its borders. Failure to comply and leaving the country for an extended period may result in losing property residency.
  4. Full payment: Obtaining property residency may require investors to pay the agreed-upon amount in full without payment facilities.
  5. Real estate investment: Some countries may require investors to invest in specific real estate projects for specified amounts.

Foreign investors must verify the conditions for obtaining property
residency in each country before deciding to reside there.

What are the conditions for real estate residence in Turkey for the year 2023?

As Turkey continually strives to encourage foreign investment through
numerous incentives, it is no surprise that it is one of the leading countries
offering a real estate residency program, designed to attract investors seeking to
live in Turkey. Along with the advantageous investment opportunities
that Istanbul properties in particular offer, the requirements for obtaining a
real estate residency permit in Turkey include:

  1. Purchasing a property with a minimum value of 75,000 US dollars.
  2. Submitting a residency permit application to the Turkish authorities.
  3. The absence of any criminal or security impediments, as having a criminal record could prevent an investor from obtaining a real estate residency permit.
  4. Obtaining health insurance that covers the residency period in Turkey.
  5. Paying the fees and taxes associated with buying the property and applying for the residency permit, which cover the costs of procedures, such as health insurance and residency permit, as well as visa, and appointment fees, and preparing the full file for obtaining a real estate residency permit. These costs are generally estimated at a maximum of 250 US dollars.

Tips for obtaining real estate residence for the year 2023 in Turkey:

The best city that may attract you to carry out the best real estate investment
projects is Istanbul, with its vital European side and calm Asian side. The
European side of Istanbul is suitable for major investors, such in places like
Bakirkoy, Kucukcekmece, Beylikduzu, and Basaksehir, among many other
investment areas. On the other hand, small investors can invest in the Asian
side of Istanbul in places like Atasehir, Umraniye, and Kartal, as there are cheap
lands and houses for sale there.

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