Reasons for increasing the demand for buying homes in Turkey

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Learn about the reasons behind the increasing demand for buying homes in
Turkey. What are the most prominent reasons and why is the search for
properties for sale in Turkey continuously increasing?
Join me in this article presented by the team of “Hana” website to provide
comprehensive answers to your inquiries.

First – What are the reasons for the increase in demand for real estate purchase in Turkey?

Here are the main reasons for the increase in the search for buying homes
in Turkey:

  1. The desire to enter the real estate investment market by purchasing a house in Turkey, due to the returns on investment resulting from selling or renting properties in the best investment projects.
  2. Obtaining the real estate residency and benefiting from its advantages.
  3. Obtaining Turkish citizenship, which allows exercising Turkish citizenship rights while keeping the original nationality within what is called “dual nationality“. On the other hand, those who obtain citizenship can naturally obtain the Turkish passport, which many foreigners and Arabs seek to obtain.
  4. The presence of leading universities globally, which gives your children the opportunity to obtain the finest types of education in global languages, including Arabic.
  5. The abundance of Arabs in Turkey made it a familiar place for Arab investors. It is also characterized by a conservative and Eastern environment, as the customs and traditions of the Turks are very similar to those of Arab society.

Why is Turkey an excellent environment for real estate investment?

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the increasing demand for buying homes in
Turkey is its great real estate diversity, where you can search for properties for
sale such as luxurious villas overlooking water bodies, lands close to the Istanbul
Canal, in addition to various Istanbul apartments, as well as commercial and
residential properties, and, of course, there is an endless number of suitable
residential complexes for both living and investment.

The real estate diversity does not only include the type of property but also
includes the payment method for purchasing homes in Turkey. For
example, some properties in Turkey can be purchased by installments. There are
also properties under construction. One of the most prominent reasons for the
increasing desire of investors to purchase homes in Turkey is the
availability of financing options and the ease of obtaining real estate loans with
low-interest rates.

add to that the increasing demand for student housing, in addition to the
tourism boom, is another encouraging reason for real estate investment in Turkey.

Second – What are the advantages of Istanbul apartments?

Perhaps Istanbul is the most sought-after area for real estate investment and
housing due to the vision of investment factors and housing opportunities it

  1. The flourishing tourism industry: As previously mentioned, Turkey’s growth is a primary reason for its development and increased demand for real estate. Istanbul, however, has the lion’s share of this prosperity due to the density of tourism and entertainment venues, in addition to the presence of heritage facilities such as mosques and historic churches. Istanbul is also full of modern and entertaining places that are popular with adults and children.
  2. Low cost of living compared to European and Gulf countries, estimated at an average of $500 per person per month in 2023.
  3. Moderate climate throughout the year.
  4. Abundant job opportunities in Istanbul, especially in the vibrant European side, and among the most famous areas are Kucukcekmece, Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bakirkoy, and many other areas with excellent investment projects.
  5. Availability of real estate for sale that suits all budgets, as Istanbul apartments are characterized by diversity in terms of prices. Even a small investor can achieve a good return on real estate investment in Istanbul.
  6. Stunning natural landscapes and the possibility of living peacefully in quiet areas, especially in the Asian side of Istanbul, where there are properties for sale with pleasant atmospheres far from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Examples of these areas include Atasehir, Uskudar, and Kartal.

High demand from tourists for rental apartments in Istanbul near tourist
attractions, as seasonal properties such as holiday villas are popular, particularly
during vacation times.

Third – the best places to find real estate for sale in Istanbul

If you are looking for the best areas for buying homes in Turkey for housing or
real estate investment in Istanbul specifcally, here are the suggestions.


If you’re looking to buy property in Turkey, Basaksehir is a great option due
to its rapid real estate development. Located on the European side of
Istanbul, it is also close to important projects like Istanbul Airport and the
new canal, making it ideal for real estate investment. It has a good number of
earthquake-resistant residential complexes and provides ideal living
conditions, with advanced transportation networks, recreational facilities, and
commercial centers. What sets Basaksehir’s apartments apart is their
stunning views of natural landscapes, as well as a large part of the famous
Belgrade Forest.


Located in the European part of Istanbul, Kucukcekmece is surrounded by the
beautiful Kucukcekmece Lake, a major tourist attraction. It is also close to the
city center, making it particularly important for those seeking property in
Turkey. Additionally, Kucukcekmece has a guaranteed real estate investment
due to the strategic importance of its projects, and offers its residents
unparalleled sea views, overlooking both the Sea of Marmara and Kucukcekmece Lake.

Sultan Ayoub

Sultan Ayoub Area is a historic and ideal area for every investor, as it includes one
of the best real estate investment projects in Istanbul. Characterized by a
luxurious lifestyle and is close to important tourist attractions such as the
Ayoub Sultan Mosque, which houses the tomb of the companion Abu Ayyub al-
Ansari, as well as popular entertainment places such as Vialand City, and the
famous Axis Mall and favored at the rich class of tourists and population.

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