Tourist Villas in Istanbul

جدول المحتويات

Tourist villas in Istanbul are distinguished by the ideal specifications that people look for
, whether investors or those looking for a luxury life. In fact, these features make them at the
top of the list of the most traded real estate in the real estate market in the region, as well
as being the most popular and sought after by tourists, foreigners, and those interested in real
estate investment.

Features of tourist villas in Istanbul

These villas have features commensurate with their importance, including:

Tourist location

You may wonder why these villas are called tourist villas, because of their proximity to the tourist
places in Istanbul, and it is worth noting that Istanbul is among the most important tourist cities
because it contains a large number of tourist attractions, museums, and castles that are visited by
large numbers of tourists throughout the year, for example, the city of Basaksehir, where really
interesting places are located, such as the People’s Park, Water Valley, and Yarimburgaz Cave. Of
course, we do not forget the Sultan Ahmed Palace and the Hagia Sophia Mosque, in addition to
the Bosphorus Strait, which is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the
region. furthermore, It is close to the famous Marmara Sea.

The location of the tourist villas in Istanbul is not only characterized by tourist places, but above all,
there are many service buildings and commercial complexes, Istanbul Mall is the most famous, and
most of all, Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey and its political and economic capital, so it is
characterized by excellent infrastructure, Such as the road network in addition to the highways, which
the government paid great attention to facilitating movement within the city, and it also contains
world-leading educational centers and health centers.
Likewise, we mention the density of recreational centers such as parks, playgrounds, and restaurants scattered throughout Istanbul.

Large area

Tourist villas in Istanbul are distinguished by their large area, as they are among the most important
and luxurious real estate in the region, and they receive great and continuous attention, especially in
terms of space and width.

Its area per square meter is more than double the normal apartments, and certainly, its area plays a
major role in determining its price.

The elegance of its urban design

Tourist villas are the front facade of the city of Istanbul in front of tourists coming from outside Turkey,
so great attention has been paid to the external urban designs, and these designs have been borrowed
from ancient civilizations such as the Ottoman and Roman civilizations that existed on the land of Turkey.

Furniture quality

The most vital characteristic of tourist villas is the luxury of their furniture, as they are among the
most luxurious types of real estate in Istanbul, so great attention is paid to the sort, quality, colors,
and luxury of furniture in these villas. All these factors apply to all villas, and most of the villas have
good quality furniture and suitable colors to paint the interior walls.

The view

Tourist villas enjoy an extraordinary view of the nearby tourist areas, and this is evident through
the design of the balconies in the villa. So that you have a view overlooking either a natural view, or
a historical landmark such as one of the famous palaces in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Mosque or
other mosques, or one of the commercial streets such as Baghdad Street, or Marmara sea view!.

Cheap prices

When you think about buying a tourist villa anywhere in the world, huge amounts come to your mind,
but in Istanbul the tourist villas have a lower price than the tourist villas in other regions.
strength of the real estate market in the region is the reason, and this is what exactly attracts
investors and tourists to it, and also ther’s another several factors contribute to The low prices of villas
in the region, which is the presence of a large number of tourist villas, and this is what ignites the spirit
of competition in it.

In conclusion, in this article, we learned about the most prominent features of villas in Istanbul
and why they are the best in all respects. If you want to invest in this luxurious type of real estate,
or even if you desire to visit Istanbul for tourism,”Hana” company will definitely give you a hand.

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