The Future of Istanbul Real Estate

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Istanbul real estate is one of the most growing investment sectors in Istanbul, which controls the largest part of its economy and the Turkish economy. The future of real estate investment in Istanbul has become the most frequently discussed topic, which receives the most attention from experts and real estate investors around the world.

The importance of Istanbul real estate investment:

Istanbul is characterized by a strategic location between the two continents of Europe and Asia. So that it forms a link between them through its three bridges that pass over the Bosphorus Strait. This link, which is characterized by a charming beauty in addition to its great importance for investors of different types of investment. Which achieves an expansion in their business between East and West. Its importance extends to include the commercial movement in the markets of Istanbul, and the city of Istanbul overlooks the Black Sea in the north, while from the south it overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara. This also contributes to an active sea transport movement and its positive effects on import and export and the movement of tourism to Istanbul.

There are three airports within Istanbul, one of which is considered the third largest in the world and is characterized by its large capacity, which is expected to acquire a large part of the air traffic in addition to the project of the Istanbul Water Canal that overlooked Istanbul, which is expected to change the course of global water transport and make Istanbul a mandatory station for it.

All of these factors reflect positively on real estate investment in the city of Istanbul and raise the shares of its properties in the real estate market in Turkey, which will make successive leaps towards its prosperity in the future with the start of work on the Istanbul Canal and the new Istanbul Airport. These reasons are associated with the tourism importance of the various areas of the city, which was and continues to increase with the increased ease of travel to it by land, sea and air. It is clear that Istanbul real estate is facing a promising future with a lot of success and profits.

Istanbul Map:

By dividing Istanbul real estate into a number of sectors, which include its different regions, we can study clearly and in greater detail the future of these regions in real estate investment. At the beginning, we will divide Istanbul into three main sectors:

*First sector:

This sector includes a group of regions, namely:

1-Maslak area:

One of the high-end areas of Istanbul. Which is called the wealthy area, because it is the destination of businessmen and money owners, as well as many ministers, merchants and senior artists. Overlooking the Sariyer forests and characterized by its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait. It also overlooks the Bosphorus and Belgrade Forest.

The population numbers in the Maslak area are constantly rising. Turks and foreigners, and the prices of its real estate are somewhat high and are heading towards a continuous rise also due to the increasing importance of the region in Istanbul real estate investment. And this region is also characterized by its strong infrastructure, as it has received great attention from the Turkish government. Where a line passes through it the metro. In addition to many public bus lines that connect the neighborhoods of Maslak with each other and connect them with other areas of Istanbul.

It includes the most important universities and schools in Istanbul. Such as the Technical University, which is known for its history and as the best Turkish university. In addition to the two most important schools, the Bosphorus International School and the British School. In addition to many public and private schools.

There are also many hospitals. Health centers and clinics of all kinds in the neighborhoods of Maslak. In addition to many commercial centers. And various markets that range between medium and high-end.

2-Şişli District:

It is one of the historical areas in Istanbul and one of its largest areas. Characterized by its richness in archaeological and historical monuments. The most famous of which are the Şişli Mosque. The Ataturk Museum and the Istanbul Military Museum. And that it is one of the most areas of Istanbul that is teeming with tourists. It is an area of ​​the middle and high-end classes with a mixture of cultures and religions. And it is known as one of Istanbul’s active and vital centers.

Which is characterized by the integration of its infrastructure. As it includes many universities and schools distributed among the neighborhoods of Şişli. In addition to a strong transportation network that passes through the various areas such as the metro line. Metrobus and buses. Its sufficiency is achieved in the number of hospitals and health centers distributed in the region. In addition to the diversity of markets and commercial malls within it. Recently, housing projects have spread to meet the increasing demand for their real estate between residential complexes. And tower buildings, and real estate prices range between medium and high prices. It is also trending upwards continuously.

3-Beyoğlu District:

It is located in the center of Istanbul, and it is one of its vital areas. Which is characterized by its historical importance and the great tourist turnout. Which led to the large number of hotels and restaurants in it. The various health centers are considered one of the best areas for real estate investment. Where real estate prices are rising.

4- The coastal strip of Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy regions:

It is one of the distinguished areas with its spacious properties with charming sea views. Real estate prices rise in these areas because they are tourist areas. Which are very popular by real estate investors, characterized by their integrated infrastructure with all the educational. Health and recreational services, and the diversity and development of transportation means. Moving to the second sector of Istanbul, away from its center, we move to many areas, namely:

1- Başakşehir:

One of the areas that has witnessed a spread of construction movement recently. And is characterized by its modern and diverse buildings. The importance of this area in Istanbul real estate investment is linked to its proximity to Istanbul’s Third Airport. Which increased the importance of the investment area in various types of investment, and due to its increasing importance and foreign demand by real estate investors who turned towards its real estate. The government started to care about modernizing and developing its infrastructure, and its Istanbul Real Estate prices started to rise.

2- Basın Express:

basin express ,The rich area. Which is characterized by its luxurious buildings. Is considered the preferred area for the wealthy and businessmen. Where luxury hotels and restaurants are spread. It has recently witnessed many residential projects in which construction companies have relied on using the finest building materials. Following international standards in building designs against earthquakes and natural disasters. It has an integrated and developed infrastructure to match the sophistication of the region. Its real estate prices are considered high compared to Istanbul real estate prices in other regions.

-Third sector:

It includes the areas on the outskirts of Istanbul away from the center:

1- Avcılar area:

One of the coastal areas of Istanbul Real Estate located between the Sea of ​​Marmara and Lake Küçükçekmece. Which includes many private and governmental schools in addition to many public and private universities. This area is characterized by its proximity to the highway and to the most important means of transportation. Which is the metrobus. Which makes transportation from it to the neighboring areas easy and convenient. In addition to public buses that allow transportation within it. It also includes many hospitals and health centers. Istanbul real estate prices are low in it.

2- Bahçeşehir:

One of the areas of Istanbul that is characterized by calm and the spread of green spaces and the recent spread of urbanization movements that made it one of the areas of high-end and modern buildings. Characterized by its proximity to the Third Istanbul Airport road, and includes an integrated infrastructure with all its educational and health services. In addition to the availability of transportation within and from it to the neighboring areas, and its real estate prices started to go up.

3- Beylikdüzü District:

One of the modern areas of Istanbul, which has recently become one of the important real estate investment areas and is characterized by a strong transportation network and its proximity to the highway, the properties of this area have a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea. There are many public, private and international schools in addition to public and private universities. Many hospitals and diverse clinics and medical centers. It is considered one the preferred areas for foreign real estate investors.

4-Esenyurt area:

It is one of the popular areas that are characterized by low Istanbul real estate prices and a large spread of residential complexes. It is a lively area and has many diverse markets and an integrated infrastructure in all its health, educational and recreational services. In addition to an advanced transportation network.

5- Büyükçekmece Region:

One of the most remote areas of Istanbul from the center and one of the quiet and residential areas. It is characterized by the spread of residential complexes with sea views of the Marmara Sea. In which villas and tourist apartments are also spread. Their Istanbul real estate prices are low compared to real estate prices in other areas. And their infrastructure is integrated with various health and educational services. In addition to transportation network.

The future of Istanbul Real Estate:

After the division of Istanbul into many sectors. It became easier and clearer to talk about the future of Istanbul real estate in each of these sectors.

Istanbul real estate investment in the first sector:

The first sector areas are the areas with the closest investment future. Because they achieve results in a shorter time and in the short term. In addition to their high investment return.

This is due to the following basic matters:

 -Investing in the areas near the center of Istanbul is subject to a specific time. As it can be completed and the property sold in a short time while benefiting from the profits.

-The projects located in the center of Istanbul are few and limited. Therefore the demand for the neighboring properties is high and rises even more in the future. And therefore when sold in the near or far future, it will achieve high profits.

-The rental yield for real estate located in the areas close to the center of Istanbul is higher than the areas far from the center. In addition to the constant demand for it for rent.

-Real estate located in the central areas does not lose its value in real estate investment with the development of urbanization in the neighboring areas. On the contrary, its importance in real estate investment is increasing.

-It can be said that the booming Istanbul real estate investment. That the real estate in the areas of Istanbul close to the center enjoys is a glimpse into a future that is becoming increasingly prosperous and important and promises double profits than it is now.

Istanbul real estate investment in the second and third sectors:

As for the areas of the second sector and the third sector of Istanbu. They are the developing areas close to the highways. And the mega projects in Istanbul, the importance of which is related to the importance of these projects. It can be said that the future of real estate investment in these areas is farther from the areas close to the centers of Istanbul. That it will achieve double profits than those achieved by real estate in the first sector. Because real estate prices began to rise gradually and the rate of rise in prices in areas near the centers of important projects is greater. Than the one of the more distant projects and it is expected. That it will achieve qualitative leaps with the start of work on these projects.

When do I start Istanbul real estate investment?

Hurrying up to enter the Istanbul real estate means more profits, because the signs of prosperity that the future ofIstanbul real estate investment in Istanbul is beginning to appear and therefore your hurry to own a property in any of Istanbul’s regions, especially the developing regions where real estate prices are lower than other areas that are starting to trend upwards, by putting the low capital in one of these properties can guarantee that this money will multiply many times in the future.

Points that guarantee the success of Istanbul real estate investment in the future?


Istanbul includes 25 areas in the European section and 14 areas in the Asian section, and each of them includes many neighborhoods, and to choose the right location for Istanbul real estate investment in the future, you have to go to areas either close to the center of Istanbul or those that await a prosperous future with important projects, or in areas that are popular and have a great tourist attraction, which never loses their importance, on the contrary, the prosperity of Istanbul achieves a greater demand for these areas.

-Compare the purchase price with the selling price:

Choosing cheap properties does not mean double profits in the future, because some properties are of higher importance in the future, such as properties designed in a newer and more sophisticated way, and properties with wider services that will achieve a higher selling price in the future.


It is very necessary to monitor the infrastructure currently available in the area in which the property is purchased, such as schools, universities, hospitals and other basic service centers, in addition to the transportation network available in the area and the ease of movement it gives to its residents. This infrastructure integration supports the region’s future in Istanbul real estate investment. The most important thing is to ensure the possibility of development in the future, such as the government’s planning for a metro line that passes through the region, for example.

-Istanbul real estate investment schedule:

It is very necessary to determine the Istanbul real estate investment start period and the return on investment, and this point is the most important in the case of buying a property under construction, which is expected to be ready within a specified period and achieve a specific value of profits. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the investment schedule is set accurately.

The mechanism of profit from Istanbul real estate investment:

Here we find two types of investment, the first is short-term investment of Istanbul real estate. That is, by buying and selling real estate after its price increases and benefiting from the profits. In this case, the properties under construction are the best.

The second case is the long-term investment of Istanbul real estate. Which means benefiting from the monthly rental return, and in this case the property must be chosen in areas with high rents to ensure the best profit in the future.

-Stay away from risking:

In the case that you are one of the new investors who do not have enough experience in choosing a property, you should head towards the areas of the first sector located in the center of Istanbul, because they are the safest and do not need experience in choosing such properties as those located in areas further from the center.

By following these points, you will be in the investment safety zone and your profits will be guaranteed.

It is clear that investment of Istanbul real estate will be able to achieve a prosperous future. Full of profits and this is what made foreign investors from different countries of the world rush to buy real estate in Istanbul, wishing to join the real estate investment market as soon as possible.

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