Advantages of owning a Turkish passport

جدول المحتويات

Advantages of owning a Turkish passport. If you want to travel, you need to know that. the travel has become an urgent need for many who are looking for commercial and investment projects, career opportunities, or perhaps tourism and learning about lifestyles in the world. And with the restrictions imposed by most countries of the world on foreigners wishing to enter the territory of this country. It has become necessary to have a strong passport that allows its holder to enter most countries of the world.  In our article, we will talk and answer the following question

Why should a Turkish passport be obtained?

Obtaining the Turkish passport is one of the most important advantages. And rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen or a foreigner with Turkish citizenship. Today, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world. As it has become considered one of the great countries in the world. The political positions of the Turkish government and the degree of friendliness it enjoys among most other countries of the world  have made the holder of Turkish citizenship. And Turkish passport welcome in most countries of the world, where the Turkish citizen can today travel outside Turkey and visit most countries of the world for the purpose of tourism, trade, or perhaps for work. It is the official document granted by the government authorities in Turkey to citizens. To allow them to travel and obtain entry visas to other countries using this document.

The motives come from the benefits. And therefore obtaining a Turkish passport brings many benefits, and thus obtaining. It has become a great opportunity for Turks or for those of Turkish nationalities to spread its benefits and advantages to them. And therefore we can say that the answer to the question why should a Turkish passport be obtained is summarized as follows:

  • The many advantages of the Turkish passport
  • The many advantages of a passport holder with Turkish citizenship
  • Its strong global ranking
  • There are many ways to get it
  • Diversity of Turkish passports granted
  • Status and advantages related to Turkey

    The advantages of the Turkish passport

    The advantages of the Turkish passport can be summarized by a number of points that the Turkish government is striving for, perhaps the most prominent of which are:

What distinguishes the Turkish passport is the speed of issuance. After submitting the papers, to the Immigration and Passports Department, It is possible to verify all papers and documents. And issue it on the same day or several days after the date of submission.

There are several advantages enjoyed by a foreigner with Turkish citizenship who wants to obtain a Turkish passport:

  • The passport holder has the right to full Turkish
  • citizenship. You enjoy free government health
  • and educational services, including schools,
  • universities, government hospitals and other
  • services provided by the Turkish government.

The validity periods and the cost of obtaining a Turkish passport

The validity periods of the Turkish passport vary. It is possible to obtain a passport with avalidity of two, three or four years. And this is accompanied by an increase in the fees imposed for each year of validity granted. You can also obtain a passport that only needs to be renewed once every 10 years.

Cost of obtaining a Turkish passport is combined with the number of years of validity of the passport granted by the Turkish government. Government instructions regarding fees and costs for obtaining a Turkish passport are stated as follows:

-The cost of the passport booklet in addition to the fees for each year of validity, Where the price of the booklet was set at 180 Turkish liras.

You can view the attached passport prices for the year 2022:

  • Turkish passport with a validity of 6 months only is 309 TL.
  • A Turkish passport with one-year validity is 450 TL.
  • A Turkish passport with a validity of two years is 738 TL.
  • A Turkish passport with a validity of 3 years is 1048 TL.
  • A Turkish passport with a validity of between 4 and 10 years is 1478 TL.

The passport is obtained by a convenient, Replacement for lost passport is 174 Turkish Liras the passport is obtained by a convenient mechanism for those wishing to obtain it. An appointment must be booked to obtain the passport by calling the number 199 or visiting the website of the Turkish Personal Status.

After that, you must go to the Turkish Post center. And pay the costs of the extraction, Go to the appointment that was previously taken with the documents (personal ID – copy of personal identity – payment receipt – residential address with a document proving that – old passport, if available – 2 square personal photos), After that a form is obtained from the Personal Status department to fill in the required data fields and deliver it to the employee with all the required papers.

he waits for several days until the passport is issued and sent to the address attached with the required papers. As the maximum extent for issuing the passport does not exceed three months. According to the instructions issued by the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports in Turkey.

The possibility of getting dual citizenship

For investors wishing to invest in real estate or bank deposit. Who wish to invest in Turkey in general, As an investor who fulfills the conditions. That entitle you to obtain a Turkish passport, You do not have to give up the original citizenship (dual citizenship).

.The ease with which is enjoyed in investment projects. And the absolute comfort of investing in Turkey. The holder of the Turkish passport is originally a holder of Turkish citizenship. And therefore he will find full comfort and facilities from the turkish government in the possibility of supporting

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