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Istanbul real estate is divided at the crossroads between the European and Asian part of the city, which attracts more than thousands of visitors, tourists and investors who wish to study the real estate market in it, and because the idea settled their minds, we decided to make this article a gateway to know some points related to the city’s real estate…We hope you like this article.

Reasons for the increase in Istanbul real estate sales:

Occasionally, the statistics record significant increases in the sales of real estate located within Istanbul according to several reasons, the most important of which are:

First-Geographical location:

It is the only city in the world that lies on the two continents of Asia and Europe, separated by the famous Bosphorus Strait, which forms a link between the Black Sea to the north and the Marmara Sea to the south, and it is worth mentioning a piece of information: the proximity of Istanbul to some Arab countries and easy access to it increased the total value of the Arabs who own real estate in it.

Second – The status of Istanbul throughout the ages:

From the dawn of history and ancient times, Istanbul was distinguished by its great status. Several civilizations have faded and fell on its land with the passage of a period of time, but it left an impact on the shape of museums and historical and tourist attractions. This has played a prominent role in making the city the first thing that the tourist may think to visit. At the same time, it occupies the first place as the best city for tourism in Turkey. Therefore, Istanbul real estate will receive the attention of tourists, specifically those located near their favorite places, such as the beaches.

Third – Multiculturalism in Istanbul:

Different religions and multiple cultures in the city made it the meeting place of the world, where dozens of Arab and foreign nationalities meet, forming a living model of cohesion, harmony and integration among them. If we scrutinize this issue, we would find that Arabs are closer to the city’s residents than foreigners, so we find them living in it in a greater proportion.

Fourth- The strength of the educational sector:

The schools in Istanbul vary from international to Turkish and Arabic to suit most nationalities, and there are more than one university that falls under the item of the best universities in the world.

Fifth- Accessibility:

Arriving in Istanbul within a short period of time is not a miracle, especially through its airport, Ataturk, Sabiha, and the new Istanbul airport, which is a new corridor in which Turkey boasts the world, stressing its leading role in the world of transportation and the extent of its development in all areas of life. With the start of the completion of the international airport project, which entered the history of air navigation, Turkish airlines began, in agreement with international airlines, to operate and receive flights to and from all parts of the world. Nowadays, flights are directed to more than 306 points in 124 countries around the world.

Sixth- Prices of real estate in Istanbul:

Due to the social, recreational and technological services provided by Istanbul real estate to its residents, their prices are higher than any other Turkish city, but in fact they are very cheap if compared with the average prices of real estate in the European Union countries, and this point contributed to the rise of the real estate market in Istanbul to the desired summit.

Seventh – Istanbul real estate suitable for Turkish citizenship:

It is very easy to find a property in Istanbul with a price of 400 thousand US dollars, which is the appropriate amount to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and you can also obtain real estate residence permit if the financial value of the property amounted to 75 thousand US dollars.

Eighth – The spread of Arabs throughout Istanbul:

The vast Arab community that the city contains specifically made it home to many Arab nationalities.

All these reasons combined led to the continuation of Istanbul’s pioneering real estate between Turkish cities and the whole world, and despite the records recorded by the rest of the Turkish provinces, headed by Antalya, Trabzon and Ankara, Istanbul remains in the lead.

ninth- Government support:

Istanbul has received the attention of the Turkish state, and this is evident in the fact that it has established in the city many services that meet the needs of investors such as investment land, Istanbul Airport and the availability of all types of public transport such as metro lines. The government also participates in ensuring dozens of residential complexes through urban transformation plans in Istanbul, thus providing a safe atmosphere for successful investment.

The most important types of Istanbul real estate:

Perhaps one of the reasons that made Istanbul real estate the focus of investors’ attention is the diversity it enjoys, and the most important of its types are:

First- Commercial Real Estate:

This type of real estate includes shops, offices, companies, etc., and in fact, commercial real estate is not highly preferred by foreign investors, unlike residential investment, which enjoys a huge demand due to its high prices, which are more expensive than some types of real estate in Istanbul, but if you succeed in investing in it and it is chosen accurately and intelligently, it can generate very large profits for you that far exceed those resulting from the residential type, and one of the things that must be taken into account to achieve this is the location of the property as it is required to be vital in addition to some other specifications.

When you want to invest in commercial real estate, you will find several ways to rent it to entrepreneurs, traders and investors, as it is valid for most crafts, or you can consider it your place of work by opening a new project of your own.

Second- Land:

Investing in land is one of the smartest types of investment in real estate located in Istanbul city, due to the large profits and offers provided by companies on the land, especially in rural areas and the outskirts of the city such as Silivri, this  type of property can be used in two ways, the first is to be used in an agricultural project and raising poultry and animals that can be invested later and will generate a lot of profits for you, and the second is to build any kind of real estate, whether commercial or residential, and in order to be able to do that, you must obtain a license from the municipality that the land is suitable for reconstruction.

Third- Separate buildings

Buildings can be invested in several ways, the most popular being their opening as a school, a large company or even a factory.

Fourth- Hotels:

Investing in hotels or hotel apartments is one of the most successful forms of real estate investment and the most used by major foreign and local investors, and what contributed to its spread in the city of Istanbul specifically the tourist status it enjoys, as it has many tourist attractions and almost does not stop the movement of visiting the city, and this makes the idea of searching for a hotel apartment for sale in Istanbul one of the distinctive ideas in front of the pioneers of investments in Turkey’s real estate in general.

Fifth- Residential real estate:

The last real estate that we will talk about is residential, whose scope of fame is very wide. Evidence of this is that when you hear a group of real estate for sale in Istanbul, the first thing that may occur in your mind is residential real estate spread throughout Istanbul because it is a city suitable for housing and stability. It provides all kinds of services without any exception, which has made millions of foreigners and Turks eager to own a property in it. These properties have many types, some of which we will mention below:

Triplex Apartments:

They are three-storey apartments connected by an inner staircase, similar in organization to a duplex and can be used for large families or as separate apartments as low cost compared to independent villas.


Occupying the top floor of large buildings or skyscrapers, these apartments take up the entire surface area and have an outdoor terrace. They are also considered luxurious and expensive apartments as they are isolated from the rest of the residential properties and contain some recreational services such as a private swimming pool.

Old Palaces:

Since a period of time, palaces have been the most luxurious types of real estate in Istanbul and are acquired only by sultans, princes and high stakeholders, leaving some of their historical touches such as inscriptions, paintings and antiquities. In our time, no one buys them rarely due to their high price, which does not suit most groups of society.

Studio Apartments:

Apartments with small spaces, usually consisting of one bedroom connected to the living room, kitchen and bathroom, are suitable for youth, workers or students, as they can only accommodate one or two people at most.

Regular Apartments:

They are always located in independent buildings that do not belong to a residential project and therefore do not contain many advantages and services. Either they are old and have a lifespan of decades and need to be developed and maintained, or they are modern in keeping with the latest developments in modernity and development in the world. Regular apartments are a good option for those wishing to get rid of the rental costs and those who want to buy a property in Istanbul in order to benefit from it investment or benefit from the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey in general at the lowest financial costs..

Residential complexes:

The residential complexes in Istanbul provide many facilities that make the experience of living in the complex fun and comfortable, such as swimming pools, football and basketball courts, playgrounds for children, parks and green spaces. The complexes also have parking spaces, and contain a good number of restaurants, cafes, sports clubs and mosques, in addition to the presence of towers dedicated to offices and business centers in a number of residential complexes, which makes the person residing in them get the highest levels of services easily and with getting the necessary sufficiency of the services of the complex without the need to get out of it a lot. The residential complexes in Istanbul also provide a calm atmosphere for their residents away from crowded neighborhoods and streets in crowded cities, especially since the number of inhabitants of one complex is limited and taking into account the distances between properties through gardens and others.

Where will I buy a property in Istanbul?

It is preferable to choose developing areas, not remote areas, especially if your main goal is to collect profits, and the most famous of these areas are:

First- Uskudar Region:

Uskudar is included in the list of the most important waterfronts in Istanbul city in addition to its tourist importance, as it is a source of attractions for foreign and Arab tourists alike, as it comes thousands annually and in all seasons because it contains many attractions and tourist facilities stretching from the past date to the present. Uskudar is also classified as one of the best real estate investment areas in Asian Istanbul, as it allows the buyer various options of real estate for sale in Istanbul, such as luxury villas close to the Bosphorus, modern residential complexes and ordinary apartments in high-end places, and those looking for ways to double their wealth can buy student or tourist housing in order to rent them and generate fictional profits.

Second- Kadikoy region :

It is one of the most emerging areas, as it is characterized by combining history and modernity at the same time, which makes it the preferred option for tourists coming to Istanbul. The region also has a highly developed infrastructure in the sectors of transport, transportation and energy, and it is also characterized by containing a sophisticated railway that facilitates transport to Central and Eastern Europe, which makes this area a preference for many investors. Kadikoy is also one of the distinctive areas in all aspects of life and in all sectors, and the conclusive evidence of this is that it contains a large number of government institutions, bank branches, companies, government and private hospitals, universities and schools, which supports the idea of housing in the region and increases the demand for it.

Third- Ümraniye area:

The increasing demand today for Ümraniye area with large investment projects will undoubtedly lead to a rise in real estate prices, especially after the completion of the implementation of several real estate projects and the development of infrastructure in the region. This is a distinctive investment opportunity for those who want to own real estate and invest in Istanbul. By renting or reselling its real estate, the investor will be on a date with large and guaranteed profits. Perhaps the most prominent feature of Ümraniye is that it is an area that is in the middle of many natural terrain, which in turn is reflected in its climate, where the weather combines the Black Sea climate in the north, and the region also contains many basic service facilities such as schools, universities, medical centers and others.

Fourth- Arnavutkoy region :

The area west of the Bosphorus has many attractions in addition to its economic importance. It is close to the metro and the fastest means of transportation within the areas of Istanbul. The area also has its beaches overlooking the Black Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake. There are many bus trips that take you from the area to every place in the city, in addition to its proximity to metro stations such as Fatih Station, eyub and Gaziosmanpasa. Many road, transport and transportation projects have been completed and some of them are still in the stage of completion. Arnautkoy is the incubator of the largest infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Canal and the new Istanbul Airport. It has already captured government interests.

Fifth- Sisli Region :

Sisli real estate is rich and diverse and not limited to a specific property, but there are villas, luxury residential complexes, regular apartments and many others, and its prices are competitive and proportional to the specifications enjoyed by the properties and remain low in the case of comparison with prices in neighboring foreign countries, and we find that the integrated characteristics and advantages that Sisli enjoys, especially in terms of real estate investments, in addition to important factors such as advanced government support that makes the region the most suitable and best place when looking for a successful real estate investment in Istanbul Turkey.

Istanbul, the capital of Turkish architecture, is fertile ground for investors in all fields, foremost among which is real estate investment. In its many varieties, it has been able to attract their attention to it. It is located on the throne of two continents of the world and has the elements of real estate investment that make it the closest thing to success.

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