The best residential areas in Istanbul

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You can have the full life you want in many areas of Istanbul, but what are the best residential areas in Istanbul?

If you are thinking of starting a new life in Istanbul, here is this article to provide you with information related to housing in Istanbul with the advantages of the most important and suitable areas for a stable life.

The best residential areas in Istanbul:

Many people who want to move to Istanbul are wondering about the best and most suitable areas to live in, such as:

  • Maslak area:

One of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, located in the European part of it, overlooking the charming forests of Sariyer and the Bosphorus Strait, which divides Istanbul into its Asian and European parts, is known as the city of the rich because it has acquired the admiration of the rich, owners of money and businessmen in modern times and the region of kings and sultans in the Ottoman era, it was one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, and the population has started to increase gradually in this region after it became one of the most important trading and financial centers in Istanbul.

Transportation in Maslak:

Maslak has one of the strongest transportation networks in Istanbul, which allows for quick and convenient transportation to various areas of Istanbul. The most important feature is the metro line in addition to public transport buses that allow movement between its various neighborhoods.

Schools and universities in Maslak:

The main communications campus in Maslak was built in addition to the War Academy, and it also houses the best universities in Turkey and many public and private schools and international schools such as the British International School.

Hospitals and health centers in Maslak:

There are many public and private hospitals as well as various health centers and medical clinics in their various specialties distributed throughout Maslak, and they also have a large distribution of pharmacies in all their neighborhoods.

Maslak Shopping Malls:

Maslak boasts many small popular markets at cheap prices, as well as many malls, huge and high-end markets, and high-end malls.

Tourist Attractions near Maslak:

One of the most important attractions of the tourist route is the forests of Belgrade, which are famous for their large green areas of up to 5 hectares and are one of the largest parks for the inhabitants of Maslak.

Why is Maslak one of the best residential areas in Istanbul?

Many who want luxury life head to the Maslak area, which is dominated by this character, in addition to being a safe area against earthquakes .

Maslak offers many housing options, including many modern residential complexes, villas and luxury independent homes.

In Maslak you will find yourself facing many distinctive and confusing housing options at the same time, competing in the beauty of its design and modernity .

Life in Maslak will also be integrated with its services with a high degree of luxury.

  • kadikoy Region:

From the areas of the Asian part of Istanbul and considered one of the activity centers in the Asian part, characterized by its view of the Bosphorus, which is characterized by a calm and residential atmosphere in addition to the beauty of the landscape in this area, it is considered one of the areas of Istanbul that has a high demand for tourists, so it has spread in it many restaurants and cafes that have achieved great fame in addition to many luxury hotels that suit the importance of the tourist area.

Recently, the area of kadikoy has witnessed a significant increase in the population, which indicates that life in this area enjoys the great satisfaction of its population.

Transportation at kadikoy:

The Kadikoy area is a transportation node that is accessed by many highways that make nearby transportation and distant travels from this area to various areas of Istanbul and other Turkish cities very easy.

This in turn increases the importance of housing in it as it provides comfortable transportation for its residents and thus their lives will be more practical. The worker in Istanbul Center and resident in Kadikoy will not find it difficult to reach his work center on a daily basis.

Most types of road transport are available by public buses that make transportation within them comfortable and maritime by nearby ferries in addition to railway transportation.

Schools and Universities in kadiKoy:

It includes many public, private, and international schools and universities that enjoy great fame, and it has received student demand from different areas of Istanbul to learn in.

Hospitals and Health Centers in kadikoy:

It has achieved sufficiency in public and private hospitals, which are considered one of the most sophisticated hospitals in treatment techniques, in addition to the spread of health centers, clinics and pharmacies throughout the region.

touristical monuments at kadikoy:

kadikoy ranked 43rd among the 50 most beautiful tourist-friendly areas in the world, and it is not only about the beauty of its nature and its richness in tourist attractions, but also about the friendly nature of the residents of this area, which makes tourists live in an atmosphere of social intimacy while they are in it.

Among its most important tourist attractions are:

  • Istanbul Games Museum:

It houses more than 1,000 old toys collected from shops and enjoys a high demand from tourists accompanied by their children.

  • kadikoy Bazaar:

One of the largest markets in the Asian section of Istanbul is that tourists go shopping for various types of goods from clothing and others in addition to their desire to buy gifts and tickets.

  • Baghdad Street :

It is known as the street of restaurants and cafes in the region and it also has many shops, characterized by a large tourist crowd.

  • kadikoy Balloon:

One of the most exciting attractions for tourists in the region, which allows them to see the neighboring areas at 200 meters.

  • The fish market:

A main destination for tourists to experience fresh fish of various kinds and the most exotic.

  • Haydarpasa train Station:

It is one of the oldest and most famous stations and has received a great tourist demand.

Your choice to live in the KadiKoy area will be a good choice for a quiet and social life free from isolation.

  • Sariyer Region:

One of the European part of Istanbul areas overlooking the Bosphorus, tourists are attracted by the beauty of its nature, calm prevails in its various parts, and residential properties in this area are characterized by being designed according to international standards resistant to earthquakes and weather factors, and they are among the areas of great importance in tourism, because it is the Bosphorus area with the Black Sea, and it is characterized by the diversity of residential properties among luxury ones, such as villas with distinctive views, and their prices are high compared to other residential properties, such as apartments of residential complexes or apartments in buildings with acceptable prices.

This area is characterized by a strong and diversified infrastructure with all its educational services distinguished by public and private schools of all stages and universities of both public and private levels, in addition to various health services among hospitals and health centers capable of accommodating the therapeutic needs of the population in the region in addition to being rich in recreational facilities and tourist attractions, and we mention some of the most important areas of tourists in the region, which are considered places of note for the residents of Sariyer:

  • Rashid Pasha:

The highland area of Amirjan Hill is full of luxury villas available to tourists and includes the most famous Istanbul universities.

  • Istinye Port:

An ancient fishing harbor with tea gardens directly overlooking the sea.

  • Yeniköy Neighborhood:

One of Sariyer’s neighborhoods which  Featuring historic villas and old-designed homes that are attractive to tourists.

Sariyer is one of the quietest areas in Istanbul, which gives its residents a stable life away from the congestion of cities, and one of the best neighborhoods of Sariyer is to live in Tarabya, YeniKoy, and Istinye, each of which has a unique character.

  • Bahçeşehir:

From the European areas of Istanbul, this area is of great importance due to its proximity to the sites of the huge projects in Istanbul, namely Istanbul third Airport, the Istanbul Canal, and the Marmara Highway project, which made it one of the vital centers in Istanbul and a center of investment activity of all kinds. The residents of this area enjoy practical life, and it is also one of the tourist areas of Istanbul that foreigners of different nationalities go to. In the recent period, this area has witnessed a large spread of construction traffic to accommodate the large increase in the population going to this area to live, work, and stability within it. The fact of the matter is that  Bahçeşehir is not one of the best areas for housing only, but also for real estate investment.

Transportation in  Bahçeşehir:

This area has received great attention from the Turkish government, which has provided it with a strong transportation network, so the residents of  Bahçeşehir have the possibility of traveling using public buses that connect the various neighborhoods of the region with each other and link them with other areas of Istanbul, and the government is also planning a metro line that connects it with neighboring areas and makes movement to and from  Bahçeşehir  faster and easier.

Schools and universities in  Bahçeşehir :

 Bahçeşehir houses many schools of different stages, both public and private, in addition to the presence of public and private universities.

Hospitals and health centers in  Bahçeşehir:

The residents of  Bahçeşehir area will not have any difficulty in obtaining treatment of all kinds due to the spread of hospitals that use the latest treatment technologies in  Bahçeşehir and many health centers of various kinds in kind, kidney centers and various other types.

The residents of  Bahçeşehir are waiting for the future of a prosperous life and will be lucky to have it.

  • Esenyurt:

From the areas of the European part of Istanbul, which are very popular by Turks and foreigners, who find in it one of the best areas of Istanbul for housing, and they have witnessed an increase in the number of foreign residents, and therefore many government housing projects have spread in it, as well as private construction companies projects, are equally important in real estate investment, as is housing. There are many distinctive places to live in Esenyurt, the most important of which is housing near the square.

One of the most populous areas of Esenyurt is characterized by the presence of many shops in addition to many popular markets and restaurants. Life near the square is characterized by the ability to obtain all the needs of the population and also the ease of access to the various areas of Istanbul, the closest of which is Beylikduzu and Avcilar.

Esenyurt is one of the areas that also have an integrated infrastructure in all its educational, health and recreational aspects, as well as a strong transportation network.

Residential real estate in this area is characterized by low prices and competitive with real estate prices in other areas of Istanbul.

And also its cheap markets that suit all classes.

Housing in Esenyurt is also characterized by a social life characterized by familiarity between different cultures.

  • Taksim

One of the most vital areas of Istanbul is located in the center of Istanbul, which is characterized by its great tourist importance due to its rich historical and archaeological monuments, this area enjoys a calm atmosphere controlled by it, and it also enjoys a culturally prestigious position

Life is comfortable and vibrant, and it includes the most famous markets in Istanbul as well as many restaurants and hotels.

Transportation in Taksim:

taksim includes a sophisticated transportation network, and it has various means of transportation that make the movement to and from taksim fast and convenient, and the most important type of transport is the metro line that passes within it and connects it with various other areas of Istanbul.

Hospitals and health centers in Taksim:

taksim includes many hospitals, which are considered one of the most important government and private hospitals in Istanbul, in addition to the presence of the military hospital in Taksim and many various health centers, medical clinics and pharmacies spread in Taksim, which ensure the absorption of treatment and ambulance cases for both the residents of Taksim and its visitors.

Recreational facilities in Taksim:

taksim is famous in its various markets, foremost among which are Al-Istiklal Street, which includes many shops and restaurants. Al-Istiklal Street is crowded with foreign tourists, who find an opportunity for shopping and tourism at the same time.

Taksim not cheap living area but to an acceptable extent relative to the degree of civilization in which this area enjoys.

If you are looking for housing in a quiet place but at the same time meets all your basic and recreational needs, go to Taksim.

  • basin Express:

From the European areas of Istanbul, which is the most civilized and modern area of Istanbul, it heads to the most important construction companies in Turkey to build luxury-designed residential projects, and it is also one of the richest and most active centers in Istanbul, and it is also a meeting point for two highways of the most important Istanbul roads.

This area is characterized by its strategic location near Istanbul Airport and Ataturk Airport. Istanbul Airport has increased the importance of the area for housing and real estate investment. More than 30 residential complexes have recently been deployed and the prices of its properties are considered somewhat high.

Transportation in the Basin Express area:

basin Express is a link for  strong  transportation network, it is a meeting point for two highways that branch out and meet many other roads.

In addition to the metro line, transportation at Basin Express is one of the most helpful factors in making life more comfortable.

Universities and schools in basin Express:

Basin Express includes the most important private, public and international universities in Istanbul, which are attended by foreign students of all nationalities in order to complete their education there, in addition to its public, private and international schools such as the Arab International School and the Al-Aqsa International School, as well as students from other countries to receive their education there.

Service Facilities:

basin Express boasts many large Shopping Centers and malls as well as many luxury restaurants and hotels.

This area is also characterized by the availability of many recreational facilities such as large gardens, playgrounds and other facilities that achieve the highest level of well-being for the residents of the area.

Hospitals and Health Centers in Basin Express:

Basin Express is characterized by its sophisticated hospitals that receive patients from various countries of the world for treatment within them. Hospitals in Basin Express are characterized by its medical staff who speak various languages of the world in order to be able to communicate with foreign patients. There are also many health centers, pharmacies and medical clinics located in various Basin Express areas.

Real estate varies greatly in this area and each type of property is divided into several options.

The residents of the Basin Express area enjoy a life of luxury but are high cost of living areas compared to the rest of Istanbul.

These were the best residential areas in Istanbul, varied between the quiet areas and the most vital areas.

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