Best Tourist Destinations in Asian Istanbul

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Turkey enjoys the best tourist destinations, especially the Asian side, which its beauty has attracted many tourists from all over the world to see its charming beauty and stunning views, whether this view of the sea or nature, in addition to the presence of many mosques and historical monuments, as we will show you in this article the most important tourist destinations In the Asian Istanbul that you have to visit

What are the most prominent tourist destinations in Istanbul, Asia?

The Asian side of Istanbul is full of tourist attractions, archaeological museums and historical places. Here is a list of the best of these places:


Büyükada is also classified as the largest island of the nine Princesses’ islands located in the middle of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is also one of the best tourist destinations in Istanbul, Asia. It is about 20 kilometers from the city center and extends to about 5.4 square kilometers.

As for its surroundings, it reaches up to 20 miles, with a population of 7000, which indicates its popularity, suitability for housing, and its great position among the rest of the islands. The reason for its name Büyükada Island is also due to its largeness, it means the Great Island as the Ottomans called it, and they also called it the scarlet or red because of its red mountains, and it is very close to the municipality of Uskudar in Istanbul, and the island of Büyükada, whose historical buildings reflect the cultural mosaic of Istanbul also remains the preferred summer resort for a few old Town families and many more who enjoy this island.

Secondly, the Maiden’s Tower:

There, between Uskudar and Harem, in the Asian part of Istanbul, near the extended beach, lies the Maiden’s Tower, with which many strange novels are associated. Its story is still a mystery at sea. It is a unique place and a point of attraction for huge numbers of Arab and foreign tourists to enjoy looking at the creativity in its construction, as it consists of 6 floors, reaches a height of approximately 23 m. And in the year 1110 it was of great importance, it was used as a station for ships coming through the Black Sea, and it was used as a watchtower in light of the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 like this until the Istanbul earthquake, which caused great damage to the tower and after its repair it was used as a beacon and then as a quarantine. At the present time, it is considered a tourist place that visitors reach by boat on an enjoyable trip.


Third – Yoros Castle:

You find this castle in the Asian section of Istanbul, specifically in the Beykoz area at the confluence of the Black Sea with the Bosphorus Strait, and it is 500 meters long. It looks like a tall mountain that studies the city at the beginning and entrance of the famous Bosphorus Strait. As for the meaning of its name Yoros, it is ” nature” in Greek. This great castle was built in the era of the Roman Empire, and despite the exposure of its towers to some factors that forced it to collapse, it is still durable to the present time. 

Fourth – Emaar Mall:

Emaar Mall provides the city’s residents with an unparalleled shopping and entertainment destination and highlights its position as a family destination by all standards, in addition to commercial outlets and traditional and luxury restaurants to ensure visitors a distinctive experience suitable for all groups. It is also part of a huge building that includes about a thousand housing units, in addition to a world-class hotel and shopping center, as well as a family entertainment center.

Fifth – Baghdad Street:

There is no doubt that it is one of the best streets in Turkey at all, which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul within the boundaries of the Kadıköy municipality in addition to its extension to the borders of the municipality of Maltepe. They called it this name from the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV, as Baghdad Street became one of the most luxurious and best streets in Istanbul during the reign of the Sultan The Ottoman Abdul Hamid II, as it is located within a large-scale residential area and also the presence of trees along the road, in addition to that, it is rich in many marketing centers, shops and stores with world famous brands as well as restaurants that serve the most delicious international and local dishes, and. In addition to all this, it contains cars exhibitions and banking agencies.

Sixth – Brides Hill:

This hill is located within the Asian section of Istanbul, which overlooks the coast of the Bosphorus in the Uskudar region. It is also one of the most famous and highest hills compared to other hills that Istanbul contains, and where there are many cafes, restaurants and rest houses to receive tourists and others, it has also become a center for attracting many tourists and nature lovers to enjoy its charming landscapes, in addition to seeing the city with its historical and touristic features, starting with the waterways of the Bosphorus Strait, the Bosphorus Bridge over the Black Sea, and the Princesses’ Islands on the Marmara Sea, in addition to seeing that snow-covered mountain near Bursa, in addition to the presence of many restaurants and cafes characterized by their delicious fast food and hot drinks.


Seventh – Beylerbeyi Palace:

The most famous palaces in Istanbul, located on the banks of the Bosphorus, which is located within the Uskudar region in the Asian part of Istanbul. It was also built during the era of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz in 1876 AD, who used it as a summer residence for the Ottoman sultans and as a guesthouse for world leaders, kings and politicians. In addition, it also hosted the Queen of France, Emperor of Austria, the Crown Prince of Italy and many others.

It also relied on the eastern design from the inside and the western design from the outside, in addition to that, there is a charming garden outside that contains trees, statues and many water pools, as it also contains about 26 rooms and two bathrooms, one of them for men and the other for women, and 6 halls decorated with drawings and inscriptions. .

We have learned and talked about all the tourist destinations in Istanbul, Asia, in addition to the most important features that distinguish them.

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