Investment Opportunities in Turkey 2023

جدول المحتويات

To obtain investment opportunities in Turkey in 2023, it is necessary to focus
on real estate investment. Searching for properties for sale and buying real
estate in Istanbul is considered a valuable treasure that yields abundant
wealth due to the encouraging investment factors in Istanbul.

What are the types of real estate investment in Istanbul?

Just as properties vary, so do the types of real estate investment in Istanbul,
and we must acknowledge the abundance of investment opportunities
in Turkey for 2023. These types can be summarized as follows:

Firstly, short-term investment:

Investing in this type of investment is characterized by quick profits and
returns. For example, finding a cheap house in Turkey as a unique investment
opportunity and selling it after a year or less to earn profits is considered a short-
term investment.
Typically, the property is repaired and modified before it is offered for sale
again to increase its value and thus achieve a greater return on investment.
This type of real estate investment is typically made in small properties such
as houses and apartments, especially since apartment prices in Turkey are
Lands can also be invested in the same way.

Secondly – Long-term Investment:

Long-term real estate investment is simply buying properties and holding
onto them for a long time to sell them later. Of course, this process is not done
randomly but according to market studies.
For example, years ago, experts from “Hana” real estate company in Turkey
advised and encouraged investors to buy properties near the Istanbul Canal that
was about to be opened.
It is expected that the properties in those areas will witness a significant increase in
prices, then the opportunity to sell the properties that have been held in the
real estate portfolio will be irreplaceable.

Typically, profits and ROI in investments of this type are substantial, and they are
characterized by the old saying “You have waited and earned.”
However, you should take into consideration that long-term real estate
investment requires significant liquidity and is specific to large projects and

Thirdly – Real estate investment according to property type:

There are various types of vital properties in Istanbul, where you can
invest in residential units within the best residential complexes in Istanbul, where
you can buy and sell Istanbul residential apartments and get great profits, as well
as rent them out.

There are also various residential complexes in Istanbul, including projects
that are ready for immediate occupancy, projects that are under
construction, and projects that have not yet started construction.

Investing in renting out and operating properties is one of the most popular
types of investment.

Is real estate investment in Turkey through renting properties a profitable deal?

You can buy properties in Istanbul instead of selling them, which allows you
to invest in them and receive profitable returns from renting them out. Let’s not
forget to mention the importance of seasonal properties such as tourist villas,
which are in high demand during holidays.
You know what? Buying a house in Turkey seems like a great idea! let me
explain to you Why.
Every year, many students, tourists, and job seekers, who are naturally looking for
a place to live, flock to Istanbul, especially European Istanbul, because of
its job opportunities. Additionally, there are several important universities that
attract students of all nationalities annually.

One of the most important types of real estate investment in Istanbul is investing
in land, where you can sell it or develop projects on it, such as the most sought-
after residential complexes in Turkey, and then sell them as separate

Perhaps the most suitable areas for real estate investment in residential lands in
Istanbul are lands near the new canal. In any case, you can choose the most
appropriate method for investing in lands, whether it is long or short-term, or
developing large projects on them and selling them.
Of course, this will not end in a year or two but requires time, patience, and a
means of doing so.

Remember that the most important investment opportunities in Turkey in 2023 are real estate investments in lands.

it’s not about the type!

In any case, real estate investment, no matter what type, is not done in a regulation-free way, but requires studying the real estate market in Istanbul, determining the seasons of operation of the property, seasons of recession, and calculating the ROI.

It Is advisable to seek the advice of a real estate company that has connections with real estate development companies in the area.

If Turkey is your desired destination, then Hana Real Estate company is well known for its services.

Now let’s get to the useful information; undoubtedly, you are waiting for us to provide you with the most prominent investment opportunities in Turkey 2023, and we will provide you with that immediately.

What are the best investment opportunities in Turkey in 2023?

As we have mentioned, investing in Turkey is highly successful because real estate development companies in Istanbul are among the most important real estate development companies in all of Europe, in addition to the abundance of cheap houses for sale in Turkey.

First project: Maslak Project

First project: Maslak Project

It is Rams Beyond complex, one of the projects of Rams Global International, which has projects in 5 Arab and non-Arab countries, including Dubai, Thailand, Moscow, and Istanbul, which is its preferred destination for establishing its massive projects.

The project contains investment opportunities in Turkey 2023, which are among the most important opportunities ever, due to the uniqueness of the project and its containment of residential units and properties for sale in the Maslak area in the heart of Istanbul, and there is currently no similar project in terms of quality.

Information about the Maslak – Sariyer area:

It is an upscale area in Istanbul that contains attractive neighborhoods for various segments of society, especially the wealthy and businessmen.
It is a purely investment city, where real estate investment in it guarantees you a huge return on investment, and it has a great strategic location, given its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, which will soon become an important and peaceful tourist area away from the noise of ships.

Why did I choose the Rams Beyond project?

Why did I choose the Rams Beyond project?

Simply put, it is a unique investment project that features earthquake-resistant systems and covers all the services you may need, from excellent transportation to Michelin-starred cafes and restaurants. One of its unique features is the tunnel that connects the project directly to the metro station.

As for the apartments, their high ceilings of up to four meters provide residents with a sense of freedom and comfortable living experience.
According to a Canadian study, high ceilings stimulate creativity and thinking.
The smart apartment system also allows remote control of lights, curtains, and more, with centralized heating systems and sound-insulated glass and walls in all the project’s apartments.

Buying real estate within this project will give you tower views of the Bosphorus, in a project that has no equal in the Maslak area. You will also be able to get a magnificent view of Istanbul’s three bridges that connect the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

This was a very small part of the unique features of the Rams Beyond investment project. To learn more about this project, just contact our support team.

Second project: Project Istanbul

Project Istanbul:

Istanbul project, also known as Tersane Istanbul, is located in the Beyoglu area of the European part of Istanbul.
It is an ideal investment project currently under construction. The area where the project is located is a pure investment area, due to its location between the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn Bay, which makes it overlook water areas from three directions.

Information about Beyoglu area:

The area includes both Taksim and Istiklal Street, which is considered a global commercial market, in addition to other attractive tourist destinations, as well as heritage sites and the best museums.
It also has a variety of upscale service facilities and is a favorite destination for artists, especially for its diverse art exhibitions.

The thriving tourism Impact on the area has made it promising for real estate investment due to the increasing demand for buying and renting properties by tourists.

Why choose Tersane Istanbul project?

Why choose Tersane Istanbul project?

If you are seriously looking for investment opportunities in Turkey in 2023, then this is one of the best options that we have prepared for you to add a high-quality property to your real estate portfolio.
It has a great interest from the Turkish government as a very important national project near the Golden Horn Bay.

The Tersane project is not just a project that includes a number of residential units, but rather a fully serviced city.
It includes five-star hotels, unique archaeological museums, and many services. even has a marina that can accommodate around 280 yachts!

It Is located near important landmarks such as the best universities and schools, as well as health centers such as the Bilgi Biyoloji Medical Center, and of course, the famous Galata Tower, which is only 3 km away, and Taksim Square and the Dolmabahce Masjed.

The project’s apartments are spacious, ranging in size from 250 square meters and available in different layouts, from one bedroom and living room to four bedrooms and living room.

The project’s facilities are truly diverse, with many gardens, saunas, Turkish baths, and of course, swimming pools, in addition to playgrounds, sports clubs, and many other diverse facilities.

Istanbul project real estate is characterized by a heating system and earthquake resistance system, and 24-hour security is available to ensure the safety and peace of residents.

It Is worth noting that the project accepts installment payments and is scheduled to be delivered in 2025. To learn more about the project details, click on: Istanbul project, your optimal investment choice.


Our experts at “Hana” Real Estate are available to serve and answer your inquiries regarding real estate investment and finding investment opportunities in Turkey for 2023. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help when searching for a property or a home in Turkey, whether for residence, investment, or even obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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