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Emlak Konut is considered one of the most important real estate development
companies in Turkey, which has made it a well-known company in the construction
field. Therefore, if you are looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, you have
come to the right place!

What is Emlak Konut Co in Turkey?

As mentioned earlier, Emlak Konut is one of the most prominent government-
owned real estate development and construction companies under the
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
It was established in 1953 and is one of the strongest companies in Turkey and
the world, with a total capital of 24 billion Turkish liras, making it the 112th
largest real estate development company globally.

It is worth noting that “Emlak Konut” owns land with a total area of nearly 10
million square meters, valued at around 9.5 billion Turkish liras, all of which are
located in Istanbul.

What are the advantages of Emlak Konut?

One of the most significant advantages of “Emlak Konut” is the large and
numerous discounts it offers to those looking for real estate for sale in

This company is not only preferred by the native residents but also by foreign
and Arab investors who are seeking to buy distinctive Istanbul apartments for
investment or to obtain Turkish residency or citizenship.

Another reason why it’s the preferred choice for many is that it acts as a keen
expert eye that captures excellent investment opportunities with high

The company also provides all the necessary facilities in the purchasing
process, including the option to pay in installments over a long period of time
with convenient payment plans.
In addition, the company is known for its “Emlak Konut Guarantee,” which
means that the company supervises all the construction stages of the project
from the ground up, and even after delivery, in case any problems arise so
that they can be addressed immediately.

Why should you trust Konut Properties projects in Turkey?

You should know that the company has carried out a large number of projects in
Istanbul, and it has been observed that the delivery dates have matched the
deadlines set, while maintaining the high quality that is guaranteed in the
contracts. Thus, from all perspectives, the company can be considered one of the
most experienced real estate development companies in Turkey.

What are Konut Properties most important projects in Turkey?

All of this information must have caught your attention and sparked your curiosity
about the company’s most prominent projects that will enable you to achieve
good return and profits in collaboration with “Emlak Konut“. Therefore, we will
not hesitate to inform you about the most important projects!

First project: Sarıyer project

The project is located in the Sarıyer area on the European side of Istanbul, which
is one of the luxurious areas that is characterized by an abundance of
upscale apartments and properties, making it an attractive area for foreign
investors and businessmen.
It is also an ideal choice for those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul,
and on top of that, it is an important global business center, with centers for
famous companies such as Microsoft, as well as massive companies for oil and
gas and banks.

There are also Important heritage sites such as the “Rumeli Hisar Castle” and
tourist attractions such as the famous “Belgrade Forest” and the enchanting
Amiregan Park“.

Details about the Sarıyer Project:

Sarıyer project, one of the most important properties owned by KONUT
in Turkey, is located directly on the TEM highway, making it a successful
investment deal due to its strategic importance.
The project covers an area of 103,000 square meters, with 85% of this area
consisting of vast green spaces that are comfortable and relaxing for residents.
Sarıyer project consists of 16 buildings ranging from 8 to 10 floors, with a total
of 948 apartments and 48 commercial shops. The apartment styles range from
1+1 to 1+4, with deluxe options available.
Also, the project features a variety of services and facilities, such as shopping
centers, malls, and important universities such as the Atlas Istanbul
University, Which is only 2 km away, and the Istanbul Valley Mall, which is 3 km
In addition, there are hospitals such as the Seran Tepe Government Hospital,
which is only 900 meters away.
It has excellent transportation options, with a metro station, subway, and
metrobus located directly next to the
project, making it easily accessible and convenient for residents.

The second project: Zeytinburnu Project:

this project is located in the Zeytinburnu area on the European side of Istanbul, on
the Marmara coast. It is one of the oldest and most attractive areas for investors
and those interested in real estate investment in Istanbul.

The location of Zeytinburnu holds great strategic importance due to its
proximity to the Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the continents of Asia and
Europe in just minutes via the Bosphorus. The area is also near the
famous Bakirkoy Port, which allows for sea transportation to several ports within
Istanbul, and is situated close to Ataturk Airport, with a distance of just 20
minutes away.

Being located on the coast has contributed to increasing the value of
Zeytinburnu’s real estate. In recent years, the area has witnessed significant growth
in terms of urban, real estate, and economic development, making it a
prominent center for investment projects. Malls and commercial centers
have also sprung up, making it a notable shopping destination for tourists
visiting Turkey. All of these factors have encouraged investors seeking to reside
in Turkey to search for apartments and properties for sale in Zeytinburnu.

Details about the Zeytinburnu project

Zeytinburnu project is located on 111,000 square meters of land, and is
one of the best projects by “Emlak Konut” esteemed real estate company. It
consists of 19 residential buildings, each with multiple floors, some reaching up to
17 floors.
The apartments come in 1+2 up to 1+5 styles, and there are also several
luxurious villas with different and diverse styles. The project is
characterized by its proximity to the center of Istanbul, as well as its
breathtaking views of the Sea of Marmara and beautiful historical and
archaeological sites.

In addition, the project includes fantastic service buildings such as pools, libraries,
restaurants, shopping centers, and a marina that can accommodate 220
yachts. It is also worth mentioning the large green spaces within the project, so
it can be confidently said that this project is the perfect choice for those
looking for luxurious and comfortable apartments and properties for sale.


We have come to the end of our article, and we hope that you have obtained
sufficient information about Emlak Konut company in Turkey and its most
important projects. You can inquire about more information regarding prices
and the guide to buying properties in Turkey by clicking: here.

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