The Best Residential Complexes in Istanbul

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As indicated by the title “The Best Residential Complexes in Istanbul”, we
will discuss this topic today and provide you with comprehensive information
about real estate in Turkey.

If you are one of those ambitious people who seek to please themselves and
those around them, and are looking for a life of luxury and comfort, we are here
to acquaint you with the most important projects where you can find
apartments for sale in Turkey that are ready to move in, or you can buy
properties in Istanbul for the purpose of real estate investment.

Follow me through this article.

What are the advantages of residential complexes in Istanbul?

Buying an apartment in Turkey within the most prominent and best residential
complexes in Istanbul has numerous advantages.
You can enjoy the lifestyle that suits you best, whether you prefer a rural and
peaceful life, or a luxurious one.
In addition to the advantages of living in
a country like Turkey, which is known for its low cost of living compared to other
European countries, you can also obtain Turkish citizenship and real estate
residency. Moreover, if you are interested in real estate investment,
buying properties in Istanbul within the leading residential complexes is your
ideal choice to find great investment opportunities.

What are the most important residential complexes in Istanbul?

After learning about the advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul, you should
know that Istanbul properties are already abundant, and as they say in the
Arab World, “if you want to get him lost, give him options.” Therefore, to avoid
confusing you in the presence of a large number of excellent properties in
Turkey, whether for living and residence or with good return on real estate
investment, the real estate experts at “Hana” website have studied the
available housing projects, and we have decided to provide you with abundant
information about the best two projects and residential areas in Istanbul.

The first residential complex: Kaitahani Residential Complex

Kaitahani Project or Pine Valley Project is a ready-to-live residential project
located in the Kaitahani area on the European side of Istanbul, which has
great strategic importance.
It is one of the projects of the
prestigious “Europe Kontlari” company, one of the largest real estate companies
in Turkey.

Who is the “Europe Kontlari” company?

Europe Kontlari is considered one of the leading real estate construction and
development companies in Europe, not only in Turkey.
The company works on creating residential complexes and projects in
Istanbul, in addition to hotel projects, commercial and shopping centers, and
also it doesn’t only focus on creating and developing properties, but also Similar
to the principle of“Emlak Konut” guarantee, Europe Kontlari also follows
up on its projects even after the sale, as satisfying its customers is its primary

The company has successfuly delivered over 18,000 real estate projects over the
past forty years, and continues to do so.
One of its most significant ongoing
projects is “Istanbul Second Project“, which has received considerable
attention. Currently, the most prominent project ready for occupancy is the
Kaytehane project, which we will discuss shortly.

What sets Europe Construction Company apart is that they do not merely deliver
projects on time, but often ahead of schedule.
In addition, investors can expect exceptional returns and high profits from
investing in the company’s projects.

So, what is the Kaytehane project?

It is a residential project ready for immediate occupancy, completed in
2020, which makes it a modern and innovative project, as is typical of Europe
Construction Company.

Located in the “Kaytehane” area, the Pine Valley Project is situated at the
gateway to the European section of the Bosphorus and is one of the most
luxurious residential projects in Istanbul, spanning an area of 119,000
square meters.
The project consists of 19 residential buildings with 919 residential
apartments available for sale, each featuring different designs.

To view the project’s full details, click (here).

What are the features of the project?

_Kaitahani Project boasts an excellent location, situated close to a network of
advanced transportation, including the TEM and E80 highways, which provide
easy access to various areas of Istanbul.
The project’s location near the city center
is of great importance to those seeking to reside in it. Additionally, the project is
situated near the “Kaytan” metro station, only 4 km away.

_One of the most unique features of this project is the presence of a horse racing
track and an equestrian club, in addition to government and private schools,
international universities, a Masjed, commercial centers, restaurants, health
centers, and other exceptional facilities.

_What about the social amenities that make life truly luxurious? Well, we won’t
forget to tell you that the project also has surprises that make it a luxurious
project, such as a sauna, Turkish bath, steam rooms, and sports clubs, of

We cannot overlook the luxurious interior finishes, which are super
luxurious, as the project offers a high level of quality that can be seen in the
architectural design details of the bathrooms, kitchens, and multiple
rooms, as well as the charming views of the natural landscapes in Istanbul.

_The project is designed for residential purposes, but it is also highly suitable for
real estate investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment.

In short, it can be said that it is one of the finest and best residential complexes in Istanbul in all aspects.

Second Residential Complex: Zeytinburnu Project

One of the most prominent projects that is distinguished by the guarantee of Konut Properties in Turkey, it is called the Grand Palace project and is characterized by a high level of luxury.
As we mentioned “Emlak Konut“, we must inform you of several features that inspire confidence in finding properties for sale affiliated with it.

What are the most prominent features of Konut Properties?

The company is one of the strongest real estate development companies in Turkey and creates residential projects that are considered the best residential complexes in Istanbul for many reasons.
As we mentioned in a previous article, it ranked 112th globally among the most important construction and real estate development companies.

Its strongest feature is the annual discounts it offers to those who want to buy properties within its projects, which are considered golden investment opportunities in the real estate sector in Turkey.

In addition, it provides facilities that are of interest to those interested in buying properties, whether for investment or residence purposes.
You can find long-term payment options with comfortable installments and other important features that we have previously mentioned, and you can -of course- read the article and learn more about those advantages.

What is the Zeytinburnu project?

The project was established in 2016 and is a city in itself rather than just a construction project. The Turkish government has placed great importance on it as one of its major projects, and it is now ready for occupancy, with properties available for immediate delivery. It is located in the Zeytinburnu area in European Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu project consists of 4 residential sections on an area of 111,000 square meters, comprising 19 residential buildings of varying heights up to 17 floors, with apartments for sale in various styles, as well as unique villas with their own facilities.

What are the project features?

_One of the most appealing aspects of this project is that it combines ancient history, romance, and cultural heritage with modernity and civilization. It boasts numerous unique places that are worth living near, such as the “Organic Bazaar,” which is a market for original natural products that includes various sections, shops, and restaurants. Additionally, there is an ancient bakery that is over 200 years old within the bazaar, and overall, the bazaar has a prestigious design that evokes special feelings for its visitors.

_The area itself is a fundamental advantage of the project, as it includes several parks that extend along the seaside, along with a significant portion of the Istanbul Wall, which is a historical landmark that the area takes pride in and can be viewed from the heart of the project with the naked eye.
Moreover, the urban renaissance that the Zeytinburnu region is experiencing has made it home to some of the best residential projects in Istanbul that are favored by both investors and tourists.

_The project also features excellent transportation, which is a common characteristic of most investment projects in Turkey. Therefore, it is a given for a project as grand as the Grand Palace project, where it boasts an outstanding network of roads and transportation such as the Metrobus, subway, maritime taxis, and more.
Additionally, it is only 10 minutes away from the E5 highway and 500 meters away from the Marmaray metro station, which is the gateway to the Asian side, also it is located near Taksim Square.

other important features

_Regarding social amenities, the project includes pools, a large library, and historical buildings that have been organized as markets such as the previously mentioned bazaar, in addition to exclusive shops that feature international brands.
The project is also near the famous Marmara Forum mall, and it includes a marina for luxurious yachts managed by the Turkish government that can accommodate approximately 220 yachts.

_The project offers a wide range of services that cater to the needs of all family members, including swimming pools, sports clubs, basketball and tennis courts, as well as saunas, Turkish baths, and of course, health, educational, and entertainment centers, among many other amenities that are too numerous to mention here!

_One of the most distinctive features of this luxury project is its breathtaking views. From the heart of your apartment, you can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful coastal town of Bakirkoy in European Istanbul. Add to that the natural scenery and green spaces surrounding you, as well as the historical sites, What a perfect life!

_Don’t expect me to tell you about the finishing touches of the apartments and villas, which boast luxurious decorations and offer a variety of choices between classic and modern designs.

_Since the housing system is based on smart apartments, you will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, where you can control curtains or lights remotely, as well as soundproofing between rooms.
The most beautiful detail is the space that ranges from 70-150 cm between the external corridor that connects the apartments within the same floor and the individual apartment, providing high privacy for all residents. No one standing in front of one apartment can see someone standing in front of another!


There are many other advantages for both the first and second project that you can explore.
You can also contact “Hana” team for real estate consultation or a property tour, where a real estate guide will lead you to the best option that suits your taste and the nature of what you are looking for, whether it’s villas or apartments for sale.

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