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Government housing projects by TOKI Foundation

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Where can I find the best government housing projects? If you are planning to
buy an apartment in Turkey, then you must be looking for the best areas and
housing projects. Istanbul is perhaps the best choice when buying properties in
Turkey, and overall, Turkish real estate has many attractive features for both
housing and investment. But first of all, you should search for the best real estate
development companies, and today we are talking about one of the most
important real estate development and construction companies, which is TOKI

Who is TOKI Company?

What do you know about TOKI construction company in Turkey? It is
one of the most important construction and real estate development companies,
founded in 1984, and its mission is to provide affordable housing by building
high-quality residential complexes at reasonable prices that include several
public facilities. It works specifically in underdeveloped urban areas to make
them completely different, as it works on developing commercial and residential
projects based on modern and advanced technology.

In addition, TOKI Company targets areas that suffer from a shortage of housing,
where it works in cooperation with government and local authorities, as
Well as some private companies and housing associations. The company’s
services are not limited to building the best government housing projects, but
also work on providing necessary services for real estate investors.

What are Toki Company’s prominent projects?

We must mention the best government housing projects that belong to Toki Real
Estate Development Company, where you can buy a suitable house in Turkey
for both living and real estate investment.

On one hand, these projects provide ideal residential qualities, and on the
other hand, they offer investment factors that generate good returns.

The first project: Nisantasi Project

The first project is located in the Nisantasi area of Turkey and is one of the
most prominent projects in Istanbul and the most distinguished. This has made
buying properties in Turkey, specifically in this Project, a great choice for several
reasons, including the area itself.

What are the benefits of living in Nisantasi?

The Nisantasi area is characterized by a unique and strategic geographic location within one of the best areas to search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, as it is located near many important tourist sites, such as the Sabiha Gokcen Museum, which contains a large collection of artworks and historical artifacts.

Additionally, the famous Taksim Square, which includes many commercial buildings, cafes, important restaurants in Istanbul, as well as the popular Galata Tower and many other important landmarks, are all close by.

The area is also characterized by excellent transportation means such as the metro, buses, trams, and more. making travel within and outside the city easy and comfortable.

Moreover, the breathtaking nature and green forests are among the biggest attractions for buying properties in the area, as it is also a quiet and peaceful area with a high level of security, especially since the crime rate is low.

What are the project specifications?

Nishan Tashi project is characterized by luxury and modernity, thanks to its many features. It extends over an area of 60,000 square meters and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and water bodies from all sides, providing spectacular views for its residents. What could be more wonderful than having a luxurious apartment overlooking the Bosphorus?

The project consists of six buildings with a total of 160 residential apartments ranging from 1+2 to 1+5, featuring creative finishes and stunning interior designs. One of the project’s most distinctive features is that each apartment has its own private balcony with a pool overlooking the Bosphorus.

The American Hospital Is located directly behind the project, while Mashka Park and Metro Station are only 1 km away, and the famous Istanbul Jewelry Mall is 2 km away. Therefore, there is no doubt that Nishan Tashi project is one of the most important government housing projects under the management of TOKI Company

Project 2: The Besiktas Project

What are the advantages of living in Besiktas?

In addition to excellent public transportation, the city of Besiktas is known for its many important facilities such as hospitals, parks, universities, museums, and more. It is also known for its great cultural diversity where you can find people of different races and nationalities, not to mention the beauty and splendor of the natural places in the area, making it an attractive place to live and enjoy nature and stunning landscapes.

Of course, we cannot forget the most prominent tourist attractions such as Maxim Park, Dolmabahce Palace which houses important works of art and treasures, and Istiklal Street which extends all the way to Kabatas Port.

What are the project specifications?

It is a project currently under construction that provides its residents with comfort through integrated public facilities. Lucky individuals who are able to obtain an apartment in the complex can enjoy a unique location near the Bosphorus, as well as easy access to the most important places in Istanbul due to its proximity to the ferry ports and metro stations.

The project extends over an area of more than 17,000 square meters and includes about 295 residential apartments of 1+2 to 1+4 styles, with a variety of services available such as indoor pools, sports clubs, steam rooms, saunas, and refreshing green spaces.

The Besiktas Project Is located 2 km away from Yildiz Park and the same distance from both the Uskudar Metro Station and the Cevahir Mall and the sea. It is also about 40 km away from Istanbul International Airport.


In this article, we discussed the most prominent government housing projects from the TOKI institution. To learn more about the projects, you can click: here.

Additionally, if you are looking for a specific project, you can contact our team and we will gladly assist you. We have a vast number of options for those searching for properties for sale in Istanbul.

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