The Differences Between Trabzon and Istanbul Real Estate

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Trabzon and Istanbul Real Estate

Turkish real estate is known for its strategic location, which makes it
attractive to investors and those looking for high-quality properties for sale.

However, most people are confused when searching for the ideal location to
invest in properties, whether it is apartments for sale in Istanbul or cheap
rural houses for sale in Trabzon.

Therefore, we will provide an honest comparison between two of the most
significant regions in Turkey and highlight the main differences between
Trabzon and Istanbul real estate.

What are the differences between Trabzon and Istanbul real estate?

There are several factors that differentiate Trabzon and Istanbul real
estate, but the most notable differences are:


Istanbul real estate outperforms Trabzon real estate in this area because Istanbul
has a diverse and comprehensive transportation network, whether in the
European or Asian side.

Istanbul has metro lines, metro buses, and other forms of public transportation.
Even water taxis have become widespread in most of Istanbul’s coastal

Furthermore, there are many highways that connect all parts of Istanbul to each
other. Unfortunately, Trabzon’s transportation network is not as
excellent as Istanbul’s, as it does not cover all areas of the province, which
may be disappointing for nature lovers in Trabzon.

Property specifications and finishes:

Trabzon apartments are known for their spacious areas.

For example, if you purchase an apartment in Istanbul with a certain area
and price, you can get the same real estate in Trabzon for the same price but
with double space.

Trabzon properties truly stand out with their large areas! As for the finishes and
design sophistication, you will find more of it in Istanbul, due to the focus of real
estate development companies in the area, such as Amlak Konut, Toki, Europa
for Real Estate Development, and other important companies in the field of real
estate development.

This means that you have much more architectural and design options
available in Istanbul than those in Trabzon.

Terrain of the region:

Trabzon is a mountainous area that may not suit everyone, especially those with
health issues, no private car, or a non-Turkish driving license or a Turkish-
validated international license.

However, it is known for its fresh and invigorating air, along with its stunning
beaches and breathtaking natural areas.

On the other hand, Istanbul is a diverse area with a mix of rural and urban
lifestyles, along with a blend of ancient and modern atmospheres. If you want a
calm and peaceful life, you can choose to live and buy a house in the Asian side of

Also If you prefer a modern and fast-paced life, with abundant job
opportunities and countless entertainment options, you should head
to the European side of Istanbul.

It is worth mentioning that natural places and water areas are scattered
throughout Turkey, especially in these two regions, Trabzon and Istanbul.

Demographics of the region:

One of the main reasons that make Arabs feel a warm affinity towards
Istanbul is the presence of many Arabs already living there, in addition to the
presence of Arabic schools.

In Trabzon, however, there are no Arabic schools because the numbers of Arabs
there are naturally not as large.

Therefore, you have no choice but to enroll your children in Turkish schools,
but it should be noted that Turkish schools have high teaching quality and
are free as they are government schools, provided that you obtain a residence
permit in Turkey and several family documents that need to be
authenticated by a notary public.

Tourism Prosperity in Trabzon and Istanbul Real Estate:

Tourism in Istanbul

We find that tourism in Istanbul is at the forefront. Generally, Turkey ranks fourth globally in the UNWTO’s list of international tourism for the year 2022, where 30 million tourists arrived in Turkey, approximately 15 million of them in Istanbul, which is about 50% of the total number of tourists who headed to Istanbul. This made it the tourism capital, for many reasons, including cheap prices, abundance of heritage and tourist attractions, as well as the charming nature and beach locations that tourists love to stay close to.

In addition to medical tourism in Istanbul and the presence of leading medical centers globally, we take the example of the medical city of Basaksehir.

Also, the presence of the best universities in Istanbul plays a significant role in the high number of tourists, especially during the study seasons.

In most cases, a large percentage of tourists turn into permanent residents in Istanbul, especially those seeking job opportunities. European Istanbul is the best place to search for a good job opportunity due to the abundance of job opportunities in the region, as they seek to obtain a valid residency of different types.

Tourism in Trabzon

As for tourism in Trabzon, despite its natural beauty, it is still unable to compete with Istanbul in the tourism sector, and the annual number of tourists does not exceed two million on average.

However, it remains a unique destination for lovers of peace and summer resorts, and there are two of the best universities in Turkey.

In addition, it is a well-served area in all aspects and has beautiful views, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Do real estate prices correlate with tourism ? and how it effects Trabzon and Istanbul Real Estate?

 The answer is yes. The prosperity of tourism directly affects real estate prices. For example, the prices of properties in Istanbul are more expensive than those in Trabzon.

Trabzon’s properties are characterized by their low prices compared to other tourist cities. This is good news for those who want to buy a house in Turkey to live in peace and isolation. However, it reflects negatively on those who want to invest in real estate.

The same thing applies if you want to invest in renting properties. Rent prices in Istanbul are much higher than those in Trabzon, giving you a much higher annual return on investment.

Regarding the cost of living, Trabzon is cheaper compared to other tourist cities, while Istanbul is considered the most expensive city to live in Turkey, but it remains cheap compared to other European countries.

Real estate investment opportunities in both Trabzon and Istanbul Real Estate

In terms of real estate investment opportunities in both Trabzon and Istanbul, there are many and varied options in Istanbul that allow you to enrich your investment portfolio.

You can invest in residential complexes, hotels, tourist facilities, lands, commercial properties, and many other options. You can ask our team of experts at “Hana” real estate company about all these options and choose the most suitable one that achieves a satisfactory return on investment.

On the other hand, investing in Trabzon is limited to tourist facilities, and there are not many opportunities for real estate investment as in Istanbul.


In conclusion, it can be said that both Trabzon and Istanbul real estate have their own advantages, and choosing the most suitable one depends on your purpose of buying real estate and your preferred lifestyle.

Therefore, you should have identified the most suitable option for you, and if there are still some confusing matters, do not hesitate to inquire about them and contact us on WhatsApp.

And of course, if you choose to buy real estate in Istanbul rather than in Trabzon, we at HanaReal Estate Company will be happy to serve you, and you can either browse available projects by clicking: here, or contact us directly.

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