Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul

Best Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul

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Famous Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul

In this article, we will discuss the most popular tourist places in Asian Istanbul,
which are suitable for all ages, categories, and personalities, including
modern and heritage entertainment venues, as well as breathtaking natural
in addition to the famous Asian Istanbul
malls that tourists love around the world!

Istanbul is one of the most prominent global tourist cities, especially the Asian
part of Istanbul where tourism has flourished greatly in recent years. In
2022, the number of tourists who visited Turkey reached 30 million, half of whom
headed to Istanbul alone.

Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul Istanbul is located on the eastern bank of the Bosphorus Strait and
includes a wonderful collection of tourist places that are definitely worth a visit.

In this article, we will explore a selected collection of the most prominent
attractions in the Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul.
Keep reading to learn about these places
and more details about them.

Baghdad Street (Bağdat Caddesi):

Baghdad Street is considered one of the most important Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul landmarks. It stretches from the Kadikoy area to Maltepe and is about 14
km long. also it’s the counterpart of Istiklal Street in terms of importance on
the European side.

It contains many restaurants, shopping centers, 5-star hotels, luxury car
exhibitions, banks, and international stores.
Walking through it is considered a cultural journey due to the presence of
several historic libraries.

In general, Baghdad Street as Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul can be considered a lively commercial center in
itself, and it is open all the time, with shops opening their doors even on
Sunday after noon.

Above all the strategic and touristic importance, it also parallels the stunning
Marmara Sea coast, adding double the value and beauty to Baghdad Street!

Kız Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower):

Kız Kulesi, also known as the Maiden’s Tower, is one of the most famous tourist
attractions in Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul. It is located between the neighborhoods of
Üsküdar and Salacak at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus.
Today, the tower has been converted into a restaurant and a tourist
destination where visitors can take breathtaking photos at the charming
location in the sea between the Asian side of Istanbul and the southern side.

If you’re curious about the romantic name of this tower, there are several myths surrounding it, but the most popular one states that a sultan was extremely worried about his daughter after seeing in a dream that a snake would bite her on her 18th birthday. This prompted him to build a tower in the middle of the sea, away from the mainland, to protect her from harm. However, fate had other plans, as a gift of a box of fruit arrived for her containing a snake that bit her and took her life, regardless of where she was.

Bridal Hill:

One of the most famous Tourist Places in Asian Istanbul hills on the Asian side of Istanbul, it is a favorite destination for lovers and newlyweds in their wedding attire. It boasts many restaurants, parks, and beautiful nature.

Camlica Mosque:

Not only is it one of the most popular religious and tourist destinations on the Asian side of Istanbul, but also in all of Turkey.
It is the largest mosque in Turkey, accommodating more than 63,000 worshippers and featuring six minarets. The mosque also houses a conference hall, an Islamic museum with Turkish artifacts, a public library, an art gallery, in addition to vast green spaces with parks.

Dereköy Hobbit Village:

Located in the city of Sivas in a park called “Pasha Bahce,” this village contains houses inspired by the “Lord of the Rings” movie series. These houses have attracted many tourists from various places and are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other essential sections one looks for when buying a house.

Princes’ Island:

One of the most prominent and famous tourist destinations in Asian Istanbul, known for its calmness and natural beauty. The island is filled with beautiful trees and flowers, as well as historical, archaeological, and religious buildings and facilities.
Additionally, there are numerous cafes and restaurants that compete with each other to satisfy the tastes of tourists. It is worth noting that transportation on the island is mainly done by horse-drawn carriages or bicycles, which add a romantic and tranquil atmosphere.

Butterfly Farm:

One of the most charming destinations in the Asian side of Istanbul, loved by everyone, especially children. It is a park that contains around 420 different species of colorful butterflies!

Asian Istanbul Malls:

The malls in Asian Istanbul hold great significance for tourists from different countries, especially for those who love shopping. The Asian side of Istanbul enjoys a large part of this significance, and we will introduce you to the best Asian Istanbul malls:

Viaport Asia Outlet Mall:

It contains more than 400 commercial stores for the finest brands and is classified as one of the cheapest malls in Asian Istanbul due to the presence of a bazaar that sells clothes at low prices. It also includes a large amusement park, a bowling alley, a horse riding club, and an ice skating rink.

Capitol Mall Istanbul

Capitol Mall Istanbul is a six-story shopping mall that not only features a large number of high-end retail stores, but also offers a variety of children’s games, such as video and motion games. It also includes a cinema and a bowling alley, and of course, it has the best restaurants serving delicious Turkish dishes.

Istanbul’s Akmar Mall

is one of the best Asian malls in Istanbul and the largest in Turkey. It is not limited to retail stores and children’s games, but also has a zoo and an aquarium with over 20,000 species of aquatic and reptilian animals.

Water Garden Istanbul’s

Water Garden Istanbul’s focus is not on retail stores, but on entertainment venues. It includes several parks, gardens, lakes, and playgrounds, and of course, restaurants and cafes overlooking the dancing fountain.


Certainly, the list does not end whether we talk about Asian malls in Istanbul or tourist places in Asian Istanbul.

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