Qatari investments in the Turkish real estate market

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Qatari investors are one of the most important pioneers of real estate investment in Turkey. The Turkish real estate market has drawn their attention in light of all the development and distinction it is witnessing. What supports the decision of the Qatari investor to take a step towards the Turkish real estate market are the distinguished relations between Turkey and Qatar on the political level, trade exchange and other matters.

If this topic interests you, you can follow us in this article, which will revolve around the investments of Qataris in Turkey, in which we will shed light on the reasons that prompted them to choose it.

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Find out about Qatari investment in real estate in Turkey:

Qatari investors have a large presence in the real estate market in Turkey. They have chosen projects that belong to the Turkish government and projects that belong to the private sector. They have tended to buy apartments, villas, palaces, land, as well as commercial real estate such as restaurants, shops, and others.

According to studies conducted on this subject, it was found that most Qataris who prefer to buy real estate outside Qatar choose Turkey specifically.

Recently, the demand for Qataris in the real estate market in Turkey has increased significantly and remarkably, and within three years, the percentage of their ownership increased by about 175%.

Did you know that the Qataris are the most people looking for palaces for sale in Turkey, especially those that have a view of the Bosphorus Strait. The following are the main reasons that push the Qatari investor to buy these palaces:

– The palaces in Turkey are distinguished by their historical importance, as most of them belong to the Ottoman Empire and some of them to previous periods of time.

– Turkey has a wonderful geographical location close to the Arab world, meaning that – transportation to and from it is very easy.

– These palaces are distinguished by exquisite urban designs with a unique style that is attractive.

– It is considered an ideal place for housing and stability, where the spacious areas give the owners privacy and independence.

– The Qatari investor in Turkey real estate has found the opportunity of a lifetime due to the fact that it is necessary to pay for it in Turkish lira.

Did you know that due to the strong relationship between Turkey and Qatar, many Qataris have a desire to support Turkey and support its economy.

Also, there is strong competition among Arab Gulf investors in buying luxury palaces and villas in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Perhaps you are wondering why Qatar does not rank first in the number of properties it owns in Turkey and has left the arena empty for the investors of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti state and others? The answer, in short, is that Qatar’s investors do not care about the number of properties they own in Turkey, but rather their eyes are directed towards properties with large areas, luxurious palaces and distinctive villas.

Reasons for increasing the number of Qatari investors in Turkey:

The increase in the number of investors in a country is a clear indication of its distinction and importance. Through the following paragraph, we will explain the reasons that contributed to the increase in the size of the Qatari presence in Turkey:

– Flexible Turkish laws that are in the interest of the investor and that guarantee him the success he will achieve.

– Every year, thousands of Qataris go to Turkey for tourism and recreation.

– Suitable real estate prices in Turkey, which are cheaper than real estate in Europe and many Arab countries.

– The Turkish government has provided guarantees that make the investor feel safe and comfortable, such as the real estate appraisal document and the existence of real estate projects with its guarantee.

– By buying a property in Turkey, they can obtain a real estate residence permit that allows them to stay in Turkey legally without being subjected to any penalty or violation, which allows them to move between the Turkish states completely freely.

– If the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, they can apply for Turkish citizenship.

The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:

You must be wondering about the importance of this type of investment in a country like Turkey, so what makes it distinct from other countries in the world?

1 – Real estate investment in Turkey is guaranteed results, returns and profits, because real estate prices are witnessing a noticeable increase in the current period due to the increased demand for them and the high prices of raw building materials.

2 – Every year, Turkey receives millions of contexts from different countries of the world because of its richness in archaeological, historical and natural monuments.

3 – If you are an investor in Turkey, you are in front of many distinguished investment ideas, the most important of which are:

– Renting the property, and thus you will get a fixed monthly return, and the distinctive thing is that the rental prices rise from each period to the other.

– The property can be sold at high prices, and the difference that results between the buying and selling stage of the currency is your profit, so you have to deal with the matter smartly to reap the required profits.

– Buying land and building on it or reselling it, especially that real estate prices in Turkey are rising significantly in the current period.

Important recommendations for Qataris when buying a property in Turkey:

– First, it is important that you use one of the reliable real estate companies in Turkey to save you time and provide you with the most important real estate offers suitable for your goal.

– Beware that there are restrictions on the property (such as mortgage or real estate seizure). It is a real problem and may not be discovered until more than a month has passed since the purchase of the property.

– Make sure that the contract is signed within an official department, as any document signed outside it is considered null, even if it is with the notary.

– Extract the real estate appraisal document by a party licensed by the Turkish government.

– If you want to invest in real estate, it is important to choose the geographical location of the property, the more distinguished it is, the higher the investment value of the property.

– If you want to achieve abundant profits, we advise you should choose to search for a property for sale in the areas close to the important mega projects.

In this article, we have provided you with the most important things related to Qatari investments in Turkey, and we can provide you with any information you wish to obtain only when you contact us. We also provide you with the most important real estate offers that suit you if you are looking for a property for sale according to your desires and budget.

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