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Is the idea of ​​real estate investment in Arnavutkoy correct? This area is located on the European side of Istanbul and many foreign and local real estate investors have chosen to invest their money in it? Why is that?

If this is one of the topics that interest you, you can follow the next article. Which will be the focus of our conversation in Arnavutkoy. And we will shed light on the importance of real estate investment in it.

We hope to answer all your questions.

The importance of real estate investment in Arnavutkoy:

Before you decide whether Arnavutkoy is suitable for real estate investment or not. You must know all the details related to it. And this is what we will present to you in the following paragraph:

1 – Did you know that this area is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul at all and is a modern destination for real estate investment.

2 – It embraces the most important and distinguished infrastructure projects, such as:

  • New Istanbul Airport (the largest air transport terminal in the world.
  • The new Istanbul Water Canal (The Project of the century).
  • Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge.

It is hoped that many important projects will be established during the coming period. And this, if indicated, indicates that the investment future for this region will never be short.

3 – Real estate prices in Arnavutkoy have recorded a remarkable increase. In the recent period it witnessed an increase of 50%.

4 – This area has a wonderful view of the Black Sea. Which has given it more importance and charm, and many restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious fish meals are spread in it.

5 – It contains many laboratories and factories. Thus has become an important destination for those looking for distinctive job opportunities.

Many real estate experts advise hurrying to seize the opportunities in Arnavutkoy. Where there are many distinctive real estate opportunities that suit all tastes that suit different financial situations.

Housing and stability in Arnavutkoy:

Do you think accommodation in Arnavutkoy is a good option? First you have to find some information about it.

Based on the information and details that we have about this area. Living in it is a very wonderful idea, as it has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake. In Arnavutkoy, you will get a sophisticated, modern and different lifestyle.

The real estate projects that are located in this area are modern and conform to international standards.

Arnavutkoy is a quiet area because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Real estate in Arnavutkoy:

Whether you want to invest in real estate in this area or housing and residency, you should look at the properties available in this area and its features and types.

What really encourages buying real estate in this area is that it is modern and includes many options and special offers. And the apartments are one of the main options in it. With a wonderful sea view and high international specifications.

Also, this area is suitable for searching for villas for sale. Which have luxury and high-end specifications and unique engineering designs and often overlook the vast green spaces that extend in front of them.

In Arnavutkoy, there are many lands suitable for investment, where distinctive projects can be established on them. It should be noted here that they are available in both types (agricultural + construction).

If you want to invest in farms, this area is a great investment, as the climatic factors in which it is available are suitable for the growth of many types of crops and vegetables, which are suitable for raising animals and livestock.

Geographical location of Arnavutkoy:

– We mentioned earlier that it is located on the European side.

– From the eastern side, there is the Basaksehir area and the Sultan Eyup area.

– From the southeast, the Esenyurt region.

– On the southern side, Buyukcekmece.

– To the west is the Catalca region.

Services in this modern area:

There is a modern transportation network in this area that contributed to linking that area with all areas of Istanbul. It should be noted here that the TEM highway passes through it. As well as the North Marmara Road. On the health front, there are many hospitals and health centers. Including a government hospital and many clinics.

What do you know about Arnavutkoy

Did you know that this area includes more than ninety educational centers. And institutions distributed between schools, institutes and cultural centers. As well as many recreational places such as gardens, parks, playgrounds. Sports clubs and shopping centers.

In the context of our conversation about Arnavutkoy. It is important to point out that the Turkish government pays special attention to the infrastructure in it and makes great efforts to develop and improve it. Which encourages the investor to make a decision to invest in it.

Every year, Arnavutkoy receives a lot of foreign tourists. As it includes many important tourist attractions, such as the vast areas of the famous Belgrade forests that extend within them. The population is estimated at about a quarter of a million people.

This area contains many hotels that have been equipped to be distinguished. And upscale for the convenience of visitors to have a distinguished stay. It also includes a cultural center in which many important seminars attended by the most important personalities and intellectuals are held.

What is the most famous things in this area?

the most important and most famous of its tourist attractions is (Durusu Lake), which is characterized by

wonderful and picturesque beauty that attracts tourists and locals to it from everywhere. Add to your information that it overlooks many mosques, important churches and famous palaces.

Hana Real Estate advises you to familiarize yourself with the offers available in the Arnavutkoy district of Istanbul, where the high-end specifications at competitive prices have outperformed many other areas in the city. When you contact us, we provide you with all the information you need to know and the most

important real estate investment offers that suit you.

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