Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property

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Many advantages that an investor can obtain when applying for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, which prompted many investors to invest in Turkey, and we are faced with a question worth answering, which is how to obtain citizenship? What are the conditions that must be met to obtain it?

 All your questions we will be eager to answer through the following article.

About Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship has become enjoying many advantages, and the ingredients that made it the strongest and most desirable nationalities around the world.

In addition, it is desirable by all investors, and this flourished and became clear in recent years, especially after the great boom witnessed by the economic and political development within the state of Turkey.

As well as the huge development that took place in the infrastructure in Turkey in recent years, which was represented in new roads, educational and health services, and multiple transportations that have no limit or number.

It is clear to us that this development has become a remarkable development, and it is impossible to ignore it, and the development did not stop at this point, due to the updates that will take place in the near future.

The development is due to several reasons, foremost of which is the strategic plans, which are developed annually, in order to suit the future goals that the Turkish government is trying hard to achieve.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

There is an infinite number of advantages associated with the principle of obtaining Turkish citizenship, for all those who want to obtain it from foreigners and Arabs, One of the most important of these advantages is that you enjoy living in one of the best countries in the world, and the most powerful of them in economic and political terms.

In the event that the investor obtains Turkish citizenship, he can buy real estate within the state of Turkey without restrictions, and in an easy way, without obstacles impeding the completion of the matter.

The holder of Turkish citizenship also has the right to obtain free health insurance, to receive free treatment for himself and all his family members, to obtain treatment from government hospitals and their affiliated clinics, and to receive treatment in private clinics for a small and significantly low amount of money.

And then he has the right to cross the borders of nearly eighty countries around the world, without any penalties being imposed on him, and he does not need to possess a passport.

Reasons to invest in real estate in Turkey

Turkey’s geographical location is one of the main factors that drive investors to invest in it, as well as being a country that enjoys security, safety and internal and external political stability, which encourages investment in all areas within Turkey.

It has a stable environment far from wars and destruction, which gives reassurance to investors, in addition to the strength and durability of the economy inside Turkey, as it encourages investors to delve into real estate investments.

The availability of real estate ownership laws in Turkey and working with it, which helps in serving a large list of foreigners, and makes it easier for them to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth 400,000 dollars.

The Turkish real estate market is a competitive market, characterized by the strong interconnection between all investment fields in Turkey, such as industry, agriculture, trade, real estate and tourism, which prompts investors to delve into their projects, relying on advanced infrastructure, which is a first advantage of attracting foreigners for real estate investments.

How do you get Turkish citizenship??

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are many ways available to you, and through the following paragraph, we will present them briefly.

Real Estate Investment:

The state of Turkey has been interested in developing real estate investment, and this appeared after linking two things together, the first is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in the state of Turkey.

The second is that the price of this property exceeds 400 thousand dollars.

With the freedom to choose the type of this property from among an apartment, an office, a villa, a commercial shop or other types of real estate.

It is clear to us that these laws and many other government facilities, provided by the Turkish government, are a major factor in encouraging Arab and foreign investors to invest in Turkey and obtain citizenship and make profits.

Hiring 50 workers

Any investor can obtain Turkish citizenship, after employing 50 Turkish citizens, in any field of work he manages, and thus the law has made it easier for investors by amending the text of the law that required granting citizenship to investors after providing 100 or more job opportunities for Turkish citizens .

Marriage to the Turks

Marriage is a major factor in obtaining citizenship, Therefore, whoever desires citizenship must marry a Turkish citizen, provided that the marriage is official and real, and applies the correct concepts of marriage.

bank deposit

Amendments were made to the Turkish Citizenship Law for foreigners, and based on this amendment a decision was issued to reduce the minimum bank deposits in Turkish banks from 3 million dollars to 500,000 dollars.

Provided that the amount deposited in the bank is not withdrawn for a minimum period of 3 years.

Work Permit

 Based on what was stated in the text of Article Eleven of the Turkish Nationality Law, which states that several conditions must be implemented to acquire Turkish citizenship, such as a work permit, which came as follows.

First: It is necessary for the person to have legal capacity.

Second: The person must be committed to permanent residence in Turkey for a period exceeding five years without interruption.

Allowing him to leave Turkish territory for 360 days during the full stay.

Third: Documenting the residence by establishing a commercial activity, or buying one of the real estate, or other things that prove the sincerity of his intention to live in Turkey.

Fourth: A person must learn the Turkish language so that he can speak it, which will make it easier for him to lead his life normally and be able to communicate with those around him.

If you want to see the latest developments on the issue of Turkish citizenship or any other aspect of the real estate market in Turkey, we advise you to follow our website constantly, where you will find adequate answers to everything you are looking for.

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