How to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2023

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How to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2023..

To find the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey.

You can search for emerging areas in Turkish cities.

Where the prices are much cheaper than in the main metropolitan areas.

It is possible to find a list of apartments for sale in Turkey on the website of our real estate company “hana”.

For real estate in Istanbul, areas such as Beylikduzu can offer apartments at lower prices

than more popular areas. such as Besiktas and Bomonti.

Also, new areas such as Basin Express. and the metropolitan city of Istanbul can provide affordable options for purchasing.

.Contact your local real estate agency “Hana” and our brokers to get information about

available apartments in popular neighborhoods in Turkey with lower prices.

Finding apartments in Turkey that need renovation:

Low-priced apartments can be found in popular neighborhoods in Turkey. if they need some work and renovation.

These apartments can be found by talking to us.

In general, you should research apartments for sale carefully. and speak with our team to get the necessary free consultation.

How to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul

To search for the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey. you can visit our real estate blog

Hana”. which specializes in real estate in Turkey.

Where you can view our website to find out about the latest offers. and residential areas

that offer affordable apartments in for sale in Turkey.

Good research procedures must also be followed. and the validity and credibility of the

data available on other sites. must be followed before making any purchasing decision.

Investment Opportunities in Turkey 2023

Real estate investment conditions in Türkiye

Turkey is an ideal destination for real estate investment. as it has a good location, an active

economy. and is witnessing an increase in demand for real estate.

However, real estate investment in Türkiye requires adherence to some legal conditions and procedures.

Here are some basic conditions for real estate investment in Türkiye:

  • Obtaining an investment license: An investment permit must be obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Trade. and Industry before embarking on any investment activity.
  • Buying a property: Real estate in Turkey can be purchased. directly from the owner or through licensed real estate agents.
  • Validating legal documents: All legal documents related to the property must be verified before purchasing. such as title certificate, building and design permits.
  • Obtaining the “Takert” number: The “Takert” number. which is the official real estate registration number. must be obtained from the Land Registry Office.
  • Paying taxes: Fees and taxes related to the property purchase process. such as added tax, transfer and deposit fees, must be paid.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: All laws. and regulations related to real estate investment in Turkey. such as the Foreigners Law related to investment, must be adhered to

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

There are several options for apartments for sale in Turkey.

Hana Real Estate Company offers apartments for sale in Kucukcekmece and Atasehir.

It also offers a variety of apartments for sale all in Turkey.

In addition, there are apartments for sale in the Eyup district of Istanbul.

In addition, there are several projects all over Istanbul with apartments for sale.


Finally, the “Hana” real estate company owns apartments for sale in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul.

Hana Real Estate Company provides the most important real estate ownership. and

investment opportunities in apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey. and provides its clients with

a variety of integrated services for safe real estate ownership. and free real estate advice.

In addition to following up on the Turkish citizenship file for anyone. who buys a property

worth 400 thousand US dollars. and many important real estate services. that start from

the moment of arrival at the airport. and extend beyond owning the property.

In conclusion, real estate companies in Istanbul are the ideal place for those. who want to

search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our real estate company “Hana” offers its clients.

Besides to all investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey a lot of services.

And provides them with the latest new real estate offers.

That Arab and foreign investors. who wish to establish their real estate projects in Turkey by buying.

And investing apartments for sale in Turkey are looking for.

Also, our real estate company, “Hana”, helps you in preparing real estate papers.

In addition, transactions, extracting the official documents required for owning real estate or transferring its ownership.

Besides securing suitable real estate offers and real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Through real estate investment in Turkey and within a record and short period of time.

Do not hesitate to visit our real estate company’s headquarters.

or its official website on Facebook and Instagram.

The most important investment project in Eyüpsultan in Istanbul

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