Furnished apartments in Istanbul

Furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul

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Furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul..If you are looking for furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul,

we at “Hana” real estate company will gladly help you find and buy the apartment you are looking for.

We will present you two of the best furnished apartments within our projects.

It is in residential complexes ready for immediate housing.

These apartments are also distinguished as one of the finest apartments in Istanbul.. Follow us.

Furnished apartments in Istanbul and its most important features

Why would you look for furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul, Türkiye?

Because of the importance of real estate projects in Turkey in granting you real estate residence or Turkish citizenship.

It also gives you an opportunity to invest in the property you own.

Whether you want to rent it or sell it later.

In addition to the presence of many other features that characterize Istanbul real estate, including:

  • First, Istanbul is primarily important to the Turkish state. This is due to its strategic importance and distinctive location. as it is the main modern transportation artery in the city.
  • Its tourism importance because it is the first destination for tourists arriving in Türkiye. Because of the presence of the new Istanbul airport. This, in turn, gives it great investment importance.
  • It is important to know in case you are a fan of real estate investment. Real estate prices in Istanbul in recent years have increased by 55% which means ROI is high. At the present time, the number of those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, is increasing day by day. as the demand for housing in it is constantly rising.
  • Of course, without needing to mention that. the area is excellently serviced in all respects.

Furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul

Below we will mention two of the most important real estate projects and apartments in Istanbul. Which will undoubtedly help you enter the real estate market in Turkey. and start real estate investment, these two projects are:

  • HAD
  • Prime Istanbul

Furnished apartments for sale in HAD Istanbul project

The complex was built on a land area of ​​119,000 square meters.

There are also 19 residential buildings above it, with a total of 919 apartments. executed with high quality and luxurious and elegant finishes.

Also, there are apartments of different types, starting with a room and a hall up to 4 rooms and a hall.

Advantages of the HAD project

We mention some of the most important advantages of owning an apartment in one of the most important real estate projects:

  • Of course, the project’s proximity to Istanbul and the places where job opportunities abound plays a major role in people’s desire to search for furnished apartments for sale in Turkey in this particular project.
  • One of the main reasons why people want to own a property in one of these real estate projects is their desire to invest in it because of the exceptional opportunities they found in it.
  • Also, lovers of entertainment and summer want to be near the tourist and natural places. Specifically, we are talking about the Belgrade Forest.
  • We have already mentioned that the area’s transportation is generally excellent, but the project’s transportation has its own distinctive feature, as the project is located near the E80 highway.
  • We also mention that the complex includes the most important universities and schools in the world.
  • If you searched for furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul and had the opportunity to get an apartment within this complex, you will discover the extent of its exclusivity.

For example, he owns a huge horse track. In addition to many of the most luxurious restaurants and cafes.

The most important places of interest and vital areas in the HAD project

Finding an apartment is among the most important real estate projects,

after your exhaustive search for furnished apartments for sale in Istanbul.

There is no doubt that it means that you are close to these very important places in Istanbul, which are:

  • First, Istanbul International Airport, at a distance of 30 km
  • As for Taksim Square, it is 13 km away
  • We also have near the project (seyrantepe) metro station. the distance between which. and the project is estimated at about: 4 km
  • Also the most important station in Istanbul, the Tramway station: 4 km
  • For universities, Istanbul Atlas University is 2.7 km away
  • Istanbul Valley Mall is 3 km away

What are the most important places near the HAD project area?

  • One of the most important landmarks near the project is Istanbul Bilgi University. as well as Santralistanbul Anney University.
  • There is also the Sudanese-Turkish Friendship School. and there is also the King Idris Al-Salousi School, Turkey – Istanbul. In addition to the school “Dr Sadık Ahmet Anadolu Lisesi”
  • As for hospitals, the project is close to “Gultepe Avicenna Hospital”. Also, the “Özel Esha Cerrahi Tıp Merkezi” hospital.
  • In addition to its proximity to malls. Near the project, there are the most famous malls in Istanbul, namely AXİS Avm Mall and Marmara Park Mall.
  • In addition to the presence of recreational places of great tourist importance. Such as “Hasbahçe Parkı” and the historical park “Seyrantepe 700.Yıl Parkı”.

Furnished apartments for real estate investment in the Prime Istanbul project

One of the most important furnished apartments offered for sale in the Basin Express area.

Where there is a “furnished hotel apartment within a five-star hotel for sale within the Prime Istanbul complex

  • Apartment type: 2 + 1
  • 2nd Floor
  • Area: 139 square meters

On the “Basin Express” road, within the central municipality of Bahceli Evler,

close to all areas and landmarks in Istanbul, the Prime Istanbul Residence project is located.

It is also adjacent to two international 5-star hotels, the Pullman hotel and the Mercure hotel

Prime Istanbul project site

The Prime Istanbul project is located within yenibosna of the administrative district of Bahcelievler Municipality.

The Prime Istanbul Residence project is located on the most important road in the city, Basin Express.

Note that Prime Istanbul is close to the service and administrative centers in the region.

The Prime Istanbul Residence project is 3 km away from shopping centers.

It should be noted that the Prime Istanbul project is surrounded by government. and private hospitals.

Prime Istanbul complex is also located near a large number of public and private universities.

Also, Prime Istanbul Residence is located on the main road of Istanbul International Airport O-7

Specifications of Prime Istanbul Residence

Prime Istanbul complex, built by Ersa İnşaat Company,

is a hotel project that includes a residential apartment complex for sale in Bahceli Evler.

The project is also located directly on the Basin Express Road by Bahceli Evler Municipality.

As the project is divided into three hotel buildings, two of which are 5-star hotels that are not for sale.

The third building is the intended complex which is offered for sale.

  • Prime Istanbul complex was built on a land area of ​​28,000 square meters
  • It also contains 3,000 square meters of green spaces
  • Prime Istanbul complex has been divided into 3 buildings
  • The total number of apartments in the project is 486 apartments
  • The types of apartments in Prime Istanbul Residence also vary from 1 + 0 to 2 + 7
  • The maximum height of the floors is 12 floors
  • The project is ready for housing
  • Prime Istanbul is also suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship

Features of Prime Istanbul complex apartments

  • Security 24 hours a day
  • City view
  • The tapu is ready
  • Smart system
  • Close to the main road
  • Close to the metro
  • It includes a hammam and sauna
  • Contains large apartments
  • Close to mosques
  • It includes green spaces
  • Contains a closed swimming pool
  • Suitable for nationality
  • Includes car parking
  • Its unique location
  • Contains a gym

In conclusion

Our real estate company “Hana” provides many services to its clients and all investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey.

It also provides them with the latest real estate offers that Arab and foreign investors

who wish to establish their real estate projects in Turkey are looking for by buying and investing in apartments for sale in Turkey.

Feel free to visit our real estate company’s headquarters

or its official website on Facebook and Instagram.

And request various general and legal real estate advice at any time you want.

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