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Real estate investment. Certainly, the first goal that you seek to achieve from real estate investment in Turkey is to obtain an abundant and high profit, and this is certainly common to everyone, and it must be noted that your choice of Turkey over other countries of the world was not random, but rather as a result of all its advantages and components that help you achieve your goals and objectives.
But it is not enough to invest your money in a developed environment such as Turkey only, as it must be based on deliberate steps to quickly reach a high profit.
In our next article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate has prepared an important report for you to be your guide in knowing everything related to real estate investment in Turkey and how the foreigner or investor can reach the abundant and distinctive profit.

Make a lot of profits from real estate investment in Turkey:

Before you start your investment project in Turkey, there is a lot of information that you should know about this field. n order to achieve the profits that suit you without any possibility of failure or loss. Through the following paragraphs, you will learn in detail about everything related to this aspect.

First: The location of the property:

Before anything, you have to choose the property in a thoughtful way. The strategic location helps you achieve high profits. The three elements of success in a real estate investment project are (location, location, and location), and the more distinguished it is, the higher the investment and financial value of the property.
Stressing that the importance of real estate investment in Istanbul is fundamentally different from investing in Antalya, Bursa or others, and do not forget that the closer you are to the city center, the better, the higher real estate prices, and when we head to the suburbs or remote areas, prices drop and the importance of real estate investment in them decreases.
How do you know that the property you choose to buy has a prime location? You have a set of factors that if available, you will find that your investment will bring you the profits you want to obtain, the most prominent of which are:
– To be close to the most important advanced infrastructure projects.
– There should be public transport lines and transportation nearby.
– Proximity to service and recreational facilities such as restaurants, shops, game cities, and others.
– Cultural centers – tourist attractions – schools – universities – hospitals – health institutions.

Second: Look for competing offers:

One of the important tips that you should take into consideration is that the successful investor is the one who searches for the best real estate at the cheapest prices, and when he chooses to sell, he must choose the right time to sell at a high price to take advantage of the price difference between the buying and selling stages.
In order to buy your property at a special price, be sure to seek help from one of the real estate companies with experience and extensive knowledge of everything related to the real estate market in Turkey, as it has strong relationships with the most important construction companies and thus provides you with high and attractive discounts. It guarantees that you will get high profits and returns.

Third: Choose a distinctive look:

In order to make a big profit, you have to choose a distinctive view such as the sea, green spaces or parks, the more distinctive the view, the higher the value of the property.
Most of the areas that have a distinctive sea view are quiet and luxurious and are equipped with all the service facilities that meet the needs of the residents and provide them with an integrated life.

Fourth: Choose the property carefully:

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a large and wide real estate diversity, and this will certainly put you at a loss, which types of real estate are the best? Residential complexes are the most important thing that an investor and foreigner may resort to in Turkey because of their many advantages that guarantee you an integrated life. Moreover, their prices are increasing as a result of their sophistication, modernity, and the great demand for them. And you can benefit from it in renting it or reselling it after the price hike.
Among the best options for apartments suitable for investment in Turkey are (duplexes – triplexes – studio apartments – penthouses – villas – smart apartments).

Fifth: Visit the real estate investment:

Do not be limited to real estate scenes only on social media or on the Internet, but you should visit it on the ground to see its specifications and advantages, as it is possible that you will find some details that are not suitable for you or that conflict with achieving your goals.

Sixth: The deliberate choice of the real estate area:

One of the aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a property in Turkey for investment is (its area), as it is not recommended to choose properties with a large area because the demand for it is not as great as it is for small or medium properties. And also if you want to sell it in the future. You do not find any difficulty in that.

The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:

Surely you know that real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best and most important types of investment options at all. As the results and profits that you will get are guaranteed. But what you should know is that the returns are not fixed and vary according to many factors. Including (location – view – apartment specifications – age – the floor on which it is located – the nearby service facilities).
But in your opinion. What are the main reasons or motives that made Turkey the first destination for investment for many people. Not other countries in the world? In the next paragraph.

We’ll talk about it in full.

1 – The distinguished geographical location in the middle of the world, as Turkey is the bridge between the Middle East and Europe.
2 – There are countless types and options for real estate, with many specifications, various views, and prices to suit all budgets.
3 – It includes many residential and investment real estate projects, which are considered one of the largest projects in the world.
4 – The many facilities provided by the Turkish government, such as exemption from the value added tax, which is a burden on the foreigner
5 – The Turkish government is working to build more new real estate projects to meet the large demand for them and to match the population density.
6 – Add to all of the foregoing motives that encourage foreigners to invest in real estate in Turkey, which is witnessing huge tourist seasons thanks to its tourist, archaeological and historical attractions, which guarantees you an increased demand for rental offers.
7 – The possibility of applying for real estate residency, which is one of the best types of residency at all, as it can be easily obtained and renewed annually.
8 – Acquisition of Turkish citizenship in return for the price of the property being four hundred thousand US dollars or more within three months.

Avoid these things when real estate investment in Turkey:

At the outset, it must be noted that investing in the real estate sector requires a lot of effort and fatigue, especially if this is your first experience. Or if you intend to start a huge project or if you do not have enough information about it and therefore it is very easy to fall into problems and face mistakes, but it can be avoided by checking them out.
Below we will talk about all the caveats that you should take into account when you are in the process of buying real estate in Turkey:

First: Do you think real estate investment needs a lot of money?

Many investors may think that entering the world of real estate investment in Turkey. Will need a lot of money. And there are rumors saying that real estate in Turkey is expensive, But all this is not true, as real estate prices in this country are considered low and cheap compared to prices in Europe.
As for the second thing. You should know that real estate investment in Turkey does not need a large capital and you can start your project and make abundant profits with a small amount. So do not listen to those who try to tell you the opposite.
There are many types of real estate that do not require a lot of money. Such as: studio apartments – student housing apartments – apartments that are located in remote areas or far from the city center.

Second: Not using a reliable real estate company:

Many foreigners and investors choose to search for apartments for sale in Turkey on their own and without asking for help from an experienced real estate company. And the reason for this is their desire to provide the commission requested by the company.
This behavior is absolutely incorrect and has a significant negative repercussion. As one of the tasks it performs is to provide suitable properties for clients. And also due to its distinguished relations with the most important construction companies. The buyer can obtain attractive discounts.
What you do not know is that real estate companies bear many of the costs incurred by the buyer. Such as some taxes related to the sale process. And fees for extracting the real estate appraisal report.

Third: Haste in making decisions:

People who do not have much experience in the field of real estate investment think that they will get a lot of profits and returns quickly. But in fact it is not possible. As it is necessary to wait for some time to get the results that suit you.
One of the important points to pay attention to is that the successful investor is the one who buys at the lowest prices. And sells when the prices rise to benefit from the price difference that results between the buying and selling stage.

Fourth: Buying cheap real estate:

Because the luxury areas are a destination for many people and investors. Many of them seek to search for real estate and apartments for sale at reasonable prices. Is this possible? Is it possible to obtain abundant profits through it?
Let us tell you that this option is certainly available. But what you should know is that it will not be within. The residential complexes. As these apartments are higher than those found in independent buildings. And also likely to be of lower quality. Or that the building is not equipped with advanced infrastructure.

Fifth: Choosing the real estate company in the wrong way:

With the increase in the demand for buying real estate in Turkey by foreigners and those wishing to invest in real estate. The number of real estate companies increased with it, but this does not mean that any company is a good option to buy real estate through. As there are many criteria and foundations that must be followed in the selection. Which are as follows.
You should check out their website. Asking about the quality of services it provides to clients.
Communicate with clients who have previously purchased real estate through it.
It is necessary to communicate with the administrative. And advisory department directly.

Sixth: Exposure to the problem of real estate investment fraud:

One of the most common problems that a buyer may fall into is (real estate fraud) that makes you lose a lot of money and pay thousands of Turkish liras in the wrong place.
Among the most important forms of fraud: Impersonating the owner of the property falsifying official papers. Telling the buyer that the property is suitable for obtaining a rewarding return. Or obtaining Turkish citizenship. And other deceptive ideas so you must be very careful.

Important ideas for real estate investment in Turkey:

After all the information. We provided to you about real estate investment in Turkey in the past. We must refer to some investment ideas that help you succeed and excel.

First: Real estate rental:

One of the most common investment methods is to rent real estate to obtain a fixed monthly return. Do not forget that during the tourist periods or seasons. Profit rates rise due to the increased demand for them.

Second: Reselling the property:

It is natural that real estate prices in Turkey or in other countries around the world are constantly increasing. nd therefore can be sold after a period of time to earn profits. Aspecially if there are elements that increase its price over time. To be newly constructed. It is located in an area experiencing a great urbanization acceleration. Close to Strategic projects in the city. To have modern specifications. Nearby are service/recreational facilities.

Among the important ideas for real estate investment in Turkey are hotel apartments . Student housing apartments. Buying a plot of land and building a real estate project on it commercial real estate. And many other ideas.

This was the most important information. That you should know if you intend to start a real estate investment project in Turkey. In order to achieve high and distinctive profits, If you have any questions about this topic. You can ask our consultant staff to provide you with all the important advice and accurate answers you need.

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