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How to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2022 AD

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There have been many questions and conversations about the issue of real estate in Turkey and one of the most discussed topics (cheap apartments or the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey), so the editorial team at Hana Real Estate decided to tell you about everything related to this topic through the following article. We wish you a good follow-up and great benefit. .

Is it possible to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey?

Through the following paragraph, we will answer in detail this question, as we will shed light on the most important ways to help you buy an apartment in Turkey at an affordable or cheap price.
First: If you do not have a sufficient budget to pay the price of the property in cash, you can choose to purchase in installments, and this is a unique solution for those who wish to own property in Turkey, where they will not have to pay its value in one go or face financial pressures.
Second: You should search for projects that are still under construction, as they are cheaper than projects and real estate ready for housing.
Third: To buy a cheap apartment, look in areas far from city centers, such as rural areas.
Fourth: When paying in cash, many construction companies offer high discounts ranging between 10% and 20%, especially if you are among the first to buy an apartment in the project.
Fifth: You should use an experienced real estate company with great knowledge of the real estate market to help you get the right apartment at a price appropriate to your budget.

Important information about the cheapest apartments in Turkey:

A wide category of people who come to Turkey in order to buy real estate choose to search for cheap apartments for sale, whether for housing or real estate investment. There is a common goal among them all, which is to save money while obtaining an apartment with high-end and modern specifications.

But what you should know in this regard is that the prices of apartments In Turkey, in general, it is known to be cheap and moderate compared to the prices that you will find if you decide to buy an apartment in one of the European or American countries.

If you look at the Arab real estate markets. You will find that some countries have higher real estate prices than in the Arab world. Therefore, Turkey is considered an important. Successful option for foreigners in general and Arabs in particular, especially after the wars, economic crises and security instability that most countries in the Middle East witnessed.

Who wants to buy cheap apartments in Turkey?

There are specific cases in which a foreigner wants to buy cheap real estate, for example, who does not have a huge budget that enables him to pay a large amount. Or who wants to buy more than one property. Believes in the principle of capital distribution in more than one property or business. And do not forget that this type of apartments It is a convenient solution to dispense with rents.

Among the information that you should know about apartments in Turkey is that they do not remain in one condition for a long time. It is known that real estate markets fluctuate constantly and it is expected that an increase will be recorded at any time and therefore your capital will increase without any effort or fatigue from you.

Is looking for apartments for sale in Turkey a good idea?

Turkey, with its large area and the number of its 84 cities and states. Is considered one of the best first choice for many investors. Foreigners and those interested in buying real estate. Turkey is distinguished by its location spanning two continents at the same time (Asia and Europe). As it was the bridge that connects the two continents. And this location has led to a great diversity in its climate. Culture and population.
Many foreigners and Arabs choose to settle there permanently due to the availability of all the necessities of life that everyone is looking for. Recently, Turkey has witnessed a great renaissance in its various sectors and fields without exception. Add to your information that the cost of living is considered low compared to prices in Europe.

The immediate time is one of the best suitable periods for searching for apartments and real estate for sale in Turkey, as it provides many distinguished real estate. And investment projects, as well as fluctuation in the price of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies. Which saves the buyer a lot of money. They have benefited greatly from the law stipulated in the Turkish Constitution that the value of the property must be paid specifically in the local currency (Turkish lira).

The cheapest apartments in Istanbul Turkey:

There is no doubt that each of the Turkish cities has specific advantages, but Istanbul always remains the first choice for all foreigners and those looking for apartments and real estate for sale, especially in light of all the special offers offered by construction companies. Istanbul is also considered one of the finest cities in the world and not only in Turkey, due to many factors, including The distinctive location and the tourist and historical character.
The demand for real estate in Istanbul is clearly increasing, despite all its advantages, development and modernity, its prices are low compared to prices in similar cities in terms of development, status and importance.

Because Istanbul is one of the most frequently asked Turkish cities, through the following paragraphs, we will review the most important areas that are suitable for finding cheap apartments for sale.

First: cheap apartments in Esenyurt Istanbul:

It is one of the most important European areas of Istanbul, characterized by the fact that real estate prices are low compared to others, where there are old or popular properties and modern ones (residential complexes) many investors believe that it has not yet reached the urban development witnessed in other areas, but this is not accurate, as many construction companies are working on building mega projects with high-end and modern specifications.
It is expected that the prices of real estate and apartments in that area will rise during the coming period after the completion of the metro project, and this is precisely what supports the investor’s decision to own property in it, as he can obtain a large profit when reselling or renting it.

Second: Cheap apartments for sale in Buyukcekmece:

This area is located on the European side of the city, but in general the prices are reasonable and it varies according to the apartment – its type – the building in which it is located – the view.

Third: Cheap apartments for sale in Beylikduzu:

This area is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul and is also located on its European side. It has recently gained a lot of fame thanks to the modern projects that were built in it according to a high style of luxury and architectural sophistication.
Beylikduzu is characterized by a developed and modern infrastructure, and the value of real estate investment in it has increased dramatically after the Metrobus line passed through it, and it became easy to reach the center of Istanbul without much effort, fatigue and time.
According to experts and specialists in the real estate sector, prices are likely to rise in the future due to the increased demand for buying apartments on the one hand and on the other hand due to its proximity to the most important infrastructure projects such as (the new Istanbul Airport – the new Istanbul Water Canal – an integrated transportation network).

Fourth: Cheap apartments for sale in Silivri:

If you like living in rural areas and enjoying the features of nature that surround you from every side, you should choose Silivri, which has the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey, and is characterized by high-end villas of modern design and style.
The Turkish government seeks to develop remote or rural areas far from city centers by providing them with modern means of transportation, such as the Metrobus, so that there is no problem in transportation to and from it.
In this regard, the Asian side of the city contains many wonderful offers such as Uskudar – Umraniye – Beykoz – Tuzla – Sancaktepe – Pendik – Bakirkoy.

The cheapest apartments for sale in Bursa – Turkey:

Bursa is one of the largest Turkish cities and is characterized by its geographical location between the Turkish capital, Ankara, and the economic capital Istanbul, and a large number of foreigners choose to buy an apartment in it. All of its components indicate the importance of real estate investment in it.

The cheapest apartments for sale in Bodrum – Turkey:

It is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey at all, with many popular markets and luxury malls, as well as many offers suitable for people with low budgets.

How do you know the real price of apartments in Turkey?

We have many factors that help you know the real price of apartments in Turkey, and through the following paragraph we will review them in full.
1 – The location of the apartment is one of the main factors that determine its price, and the more distinguished it is, the higher the price will be.
2 – The view of the apartment, does it overlook the green spaces? The sea?  The lake? Or on the city streets?
3 – Is the apartment in a residential complex? Or in separate and independent buildings? It is known that the prices of apartments within residential complexes are higher than other types of apartments.
4 – Certainly. There is a great discrepancy in real estate prices between each city and another. The prices in Istanbul are different from those in Antalya, Bursa, or others.

The most prominent advantages of owning apartments in Turkey:

Buying an apartment in Turkey. Whether it is in Istanbul or in other Turkish cities. Brings you many benefits and privileges. And we will refer to them in detail through the following paragraph.

First: Obtaining real estate residency:

When you buy an apartment. You have fulfilled the first condition for applying for real estate residency, which is that the property is intended for housing. Which is the means that enables its holder to permanently settle in Turkey.
It is a short-term residence. But it can be renewed annually as long as he owns the property. It should be noted that all family members can have it as well.

Second: The possibility of obtaining citizenship:

If the price of the apartment is 250 thousand US dollars or more, you can apply for Turkish citizenship, and immediately after obtaining it. You can apply for a Turkish passport.

Third: The facilities provided by the government:

The Turkish government has spared no effort to provide the privileges that encourage the investor and foreigner to buy real estate in Turkey. And one of the most important things it has provided.
A real estate appraisal document that controls real estate prices and prevents sellers from tampering with them.
– Repeal the Reciprocity Law.
– Allowing foreigners to purchase all types of real estate.
– Exemption from paying the value added tax.

Fourth: Investing and getting a great return:

Most of those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey aim to enter the real estate investment world, where a fixed monthly return and profit can be obtained when renting them. And profits double during the tourist seasons.
In order to get abundant profits, it is preferable to have it furnished, and what you should know is that within a short period you will find that its price is growing and increasing.
If you are interested in the real estate market in Turkey. You will notice that prices are constantly rising, that is. If you want to sell after a period of time. You will benefit from the price difference that results between the buying and selling stages.

What are the reasons for the decline in real estate prices in Turkey?

In light of all the development and distinction of the real estate sector in Turkey. But you can find special offers at attractive prices, in your opinion, what are the reasons for its decline?
– Real estate appraisal report that determines the price of real estate.
– There is an abundance of offers available for sale.
– Availability of projects under construction.
– tax cuts.

Advantages of buying cheap apartments in Turkey:

When you buy this type of apartment, you will get a lot of privileges. The most important of which are.
1 – The cost of living in those areas that have cheap apartments and real estate is low.
2 – It is possible to start a real estate investment in it with little capital.
3 – Urban transformation projects are concentrated in those areas.
4 – There are no additional returns such as those paid in luxury residential complexes.

Disadvantages of cheap apartments in Turkey:

As there are many advantages to buying these apartments. There are also some negative aspects, the most important of which are.
1 – Absent from the services. And recreational facilities that are found in luxury residential complexes.
2 – A bit far from public transportation.
3 – Far from recreational and service facilities such as malls – commercial centers – schools – hospitals, etc.
4 – If your goal is real estate investment. You will not be able to achieve high profits.

Important tips when buying cheap apartments:

If you want to invest in real estate in those areas. You must carry out maintenance and restoration work on them in order to attract and draw attention. As well as in order to rent them easily. Or if you want to sell them. That will be easy.
See the legal status of the apartment. Are there any problems arising from it. Such as unpaid taxes or the problem of seizure and mortgage.
Dealing with a famous real estate agent shortens you a lot of details. And effort and provides you with a package of tips that will help you choose correctly. And avoid becoming a victim of fraud.
A comprehensive report on everything related to the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey. We presented to you in this article. And finally it is worth mentioning an important point which is that the real estate market in Turkey is full of distinguished options. You only have to determine your options.. study your budget. And tell us your desires to help you find what suits you.


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