What is the difference between the types of real estate portfolios?

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Real estate portfolios are of great importance to real estate investors and owners of investment projects.

Being one of the most important elements of

real estate investment. Which is one of the

types of investment that most people want. As

a result of the good profits that can be

generated. The concept of real estate portfolios

has spread globally. And in Türkiye’s real estate

market in particular, due to the boom in

investment in Türkiye. As a natural reflection of

economic and tourism growth on the one hand.

On the other hand, because of the tax facilities

for real estate investment. In our article on the

real estate site “Hana”, we will provide you with

all the details about real estate portfolios, their

advantages, and the difference between their

types. Follow us.

What is a real estate portfolio?

Before addressing the different types of real

estate portfolios, let us first explain the

meaning of the term Real Estate Portfolio. It is a

set of assets that you own, consisting of real

estate such as villas, apartments, commercial

centers, buildings, and any type of

establishment on the different stages of its

creation. Such as real estate ready for

immediate housing or under construction.

What can an expert do in real estate portfolios?

An expert in real estate portfolios, he analyzes

real estate markets and predicts future price

trends. As well as providing the necessary

advice to investors, owners and tenants. His

duties also include communication with

government agencies and private institutions

concerned with real estate. A real estate

portfolio expert must have strong analytical

skills and deep knowledge of real estate

markets And economic, political and social

developments, which affect the value of real

estate. In addition to the legal and technical

knowledge necessary to perform his duties

efficiently and professionally. But the question

is, can I create a real estate investment portfolio

without being a real estate expert? Of course,

but you have to seek the advice of a real estate

company such as “Hana” company, which has

extensive experience.

What is the importance of diversifying real estate portfolios?

Diversifying real estate portfolios is important

for real estate investors, for several reasons,


  • Achieving investment balance: diversifying your portfolios can help achieve investment balance and mitigate potential risks. Where the investment is distributed over several real estate and different real estate categories. Which reduces the impact of market fluctuations for a single real estate investment.
  • Increasing the return on investment: obtaining a variety of returns from several different properties increases the return on investment. Thus, the maximum benefit from real estate investment is achieved.
  • Provide protection for the investor: the diversification of the real estate portfolio can provide greater protection for real estate investors. Thus, reducing the risks associated with real estate market fluctuations by distributing the investment to several properties.
  • Achieving psychological stability: Purchasing different properties within one real estate portfolio can help achieve psychological stability for the investor. Because in this way the tension caused by the losses related to the fluctuations of the real estate market is reduced. By distributing the investment to several assets.

What is the difference between the types of real estate portfolios?

The type of real estate portfolios in Turkey

varies based on several factors related to the

property itself. It can be divided as follows:

Regular real estate investment return portfolio:

These are portfolios that aim to obtain profits

on a regular basis, either monthly or annually.

Such as buying and renting real estate in Istanbul.

Real estate growth portfolios:

These are the real estate portfolios whose aim

is to increase the market value, and this

sleeping portfolio bears a significant

percentage of risk. This is done by investing in

corporate shares, or, for example, buying real

estate on a regular basis from a large real

estate company with extensive relationships.

Mixed real estate portfolios:

It is a mixture of growth portfolios and

investment return portfolios, and the degree of

risk varies due to the diversity of real estate in

it. Some of them are non-risky, since the real

estate has a fixed profit, and thus we fulfill the

condition of preserving the basic capital in the

portfolios of regular return. And others, as we

mentioned previously, are in the real estate

growth portfolio, where our focus is on

increasing profits and the market value of the


Traditional real estate portfolio:

Its goal is to increase capital and search for

ideal opportunities to be able to exploit them.

Some risk must be taken.

The attacking real estate portfolio:

Its aim is to achieve a surplus in value, in order

to exploit opportunities for real estate


Cautious Conservatives:

Its purpose is to secure a balance between

income growth and real estate investment

returns. In both the short term as well as the

long term.

Speculative real estate portfolios:

They are portfolios that either make you a big

loss or a big profit. So it contains a high degree

of risk, and it requires a lot of effort And

research is not a little in order to achieve the

success you want in it.

What is the role of real estate portfolios in real estate investment?

Real estate portfolios play an important role in

real estate investment. It provides the

necessary knowledge and experience for real

estate investors to make the right and

appropriate decisions when investing in real

estate. The role of real estate portfolios in real

estate investment can also be summarized in

the following points:

Provide real estate appraisal:

Real estate appraisal is crucial in real estate

investment. Where it determines the value of

the property and allows real estate investors to

make appropriate decisions. Real estate

portfolios also provide the possibility of real

estate evaluation, as well as assistance in

determining the appropriate price for the


Searching for real estate:

Real estate portfolios can also search for real

estate suitable for investment. It also provides

the necessary suggestions for real estate investors.

Management of real estate:

enables real estate portfolios to manage real

estate properties more smoothly. Such as

managing maintenance, repairs, leasing,

marketing, performance reports, taxes and


Assistance in buying and selling:

real estate portfolios enable you to provide

support and assistance to real estate investors

in the purchase process. In addition to sales

and negotiation of deals at the best prices and

terms through the information that results from


What are the advantages of real estate portfolios?

Real estate portfolios provide many advantages

to real estate investors, the most prominent of which are:

  • Experience and knowledge: real estate portfolios give you the experience and knowledge necessary to analyze the real estate market. In addition to providing the necessary advice to real estate investors. This helps investors to make the right decisions and distinguish between the healthiest among them.
  • Real estate evaluation: Real estate portfolios provide the possibility of real estate evaluation that helps investors determine the value of the property and obtain the desired returns.
  • Search for real estate: The real estate portfolio enables you to search for suitable real estate for investment. In addition to providing the necessary suggestions to real estate investors.
  • Real estate property management: Real estate portfolios provide real estate property management services, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • Financial facilities: Real estate portfolios provide financial vision for real estate investors. In addition to the possibility of obtaining loans at low interest rates for owners of some types of portfolios.
  • Preserving the investment: It provides the owners of real estate portfolios with care and maintenance services for the invested real estate. Which helps to preserve future returns.

In short, real estate portfolios are an investment

tool that allows investors the opportunity to

obtain investment returns from real estate.

Without the need to deal directly with real

estate. Diversification of the real estate

portfolio is also important for achieving

investment balance. And of course

psychological stability. In addition to reducing

the risks associated with real estate market


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