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Our real estate company “Hana” offers the service of resell apartments in Turkey, Istanbul, an opportunity for investors who want to invest in real estate in Turkey. And get excellent investment returns.

This is by selling the apartments you previously

owned. This service is characterized by

providing investors with a high level of comfort

and security. Where they can get a financial

return in the short or long term from selling their apartment.

Our real estate company “Hana” in Turkey

provides the service of resell apartments

owned by a person in Turkey. This service

includes many advantages, such as marketing

the apartment, providing mediation services in

buying and selling, transfer, transfer and

payment procedures.

We also provide legal support to investors

during all stages of the transaction and

facilitate investment and purchase procedures.

In general, the service of resell apartments in

Turkey Istanbul is a great opportunity for

investors who want to obtain guaranteed

financial returns from their real estate

investments in Turkey. The real estate market in

Turkey is enjoying rapid growth, which makes

the return on investment in resell apartments

in Turkey attractive to investors.

Service to determine the price of apartments in Turkey Istanbul

Determining the price of apartments in Istanbul,

Turkey is a very important process when

searching for an apartment to buy or sell. In

order to determine the appropriate price for the

apartment, many basic factors that affect the

value of the property in the specified area must

be taken into account, such as:

  • Location: The location is one of the main factors in determining the price of the apartment. Where the value of the apartment is affected by the area in which it is located. For example, apartments in high-end and central residential areas are more valuable than apartments in poorly serviced areas.
  • Area: The size of the apartment affects its value. Where larger apartments are more expensive than small apartments.
  • Condition: The condition of the apartment affects its price. Where new and renovated apartments are more valuable than old apartments.
  • Facilities: The presence of facilities such as elevators, gardens, and parking spaces may affect the value of the apartment

It should be noted that the “Hana” real estate

company provides the service of resell

apartments in Turkey and determining their

price. Where an accurate appraisal of the

apartment is provided based on the previously

specified information. Investors can also search

for prices of similar apartments in the same

area that have been sold recently to get a

general idea of ​​applicable prices.

Transactions and papers required to resell apartments in Turkey, Istanbul

When investors want to resell their apartments

in Turkey Istanbul, some transactions must be

done and some necessary papers must be

collected. These transactions and papers include:

  • Signing a sale agreement: The current owner and the new buyer must sign the real estate sale and purchase agreement and specify the terms related to the deal.
  • Search for property: The current owner must ensure that the property is properly registered. He carries all the necessary papers such as registration certificate, building permit, usage license and other necessary documents.
  • Payment of fees: The current owner must pay all fees related to the sale, transfer, transfer and registration of the property.
  • Preparation of papers: The current owner must prepare all papers related to the sale. Transferring ownership, registering the property, and preparing it for submission to the relevant government agencies.
  • Registration: The current owner must register the sale at the Land Registry Office. Submit all required papers and pay the necessary fees.

With our real estate company “Hana”, we will

inform you of all the legal and administrative

requirements for the resell of apartments in

Turkey, Istanbul. We provide you with the

necessary assistance from the concerned

government agencies to ensure that the

process runs smoothly and to avoid any legal or administrative problems.


The service of resell apartments in Turkey,

specifically in Istanbul, represents a good

opportunity for investors who are looking for

ready and offered properties for sale. The

service also provides the ability to choose the

preferred apartments that suit the needs and

budget of the investor. Therefore, you can

benefit from our services in resell

apartments in Turkey. This is to facilitate the

purchase process and ensure that the

apartment complies with real estate laws and

regulations in Turkey.

It should also be noted that we have many real

estate projects ready for handover in Istanbul.

Which provides integrated facilities and modern

designs. The service of resell apartments in Turkey

provides room for good real estate investment

and profitable financial returns. If you are

looking to invest in real estate in Turkey, the

service of resell apartments in Turkey is a

good option for future investment. You can

contact us through our website to obtain more

information and assistance in buying and

selling operations. You can contact us on

WhatsApp. You can also follow us on Facebook

and Instagram as well.

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