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Searching for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, Istanbul is one of the common ideas among those looking for real estate for sale in this city, which is full of diverse and different areas, and this area has gained a lot of fame and distinction in recent years with the great renaissance it witnessed in its urban and investment sectors and its infrastructure.

The editorial team at Hana Real Estate will show you in this article a comprehensive report on the dimensions of buying an apartment in Beylikduzu, where many aspects will be highlighted.

Information about Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Beylikduzu is a fast-growing district on the European side of Istanbul. The municipality was only formed in 2009, but the population has quadrupled and since then, it has now numbered over half a million people and the area is well connected, with its own metro station and good road links to downtown, it also has some excellent international schools and hospitals.

The main reason for the popularity of Beylikduzu is the affordability. The prices of apartments here are much lower than in the center of Istanbul, yet they still offer all the amenities that city dwellers need. If you are looking for an apartment in Istanbul, Beylikduzu should definitely be on your list of places to look for.

Residential complexes in Beylikduzu

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a boom in the construction of residential complexes in Beylikduzu. This is due to a number of factors, including the municipality’s efforts to provide affordable real estate and apartments, the city’s proximity to Istanbul’s business district and its good infrastructure.

The majority of these complexes are located in the central part of the city, close to the metrobus line and to shopping malls and other amenities. With the continued growth of the Beylikduzu area, we can expect to see more apartment complexes being built in the future.

Real estate investment in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

The future of real estate in Beylikduzu is looking bright as the area continues to grow in popularity and the number of new projects popping up all over Beylikduzu is proof of this fact and with more and more people moving to Beylikduzu, the demand for real estate is increasing and this is good news for investors because it means that there is a strong potential for future capital growth, there are a number of factors that make Beylikduzu an attractive place to live, as follows:

-Beylikduzu is only 20 minutes away from Istanbul by car, which makes it a convenient location for those working in the city and another reason why Beylikduzu is becoming increasingly popular is its infrastructure.

-The municipality has invested heavily in developing the area’s infrastructure, making it more attractive to residents and investors alike.

-Beylikduzu also offers a great quality of life with plenty of parks and green spaces, as well as excellent shopping and dining options.

-All these factors make Beylikduzu an ideal place for real estate investment and families’ settlement.

Service and recreational facilities in Beylikdüzü

One of the main reasons that encourage the search for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, Istanbul is that it has a wide range of entertainment services and important tourist places that made it an important center in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

1 – Public transportation

Beylikduzu district is well connected by public transportation. The Metrobus line runs through the area and there are also a number of bus lines. The nearest metro station to the area is Beylikduzu metro station.

2 – Sultan Abdul Aziz Palace

The palace was built in 1876 by Sultan Abdul Aziz, the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and designed by Italian architect Gaspari Fossati. The palace served as the main residence of the Sultan and his family until his death in 1904. After that, it was used as a guest house for visiting dignitaries and foreign heads of state Today, the palace is open to the public as a museum.

3 – Sultan Suleiman Bridge

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Bridge, built in 1566, is a suspension bridge that spans the Bosphorus. The bridge was named after the Ottoman Sultan, who was ordered by Suleiman the Magnificent. The bridge contains two lanes for traffic and two lanes for pedestrians.

4 – Marmara Park Mall

Marmara Park is a shopping mall located in Beylikduzu, and it was opened on October 29, 2009. The total area of ​​the mall is 221,000 square meters (2,380,000 square feet) and houses more than 200 stores.

Marmara Park is the first shopping mall in Turkey to be certified as a green building by the Turkish Green Building Council.

Real estate in Beylikduzu

The region witnesses a good and distinctive real estate diversity that suits all tastes and budgets, the most important of which are:

-Apartments in Beylikduzu, these are in great demand, especially those that are found in modern high-rise buildings, as they are suitable for small families and those wishing to have a luxury life, as well as there are many villas with different and varied spaces and styles, and many people choose to live within the villas because they provide them a lot of comfort and privacy, especially that the area has a view of the Marmara Sea and the Bay of Buyukcekmece. Relying on it for real estate investment is a great opportunity to get a great return, especially as expectations confirm that prices will rise in the near future.

Searching for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu is a great option, as the competition for them is great and the expectations of real estate analysts indicate that it is a great opportunity to start building a great fortune, and through your communication with our real estate consultants, you can find a lot of excellent opportunities suitable for your goals.

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