Istanbul and Antalya, a destination for Arab and foreign investors

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Are you a real estate investment proponent? Do you think it is your way to build wealth? What do you think of real estate investment in Istanbul? Or the city of Antalya? Have you seen the reasons that may push Arab and foreign investors to choose these two states?
Because we realized the importance of being familiar with the dimensions of investment in Istanbul and Antalya, we will provide you with a detailed report on each of them. We hope that you will get answers to all your inquiries.

The importance of real estate investment in Istanbul:

The pros and cons of this city are not hidden from anyone, and today it is one of the most important real estate investment destinations in the world for many reasons through the following paragraph, which we will mention in full.
First, let us tell you that if you choose Istanbul to start your investment project, you are on the right path because the profits that you will get are guaranteed.
1 – This city is characterized by its geographical location spanning two continents at the same time and is the only city in the world that has obtained this feature. Most of them are located in the continent of Asia and the other in Europe.
2 – It is the largest city in Turkey and is also the economic capital of this country.
3 – It ranked fifth in the world in terms of population density.
4 – Every year it receives thousands of foreigners from different countries of the world to settle there.
5 – It is witnessing a great real estate diversity, the most important of which are high-end residential complexes (residential complexes are the most in demand).
6 – At first glance, you might think that real estate prices in Istanbul are very high due to its importance and advantages, but in fact it is otherwise, as it is moderate and appropriate compared to real estate prices in similar major cities.
7 – Real estate in that city suits all tastes and budgets, as there are luxury properties and others with medium features.
8 – This city owns the most important infrastructure projects in the world and has had a great impact on the various areas and sectors of life and not on the real estate field, the most prominent of which are:
New Istanbul Airport (classified as one of the largest airports in the world).
– Work is underway to build the new Istanbul Canal.
– A short while ago it was announced that the construction of the longest bridge in the world (Canakkale Bridge) had been completed.
– It includes one of the largest medical centers in the world (Başakşehir Medical City), which ranked first in Istanbul and third in the world.
9 – This city has a modern and developed transportation network that was the ideal solution to accommodate the high population density witnessed by the city.
10 – One of the main motives that encourages the real estate investor to go to Istanbul is that it is one of the most prominent and important tourism destinations in the world in relation to its important historical landmarks such as palaces – mosques – churches – parks – gardens – castles – forests and many more.
Add to all the above and mentioned information that there are the basic advantages offered by the Turkish government such as great facilities, tax cuts and the real estate appraisal document, which gave the investor the security that he will not be a victim of any manipulation.
Also, through real estate investment, you can apply for Turkish citizenship if the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.

Advantages of real estate investment in Antalya:

Among the most important Turkish cities suitable for real estate investment in Turkey is (Antalya), which is characterized by its view of the Mediterranean Sea.
1 – The real estate market in Antalya is second only to Istanbul.
2 – Real estate prices in Antalya are moderate and very suitable. Real estate prices in Antalya or in other Turkish cities vary according to the property’s location, area, view, specifications, age, etc.
3 – Tourists come from different countries of the world, especially from Britain and Russia, because of its mild climate, as it has the characteristics of the sea that it overlooks.
4 – Real estate in this city varies from studio apartments to luxury villas that suit all tastes.
5 – The importance of this city lies in the field of commerce as well.
6 – Work is underway to modernize its infrastructure and build several important strategic projects.
7 – Among the most famous areas of this city: Belek – Kalkan – Alanya – Konyaaltı and Lara.

How to invest in real estate in Turkey:

Whether in Antalya or in Istanbul or in other Turkish cities, you have to look at the methods through which you will invest your property in it, and you will almost have two options:

1 – Renting real estate:

– By renting real estate, you will get a fixed return per month.
– To get a large profit, you must choose the location of the property carefully (it must be strategic).
– The more recent the construction, the greater the demand for it.
– Make sure it is modern to suit all tastes.

2 – Reselling the property:

– One of the most popular real estate investment methods is reselling it.
– This idea is very appropriate in light of the current circumstances, as real estate prices are rising significantly.
– Due to the high population density in Turkey, you can find a buyer quickly.
Do you think that the advantages that we have listed above are the reasons that encouraged foreign and Arab investors to invest in real estate in Turkey only? Of course not. There are many other advantages that have had a major role in attracting foreign investments, such as a thriving economy, political stability and geographical location.
The Arabs chose Turkey over other developed countries in the world such as the European Union because of the similar customs and traditions, the common Islamic religion, the proximity of the geographical location and the low costs of real estate ownership.

The best properties suitable for real estate investment are provided to you by Hana Real Estate Company. If you are looking for an opportunity, do not hesitate to tell us your desires and goals to provide you with important assistance and advice.

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