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Real estate in Turkey, your full guide to buying it with Hana real estate

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The demand for real estate in Turkey is increasing day by day, and year by year. So if you are one of those new investors in Turkey or perhaps you want to reside. In this vital country, and you intend to buy a property in Istanbul for the first Time, Here is this guide that explains how to buy real estate  In a few simple steps. Which our team at Hana Real Estate Company will accompany you with.

First: Determine the purpose of buying real estate in Turkey

The objectives of searching for Real estate in Turkey for sale. Are always limited to these three aspects:

  • Either to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its advantages in addition to the
    benefits of the Turkish passport, which is considered among the most powerful
    passports in the world.
  • Or to live, and enjoy a distinguished lifestyle that Is ideal for you, as you may
    prefer to live in quiet areas In the countryside, or in luxury apartments.
  • One of the main reasons for buying a property in Istanbul is to seize the
    golden opportunities in real estate investment and obtain a real estate
    return resulting from either selling, renting or operating these properties.

What is the purpose of buying a property in Istanbul? You must ask and answer this question yourself. Because it is the first and most important step for the search for real estate for sale to be successful.

Second: What Is the total budget for buying real estate in Turkey?

You must determine your total budget for the purchase, taking into account the taxes and fees involved in buying a property In Turkey. So that you do not stuck into problems because of not considering that.

Determining your financial budget helps you to choose the area of ​​the property. Its type plus specifications in terms of finishes, etc. In addition to knowing the percentage of ROI that you may get by purchasing this property.

Third: How to choose the best of Real estate in Turkey companies to help me search for a property?

Perhaps this is one of the steps that is no less important than defining your purchasing goal. As your choice of a broker or a real estate expert who accompanies you in the stages of your search plays a major role in the success. Failure of the purchasing process. And in terms of material terms, Where the best Real estate in Turkey company guarantees you the best price through the negotiation process with real estate development companies. Or owners in Istanbul. The relations enjoyed by any real estate company are
among its most prominent strengths. So, how do you know the best real estate company in Turkey?

Tips for choosing the best Real estate in Turkey, Follow these tips:

  • The company must suit your goal. If you are an Investor, you must find a real estate company that offers real estate for sale In Istanbul suitable for Investment. If you are looking for a property for housing and stability, It is logical to look for a company that works for this goal. Projects that are filtered to suit your goal of buying the property. In this case when a company does what we do at Hana Real Estate Company, you can describe It as comprehensive. As you will find exactly what you want.
  • The company must have high confidence and credibility, You can know this through several things Such as the real estate company website, for example. Whoever owns a professional and modern designed website today makes sense to be in line with smart apartments for sure. As this indicates a great deal of mentality of the company. Whether modern or old-fashioned.

Also, the content of the website it self is a major factor In your evaluation of the company. As the amount of useful information in the blog. Will reassure your heart and make you feel confident In their experience. And you will also get ample information in the field of real estate investment and real estate ownership. At the same time you know that this company cares greatly to provide as much benefit as possible.

Pay attention to the ratings!

  • One of the Important things that you should pay attention to: is the opinions of customers, as we are on “Hana” website have the opinions of our customers who we are totally proud of. In addition to the results that we have achieved with them. And therefore we present these valuable opinions on the site. Because the opinions of customers give you a great Idea about the company’s services and their effectiveness  and quality.
  • Then you can take a tour Inside the website to view the available projects and determine the purpose of the purchase and the place where you would like to buy the property In addition to the type of property. As this helps the site’s search engine to assist you in determining your request.
  • After you finish browsing the projects and get an idea about the prices of the property you initially chose. You contact the team of expert consultants to submit your request and ask for advice from them in the event that you have not yet found the appropriate property. Or if you are not completely sure of your choice. Tthey will make the required efforts to help you and choose the most appropriate property  for you.

Fourth: What is the stage of the Real estate in Turkey tour?

After you have taken immediate advice from experts in the region. Now is the time to take your real estate tour. After reviewing the projects on the website. Lbooking a real estate tour on the ground to visit the properties you have chosen.

At this stage, If you are outside Turkey. Hana company team will secure all your requirements. Starting from receiving you at the airport in a manner worthy of you. To booking a hotel and registering your children in the best schools and universities in Istanbuland other services, through which we take your hand to serve as your map in the region and comprehensive guide in Istanbul.

After completing the real estate tour and choosing the ideal property. The team of experts begins to communicate with the real estate developer directly or the owner of the property in Istanbul. To determine the best and exclusive price for our customers. Which you will not get in another way, as we guarantee you the best prices and discounts that are available specifically to you as a pampered. Upscale customer with a Real estate in Turkey company such as our company. Then the final procedures for transferring the ownership of the title deed according to the type of Turkish title deed. In addition to the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship in case you wish to benefit from the many advantages of Turkish citizenship and passport.

What are the best areas to buy real estate In Istanbul?

Before concluding our article. We are pleased to present to you the most prominent places in which investment at the present time is an excellent option.


Kucukcekmece is one of the prominent areas in Istanbul. And it is located in the European part. Where it mediates several public areas such as Basaksehir and Bakirkoy, and is surrounded by the important Kucukcekmece Lake. The area is also very suitable for real estate investment, as it is one of the most important investment projects in Istanbul. That because of the industrial and urban progress. Add to that the strategic importance of the site. Especially that the real estate there is characterized by its sea views. And most of all. Kucukcekmece has a large network of excellent and varied transportation.

Sultan Ayyub

It is one of the best areas if you are looking for Real estate in Turkey or apartments for sale in Istanbul. As it is an ancient historical area. Located in the European part on the Golden Bay. It is an essential part of the famous Bosphorus Strait. And it is natural that it attracts many foreign real estate investors and developers annually. Due to its susceptibility capturing excellent returns resulting from investing in them.

Places near the new Istanbul Canal

All types of real estate near thenew Istanbul Canal, including lands. Are ideal for real estate investment, especially the areas of Spartakule and Arnavutkoy. According to studies conducted by experts in the real estate market in Turkey. They predicted that the prices of Istanbul real estate near the New Canal will rise significantly as soon as  The canal is opening, so now is the best time to invest in it. As it has a lot of housing options as well. To view all projects, go to the projects page on the site, or click on the following sentence in blue: Real estate in Turkey, and if you need any kind of assistance, we are happy to help you.

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