Beware of these reasons that may lead to the withdrawal of Turkish citizenship

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Despite the ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship thanks to the many facilities that the government is keen to offer and the updates it constantly issues, there are some restrictions that it has imposed and in some cases may be withdrawn.
The editorial team at Hana Real Estate chose to inform you of the cases in which Turkish citizenship is withdrawn after it is granted, and we will also point out the importance of being a holder of this citizenship.
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When will Turkish citizenship be withdrawn?

It is withdrawn in four cases only after the competent authorities have disclosed the matter, which are as follows:
1 – If a person holding Turkish citizenship works voluntarily for the benefit of a foreign country in a way that contradicts the interests of Turkish countries.
But is citizenship immediately withdrawn when the matter is discovered? Of course not, as a warning is given to leave this work within three months, and if it is not left, the authorities resort to withdrawing it.
2 – In the event that a Turkish citizen voluntarily works for a foreign country in which there is a state of war or conflict between it and Turkey without an official permission from the Turkish president.
3 – If a Turkish citizen performs military service in a foreign country without obtaining permission from the Turkish state.
4 – If the holder of Turkish citizenship has committed any of the crimes 302, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314 and 317 stipulated in the Turkish Constitution.
As for if he fled outside Turkey, the Ministry of Justice asks him to return to Turkey within three months, and if he does not respond to its request, it will be withdrawn from him automatically.
In this context, we must point out that the person from whom Turkish citizenship is withdrawn does not negatively affect his wife and children, and it will not be withdrawn from them.

Take a look at the most prominent advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In your opinion, what are the reasons that push foreigners and investors around the world to obtain this citizenship? In the following paragraph, we will make sure to mention the most important ones:
1 – The Turkish state is one of the most important countries on the economic and political level.
2 – After obtaining it, an application can be submitted for a Turkish passport (one of the most powerful passports in the world).
3 – Through which legal transactions can be completed.
4 – The bearer is treated exactly like any Turkish citizen (he gets full Turkish citizenship rights).
5 – The possibility of retaining the first nationality (the advantages offered by both nationalities can be used).
6 – Under which you can get many high-end and distinguished job opportunities that belong to the governmental and private sectors.
7 – You get it in a short time that does not exceed three months.
8 – The reviving Turkish economy is one of the main reasons why any investor or foreigner chooses to obtain this citizenship, especially Arabs who suffer from crises, wars, and economic and political collapse.
There are many other reasons that motivate foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, including the strategic geographical location and the fact that it is a safe environment for living and stability, as well as because it has a strong and developed infrastructure.

The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate:

You know that one of the advantages of choosing to obtain this citizenship is that it can be done in more than one way, but real estate is one of the most prominent of those ways because it is the fastest and easiest. You have achieved two goals at the same time (Turkish citizenship + real estate investment).
– The value of the property must be a minimum of 250 thousand dollars.
– You must undertake not to sell it before three years have passed since the date of its purchase.
– Make sure to buy it from a Turkish citizen (if you do not apply this condition, it will not be suitable for obtaining citizenship).
– Its value must be paid through a bank in Turkey.
Among the other most prominent ways to obtain it are financial investment – bank deposit – marriage to a Turkish citizen – exceptional citizenship – adoption – proof of assets.

Facilities provided by the Turkish government to grant citizenship:

The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide the legal facilities that every investor and foreigner is looking for to apply for this citizenship, most notably what it issued in late 2018, which stipulated reducing the value of the property suitable for obtaining it from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only.
Also, for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through financial investment, the amount must be five hundred thousand US dollars, after it was 2 million dollars earlier.
For those who wish to obtain it through bank deposit, the amount should be only five hundred thousand dollars, after it was three million previously.

As it is clear, Turkey has become in the race with the most important countries of the world competing for the first positions thanks to its development in all fields and sectors, and as indicated by expectations, it will continue to develop and excel thanks to the strategic plans set by the government, which aims through it to maintain its steady growth.

What we can say on this subject is that the law that provides for the withdrawal of Turkish citizenship in the cases we referred to above is not as harsh as you imagine, but is one of the controls that help create a state of order and discipline in Turkey.
If you have any questions about Turkish citizenship or other issues related to real estate in Turkey, you can contact us to provide you with the help you need.

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