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The great distinction in the real estate of Basaksehir

Posted by Faiyza on 6 April، 2022

Real estate in Basaksehir Is one of the first options for any foreigner or investor in Turkey and in Istanbul, especially after witnessing a lot of urban development and sophistication.
What drew attention to it is that it is suitable for real estate investment and also for housing and stability, and in order to know the most important information about it, we advise you to read the article that we will present immediately because it will include all the information related to it.
We wish you an enjoyable reading.

The importance of real estate in Basaksehir:

Through the following paragraphs, you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of buying real estate in Basaksehir.

Accommodation in Basaksehir:

Many foreigners and local residents choose to search for real estate for sale in this area, especially the Arabs. It even won the title (the region of the rich Arabs), and their percentage in it reached more than 60%.
Did you know that this region contains a lot of Arab commercial projects where you can find many institutions, investment projects, organizations and schools.

Advantages of investing in Basaksehir:

– It is considered one of the most important areas suitable for real estate investment in it.
– It has a developed infrastructure and many important projects are being implemented within and near it.
– In recent years, it has been very popular and foreign influx has increased.
– It contains many high-end and modern real estate projects (the most important construction companies turn to it to build their projects on its land).
– During the last three years, real estate prices have increased significantly.
– Prices are expected to rise in the coming period after the completion of the construction of the new Istanbul Water Canal.
– It is one of the closest areas to Istanbul’s new airport – it has a developed transportation network that helps to move from one place to another.
– It hosts the largest medical center in Turkey and the third in Europe (Başakşehir Medical City).


Real estate prices in Basaksehir:

This area is characterized by its large area, and therefore it is very difficult to find real estate at the same price in it, but there is a great disparity, and of course the prices vary according to the construction site, the view, the space, the interior specifications, the quality of finishes, the age of the building and the floor on which it is located.

The price per square meter within the residential complexes The average price of an apartment of 100 square meters
The price per square meter ranges from 4800 to 7000 liras The price of an apartment in a residential complex reaches 700,000 liras

In this regard, we must point out that prices have increased by more than 45%, and one of the reasons that led to this rise is the significant increase in demand for it and also as a natural result of its remarkable development and its proximity to the most important development projects.


Check out the service aspect of Basaksehir:

It is considered one of the areas rich in public services that guarantee the residents an integrated life, great luxury and complete comfort. The following are the most prominent of them:

1 – Public Transport Network:

– Developed or modern transportation linked the region with other regions and provided ease of movement.
– Through it, you can reach the most important tourist places and commercial centers.
– Do not forget the presence of the new metro that extends from Esenyurt to it, which will have a significant impact on the real estate field.
– There are also many buses and internal transport buses available inside it, which had a role in its interconnection with more than 80% of other areas.

2 – Schools and universities:

– This area contains many public and private universities and schools.
– There are many Arabic speaking universities.
– Ibn haldun University is one of the most prestigious and important universities in Istanbul.
– The American, Canadian, Iraqi and Lebanese curricula are relied upon in its schools.
– It includes many institutes and kindergartens.

3 – Hospitals and health centers:

– We have already mentioned that it owns one of the most important hospitals in the world.
– There are many private hospitals and health centers.
– It has many private clinics

4 – Shopping and entertainment centers:

– This is one of the aspects that interests the population as well and is rich in it.
– It includes one of the most important Istanbul malls (Mall of Istanbul).
– It has international brands and famous brands.
– There are many cultural centers.
– It contains cinemas – swimming pools – gardens and parks.


Important information about Basaksehir:

– The population of the region is about four hundred thousand people.
– It extends over an area of ​​26 thousand square meters.
– More than forty percent of the region’s population is under the age of twenty.
– The region includes a wide range of intellectuals and educated people.
– It contains one of the largest industrial cities in Istanbul (provides job opportunities for more than three hundred thousand people).
– It is one of the modern regions, as it was established in 2008 AD, and despite that, it got an important rank among other Istanbul regions.
– It is bordered on the north by the Arnavutkoy area.
– From the northeast there is the Eyup Sultan district.
– On the southern side, there are Kucukcekmece and Bahcelievler regions.
– Esenyurt from the southwest side.
– It contains the largest artificial lake in Istanbul. (It covers an area of ​​about three hundred thousand square meters).
– Wide areas of Belgrade’s famous forest stretch out.
One of the details that you should realize about this area is that you will be able to fulfill your dream that your apartment has a wonderful view of nature. There is also a forest called Samlar, which has an area of ​​fifty square kilometers.

The most important information that interests you about the Basaksehir area, we were keen to present it to you through this article, and if you are looking for a profitable investment opportunity in Basaksehir or in other areas of Istanbul, contact us to offer you the best option.


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