The cheapest apartment prices in Turkey 2022

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Turkey has become an important alternative to the countries of the Middle East after many crises, calamities and economic, political, social and cultural collapses have occurred recently. It is witnessing remarkable stability at all the mentioned levels in addition to its economy, which is recording a steady movement in its growth. And apartments is one of the most important drivers of the Turkish economy.

Turkey is an ideal environment to search for apartments for sale and it is suitable for housing. And stability as well as real estate investment. It should be noted that it is suitable for different budgets. And tastes. And you can see that Turkish cities compete with each other in the amount of urban growth they are witnessing and in the development of infrastructure.

The cheapest apartment prices in Turkey:

You may be wondering about the possibility of buying a cheap apartment in Turkey. Is this possible? Real estate prices in Turkey. Are generally suitable and reasonable. In contrast to real estate prices in the European Union and some Arab countries. Here are the most important places to search:

1 – The cheapest apartments in Trabzon:

Trabzon is the bride of the Turkish north and one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey. And It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Therefore it is one of the best places to invest in real estate.

– This region is characterized by a wonderful climate throughout the year. In addition to its charming nature and its view of the Black Sea.

– It includes many distinctive tourist destinations. Such as the Hagia Sophia Museum, Boztepe, which tourists visit in the summer to enjoy its cool breezes. And the famous Uzungol Lake.

– There are many modern real estate projects in Trabzon. And you can find special offers at acceptable and competitive prices.

2 – The cheapest apartments in Bursa:

– This city is one of the best cities in Turkey for residence. And is characterized by its view of the Marmara Sea, and it is one of the closest cities to Istanbul.

– There are many job opportunities. Which made young people choose to live there.

– The cost of living and the prices of apartments in it are rather low. And this is what prompted many foreigners to buy real estate there. Especially those who cannot own property in Istanbul.

– There is an abundance of real estate offers available. As many construction companies build luxury projects in them.

– It is also one of the places that tourists usually visit. It includes the famous Uludag Mountain and the longest chairlift in the world.

3 – The cheapest apartments in Ankara:

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, the Turkish capital, Ankara, is one of the first cities to consider, as it is one of the most important cities for living and housing, as it is characterized by high modern buildings and is also suitable for investment due to political activity.

You can find cheap apartments for sale there. But if you want to do so in one of the capitals of European countries, it will be impossible.

4 – The cheapest apartments in Istanbul:

Everyone, without exception. Can achieve his dream of living in Istanbul. Even if the budget is not high. These are the most prominent areas in which you can look for cheap apartments for sale:

Cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt:

It is one of the most important areas for finding apartments for sale in Istanbul. And it was able to be one of the distinctive destinations simply located on the European side of the city. In addition to its very reasonable prices and it is cheaper than Beylikduzu. Which is located near it.

It is characterized by the fact that there are a lot of modern projects that have been built recently. There are many Arab communities in it. And you can find restaurants, cafes, schools and Arab shops.

After the construction of the new metro line in it. Real estate prices are expected to rise significantly during the coming period. And this is evidence of the importance of real estate investment in it.

Cheap apartments for sale in Silivri:

As for Silivri, it is one of the areas of Istanbul that contains very cheap real estate,

despite its presence on the European side of the city. But it is one of its rural areas,

which is characterized by the beauty of its charming nature. And its wonderful view of the Marmara Sea, and it is dominated by agricultural lands.

In addition, the annual increase in real estate is small. In contrast to other areas,

and it is one of the areas that receives great government support. And is being linked to the city center by providing it with new transportation lines.

But if you are wondering about the possibility of real estate investment in it. This is very possible because the urban expansion plans include it, in addition to being a tourist destination for many tourists, as you can get a great deal of rest and recreation there.

Cheap hoses for sale in Kartal:

Simply, this area is one of the most important areas that have recently witnessed the establishment of many modern real estate projects, which made it somewhat suitable for real estate investment. It is also suitable for lovers of quiet housing, as it is far from sources of noise and hustle and overlooks the Marmara Sea.

It includes all the service and recreational facilities that the residents need, and the prices of real estate in it are competitive with other areas.

Cheap hoses for sale in Beylikduzu:

It is one of the closest areas to Silivri,

but it was not affected by the cheap prices of the latter’s real estate,

as it is more expensive due to its modern transportation network and the passage of the Metrobus line. It contains a large number of modern complexes that were recently built in it.

Its climate is beautiful, as it is affected by the climate of the Marmara Sea,

and life is considered healthy due to the large number of green spaces in it,

in addition to its distance from factories and laboratories.

A large category of real estate investors considered it one of the best suitable places for real estate investment. Based on the development it is witnessing, its real estate prices are expected to rise significantly,

after it became interconnected with the city center thanks to the development of its transportation network.

Advantages of buying cheap hoses in Turkey:

1 – In neighborhoods where cheap apartments are available for sale in Turkey,

the investor can set up investment projects at appropriate costs,

and this is a first and successful step, especially if he does not have a large financial budget.

2 – You should know that living in areas where

real estate prices are cheap means that the cost of living is also cheap.

3 – Some newcomers to Turkey prefer to buy apartments in those areas,

as it saves them a lot of money.

4 – Real estate markets do not prove the same,as they are crazy and volatile,

and it is possible at any moment to witness a rise in their prices at any time.

5 – If you have bought an old apartment,its price will rise in the coming period due to

the urban development projects taking place in Turkey, which target the old and dilapidated areas.

6 – As for real estate investment in these areas,it does not generate much profit,

as if the areas and real estate were luxurious, but it is only the beginning,

and later this investment business can be developed and expanded.

The real estate market in Turkey is always suitable for everyone, as it is full of appropriate opportunities and appropriate options, and you can also get your chance only by contacting us so that we can inform you of the most important offers available to us and provide you with the necessary consultations.

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