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Buying an apartment in Turkey on installments

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Buying an apartment in Turkey on installments is one of the key features of having apartments for sale in the Beşiktaş area. It has become a center of attraction and a destination for many businessmen and tourists from around the world. This is due to the abundance of luxury apartments and secure complexes, as well as the growth of modern residential projects that provide all services. Additionally, the area is rich in tourist attractions, natural beauty, and a suitable climate. Most properties in the area follow the hotel apartment system, making them an excellent investment, especially during the tourism seasons.

The area also stands out for its proximity to financial centers, service facilities, and commercial malls. As for transportation, it has public transport buses and metro lines. Access to nearby metrobus stations is easy and convenient.

The Beşiktaş area, where you can buy an apartment in Turkey on installments, is strategically located between several vibrant areas

Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul, Beşiktaş area, on installment

Firstly, the Beşiktaş area is one of the most prominent areas in Turkey. It is a distinguished, upscale, and historic tourist destination. Additionally, it is one of the liveliest areas in Istanbul.

Secondly, the area boasts numerous entertainment and tourist attractions such as the Maritime Museum

and several prestigious historical palaces like Yıldız Palace and Dolmabahçe Palace. It also offers a

variety of museums and diverse attractions. Not to mention the beauty of the Beşiktaş coastline, which is a must-visit once you arrive in Istanbul.

Thirdly, the area is famous for its markets, including the bustling Beşiktaş market, which houses a

plethora of bookstores, grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes offering delicious dishes. Additionally, there is the renowned fish market.

Fourthly, when you find apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus in the Beşiktaş area, you will enjoy a stunning waterfront view of the Bosphorus Strait. It also holds significant strategic importance globally.

Fifthly, the area boasts excellent transportation options with widespread public transport such as buses

and shared taxis. In addition, there are sea transportation options, ferries, and boats that connect Beşiktaş to other areas of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Sixthly, Beşiktaş is close to the famous Taksim area, and simply walking between the two areas is a

pleasure, as the distance is no more than a 30-minute walk. If you prefer not to walk or are in a hurry, you

can easily use public transportation, and within minutes, you’ll be in the heart of Taksim!

Seventhly, the area is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes with gardens and green spaces. One of

the most famous parks in Beşiktaş is the stunning Yıldız Park, especially captivating during spring when hundreds of plant species bloom

Importance of the possibility to buy an apartment in Turkey, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, on installment

Firstly, Beşiktaş holds a unique position in the heart of the vibrant economic city, allowing you to buy an apartment in Turkey on installment along the Bosphorus.

On the other hand, the area features exquisite architecture, sophisticated design, and meticulous attention to detail in its finishes.

It offers a wide range of conveniences and essential social facilities, including hospitals and educational centers for all age groups.

Green spaces cover 85% of the total area, with beautifully landscaped gardens. Additionally, the surrounding area is rich in historical and archaeological landmarks.

Furthermore, accessibility to different areas of Istanbul is easy and convenient due to the presence of numerous ferries and metro stations.

Investing in an apartment in Turkey on installments in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, provides an opportunity to enjoy

a prime location, sophisticated design, comprehensive amenities, and easy access to various parts of the

city. The abundance of green spaces and historical landmarks adds to the appeal of this vibrant area

Specifications of the Beşiktaş area for buying an apartment on installmens

Since you have reached this point in your reading, it means that you have liked the idea of searching for

an apartment to buy in Turkey on installment along the Bosphorus. So let’s move on to the details!

We have an ongoing project scheduled for delivery in December 2024.

It spans an area of 17,665 square meters and consists of 10 buildings with heights of up to seven floors.

It includes a total of 295 residential units with diverse views of the Bosphorus, natural landscapes, and the city’s iconic landmarks that never sleep.

People are looking to buy an apartment in Turkey on installment in this area because the real estate

investment opportunities in its secure and successful location are highly sought after. Moreover, it is

desired by people from all walks of life for the services and upscale lifestyle it offers.

It is also suitable for those looking to buy an apartment in Turkey on installments in Beşiktaş along the Bosphorus with breathtaking views.

Here are some notable important places and vibrant areas near the apartments for sale in Turkey on installments Beşiktaş:

  • Yıldız Park: 2 km
  • Istanbul Sapphire Mall: 2.5 km
  • American Hospital: 1.5 km
  • Metro Subway Station: 2 km
  • Istanbul International Airport: 41 km
  • Taksim: 4 km

What are the important places near the Beşiktaş area

If you are searching for buying an apartment in Turkey on installment along the Bosphorus, you will be close to the following places:

Prominent Turkish universities such as Yıldız Technical University and also the world-leading Boğaziçi University. Also, Boğaziçi University North Campus.

Additionally, there are Turkish and international schools such as Etiler Anadolu Lisesi and BJK Koleji.

As for notable hospitals, we have the Special Rumeli Medical Center and the famous Beşiktaş Sait Çiftçi State Hospital.

Moving on to shopping malls, you and your family will be close to Akmerkez Mall and Zorlu Center Mall.

In addition to the mentioned tourist and historical landmarks such as Dolmabahçe Palace, the fish market, and the Istanbul Naval Museum.

Apartment Types for Sale in Turkey on Installment

There are several apartment types to choose from according to your needs, and among these apartment types, you have the following:

  • 2.5+1
  • 3+1
  • 3+1 Duplex
  • 3.5+2 Duplex
  • 4+1
  • 4+1 Duplex
  • 4.5+1 Duplex
  • 4.5+2 Duplex
  • 5.5+1 Duplex
  • 6.5+1 Duplex

The area of these diverse and luxurious apartments ranges from 139 m² to 483 m², and the prices of these apartments range from 29,330,000 TL to 60,040,000 TL.

For more details about these apartments and to purchase one, you can learn about the project details in the area from here.

You can also contact us through our official website or directly via WhatsApp to assist you in buying an apartment in Turkey on installment.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest investment offers available

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