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What is the total cost of Turkish passport?

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Cost of Turkish passport. In the beginning, The Turkish passport ranks thirty-seventh in the world according to the “Passport Index”. Besides, it ranks fifty-first according to the “Henley” index. It is possible for Turkish passport holders to enter 67 countries without obtain a prior travel visa. In addition, they can enter five countries via electronic visa. Also, they can rnter 49 countries Immediate visa issuance upon arrival.

In “Hana” real estate company, we will tell you all the details you need about obtaining a Turkish passport. And obtaining it as a foreigner by buying a property in Turkey. Also, how much is the Turkish passport fees for obtaining it this year.

Who issues the document and the cost of a Turkish passport?

In fact, it is the official document granted by the Turkish state to Turkish citizens. Or to foreign Arab investors who obtained Turkish citizenship according to certain conditions. Which allows them to travel and obtain entry visas to other countries. Certainly, It is issued by the Directorate General of Migration Management

The cost of Turkish passport for foreigners

According to the new Turkish law, foreigners can obtain a Turkish passport normally. They obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey worth $400,000. Therefore, according to the many investment advantages, the question lies about the cost of the Turkish passport in 2023. Certainly, passport prices in Turkey rose at the beginning of the year. Foreigners are also entitled to obtain a Turkish passport by investing $500,000 in a Turkish state bank by providing the conditions. So, they will obtain the Turkish passport immediately after paying the Turkish passport fee 2023.

The cost of Turkish passport has been increased as of January 2023. This cost has increased from 1,478 Turkish lira to 3,295 Turkish lira., the fee has increased by 123 percent.

  • The Turkish passport fees for a period of up to 6 months was 309.40 Turkish liras. it became 689.75 in the beginning of the new year
  • The cost of Turkish passport for one year was 452.30 Turkish liras. it became 1008.31 Turkish liras
  • Also, the cost of Turkish passport for a period of up to two years was 738.40 Turkish liras. it became 1626.12 Turkish liras
  • While the cost of Turkish passport for three years was 1049.00 Turkish liras. But this year it became 2338.54 Turkish liras
  • The cost of Turkish passport for a period of 4-6 years was 1478.30 Turkish liras. At the beginning of the year it became 3295.57 Turkish liras

?What are the types of Turkish passport

There are four types of Turkish passports. Each of them has special and different requirements from the other. But the citizen applying for his passport must provide the requirements for one of the four types to be granted

:The types of Turkish passport are

  • Ordinary Turkish passport (red): It is granted to the ordinary Turkish citizen and the foreign investor who holds Turkish citizenship.
  • Stamped Turkish passport (gray): It is granted to national athletes. as well as to members of the Red Crescent, and members of the Turkish Aviation Association. It is also granted to citizens working in international organizations in Turkey.
  • Green Turkish Passport: it’s granted to mayors, retired public service employees, and spouses of private Turkish passport holders.
  • Turkish diplomatic passport: it’s granted to members of councils, ministers and diplomats

The child can also be granted the Turkish passport for minor children after the consent of their guardians

How to obtain a Turkish passport?

You can apply to the authorities to obtain a Turkish passport by following these steps:

  • First, register through the Turkish Nofus website or by calling 199. speaking with a customer service employee to set an appointment.
  • Second, pay the cost of the Turkish passport (according to the required period). Via the nearest Turkish post office PTT and obtain the receipt.
  • Finally, go, on the date and time specified in the appointment. According to the message that reaches the applicant’s phone, to the Civil Status Department in his area. There you can submit his documents.

In order to obtain a Turkish passport, the following required documents must be provided

  • The applicant’s Turkish national card and a copy of it. Or a temporary identity document.
  • Two personal photos with a white background.
  • Obtaining the parents’ consent for those under the age of 18 and those with special needs.
  • Student certificate, if the applicant is a student
  • Evidence of payment of the cost of Turkish passport obtained, from the Turkish Post.
  • A residence document from the e-government website, E-Devlet.
  • Fill in the application form for obtaining a Turkish passport with the correct personal information.
  • Finally, passport renewal request needs the old passport.

Within days (a period ranging between 3 days and a week) or a maximum of a month. the Turkish passport will reach the address of the applicant through the Turkish post office.

Is there a major benefit behind the cost of a Turkish passport?

The most important features of the Turkish passport is its global classification among the passports of other countries:

  • you will be able to enter more than 80 countries around the world without carrying your passport
  • you can obtain the Turkish passport a few days after submitting the papers to the Immigration Department.
  • it is renewed only once every 10 years.
  • the holder of a Turkish passport is entitled to the rights of Turkish citizenship.
  • You can also obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport without renouncing your original citizenship, and this is called “dual citizenship.”

The most prominent distinguished real estate projects for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Will the cost of passport in turkey change?

The cost of Turkish passport is not expensive. But the prices are determined every year since its inception. Surely, The prices of passports in Turkey will remain appropriate and everyone will be able to obtain them. In conclusion, Hana Company present a different group of real estate projects in Istanbul-Turkey. In addition, we can guarantees you a comfortable stay in Turkey, obtaining a Turkish passport.

We hope this information is sufficient about obtaining a cost of Turkish passport. Also, you can read previous articles that talk about the best ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. If you are looking for other. You can contact us to obtain Free advice regarding real estate investment in Istanbul. and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
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