Najm Express Project

A hotel residential project near the city center, which includes one of the largest conference halls in Istanbul, near the Basin Express area



Not suitable for Turkish nationality

Property Types

عدد الغرفالمساحة تبدأ منالسعر يبدأ من

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Apartment Type

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Prices Start From

298.000 $

362.000 $

425.000 $

682.000 $

1.410.000 $

5.884.000 $

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Areas start from (m²)

74 m²

104 m²

123 m²

208 m²

358 m²

1480 m²

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No. of Rooms







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Project Area Description

Bağcılar is Located in the middle of the European section of Istanbul and it has an exceptional location on the highway complex that connects two highways; the “E80” highway which is one of the most important highways in Istanbul, and the “Basin Ekspres” highway.

Bagcilar is bordered to the north by Esenler, and to the south by Bahcelievler, and to the west by the “Basin Ekspres” road.

Bagcilar covers from the important road approximately 4.5 km.

The Bagcilar region has a lot of services available, as it has a widespread metro network where there are 8 metro stations currently ready, and many other stations are scheduled to open during the year 2020, and there are many hospitals such as “Medicine Hospital” and “Medipol Mega University Hospital” And many Turkish and international schools in all its stages such as Al-Fayez International schools- The main branch, Al-Safir International schools, and  Universities such as ÇATI TEKNİK ÜNİVERSİTESİ, Istanbul Atlas Üniversitesi, “ALTANBAS University, and many malls and markets, such as “İstoç” wholesale market and “İstanbul Power Outlet 212” the massive mall; it has a highly valued commercial and investment character.

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Project Description

The project is characterized by a highly strategic location, as it is located directly on the Basin Express Road, which is classified as a center of Mustaqbali Finance and Tourism, which includes more than 33 five-star hotels, as well as an urban and service wealth that will be held in it.

It also characterised with several modern projects for major foreign and Turkish companies, as an investment and convenient location. The project is also adjacent to the E5 highway, one of Istanbul’s motorways, which contains the metrobus line, and is close to the former Ataturk Airport, which is planned to be converted into the largest park in Istanbul.

The project area has many services such as malls (Istanbul Mall, Mall 212), international schools (Al-Fanar, Knowledge Academy), universities, hospitals, and transportation, among others. The project consists of 4 residential blocks with super luxurious exteriors and interior finishing, and it contains apartments of type 0 + 1, 1 + 1.

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Other Features
24h security
Amusement Park
Convention Hall
External parking
heating system
hotel services
indoor parking
Indoor swimming pool
Meetings room
reception hall
reception service
Restaurants and cafeterias
Room cleaning service
security cameras
Sport club
steam room
Turkish bath
Wedding halls
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Distance from Vital Areas

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Istanbul airport : 38 Km

Taksim : 23 Km

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Metrobus station : 2 Km

“Armoni Park” mall : 2 Km

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Hospital : 5 Km

 University : 4 Km

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Milestones in the Area :

Universities :

“İstanbul Atlas Üniversitesi”.


Turkish and international schools :

“Al-Safir International Schools”.

“Al-Fayez International Schools”.

Hospitals :

“Medicine Hospital”.

“Güneşli Erdem Hastanesi”.

“Medipol Mega University Hospital”.

Malls and markets :

“İstoç”wholesale market.

.”stanbul Power Outlet 212″ mall.


Other attractions :

“Mahmutbey Bagcilar Municipality Stadium”.


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