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All that matters to you about the real estate market in Istanbul

Did you know that the real estate market in Istanbul ranked ninth in the world as the most active market in the world, and this is due to its components on the one hand, and on the other hand, the activity that it acquired came from only one factor, which is that the Turkish real estate market has become a destination for many businessmen and investors.
If you are interested in the real estate market in Istanbul, you will surely have noticed that it has consistently recorded the highest percentage of total real estate sales.
Through the following article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate has prepared for you a complete and detailed report on everything related to the real estate sector in Istanbul. We wish you to obtain the benefit and knowledge.


Why the real estate market in Istanbul?

One of the first questions you will ask yourself when searching for real estate for sale in Istanbul, why this city and not other Turkish cities? In fact, when we talk about real estate in Istanbul, we refer to a number of reasons, which are as follows.
First: In Istanbul, you will not have few or limited options, as it is full of multiple and distinctive options that suit all people and all budgets without exception.
Second: You do not have to pay the value of the property in cash if you do not have the full financial budget, as there are alternative solutions such as buying a property in installments or a property under construction where its price is lower than ready-made properties.
Third: Some real estate specialists see Istanbul as the best city for real estate investment, especially in light of the significant rise in the prices of its properties and the high population density. The factors combined with each other and made it a profitable market for the development and increase of funds.

In this context, you must know that people or foreigners who choose to buy real estate in Istanbul are divided into three sections, the first: they want to live and settle in a developed and modern environment like Istanbul, and the second section: they choose to own property for real estate investment, as all indicators indicate that it is the appropriate place because of its success and distinction and for obtaining high returns. As for the third section: He chooses to obtain Turkish citizenship, and according to statistics, more than 40% of foreigners who chose to own property in Istanbul aimed to obtain citizenship.


Real estate prices in Istanbul:

It is expected that real estate prices in that city will record a significant increase in the prices of real estate and apartments in the coming period, and this is due to several reasons that we will refer to below.
1 – Real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising in general.
2 – Turkey is one of the biggest and largest real estate markets in the world.
3 – Experts expect that real estate in Turkey and Istanbul in general will rise continuously.
4 – It ranks second among the most attractive real estate markets for foreign investments.
5 – The decrease in the volume of real estate available for sale in front of what is required for purchase.

The importance of buying real estate in Istanbul:

We have a set of reasons and motives that encourage real estate investors around the world to choose Istanbul over other Turkish cities, one of the most important of them.
1 – Its geographical location spanning two continents at the same time ( the European and Asian continents) and also close to the Arab world, and also close to the brown continent.
2 – Turkey is generally characterized by a developed and booming economy and political stability that many Arab countries and countries around the world lack.
3 – The Turkish government did not hesitate to present all the easy laws that help the foreigner to make the decision to invest in them.
4 – When buying a property for housing, you can apply for a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important types of residence.
5 – If the price of the property is four hundred thousand US dollars or more, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.
6 – Real estate prices in that city compared to prices in similar cities are considered very low and appropriate.


Real estate investment in Istanbul:

This aspect deserves to be devoted to a separate paragraph, since a large percentage of those who are heading towards the real estate market in Istanbul aim to invest in order to obtain abundant profits and returns.
What you should bear in mind is that there are many criteria on the basis of which you must choose the property to be suitable for investment in Istanbul, which are as follows:
– Strategic geographical location.
– Overlooking the sea or the green spaces.
– Modern specifications.
Residential complex apartments.
– Proximity to service facilities.
– Close to the new Istanbul airport.
– Near the new Istanbul Canal.
There are many suitable offers for real estate investment that bring you high profits. You can choose your real estate agent to provide you with the most suitable opportunities for you and your budget.


Where do I look for real estate for sale in Istanbul?

If you are going to buy an apartment in Istanbul, will you choose the Asian side or the European side? You will have a hard time deciding, so we will help you below and highlight the most important areas that you will find in the Asian and European side of Istanbul.

Real estate in the European side of Istanbul:

The European section will certainly be your first choice, especially as it witnesses a lot of urban development, rapid growth and advanced infrastructure, all of which confirms the importance of investing in it.

Buying an apartment in Basaksehir:

Surely you have heard about that region on the European side of the city, which is characterized by its strategic location close to the most important infrastructure projects at all, such as the new Istanbul Airport and the new Istanbul Canal, which added a lot of importance and high investment value to it.
Surrounded by many important areas such as Eyup Sultan, Bagcilar, Esenyurt, Esenlar and Arnavutkoy, it is also distinguished by its modern and advanced infrastructure and simple, huge transportation that has linked it with more than eighty percent of other areas of Istanbul.
On the service level, it is characterized by containing a wide range of governmental and private hospitals, schools, universities, recreational facilities and parks.
What you do not know about that region is that it contains the largest artificial lake in Turkey, which is surrounded by many parks – gardens – restaurants – cafes – sports clubs.
Many investors choose to go to it rather than other areas because of its luxury real estate and high-end residential complexes. Add to your information that prices there are always rising and increasing, and this has emerged clearly in the past years and will record a greater rise after the completion of construction work on some nearby projects.
In this area, you will find many distinctive options such as apartments, residential complexes, commercial properties, villas, and others.


Real estate in Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu has gained a lot of fame and popularity, especially in recent times, after construction companies went to it to build and construct many exceptional projects with a modern and upscale architectural style. This region is distinguished by its geographical location in the European section of the city and its view of the Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Bay.
The great urban growth witnessed in that area drew the attention of investors, businessmen and capital owners to build their luxury projects in it, and add to your information that its infrastructure is well developed and after the Metrobus line passed through it, it is no longer difficult to reach it. In general, the residents of the area will not need to go to the city center to secure their needs as the area has been provided with all the recreational and service services they need.
(Beylikduzu includes the most important residential complexes – villas with sea views or green spaces – hotels – commercial centers and malls such as Marmara Park).


Apartments for sale in Atakoy Istanbul:

This area is located in the European section of Istanbul and has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea, surrounded by many advanced and modern means of transportation that made it easy to reach, and also only a few kilometers away from the new Istanbul Airport, which gave it a great investment character and caused an increase in prices in it continuously.
Services available in that area: (hospitals – schools – universities – close to the metrobus – in addition to the wonderful recreational facilities).
On the real estate level, Atakoy includes the latest, most distinguished and luxurious properties, including a beautiful coastline, a botanical garden and children’s play cities, as well as a water aquarium in which many different types of fish live, a rapid urban growth movement witnessed by the region in addition to commercial centers, hotels and nearby tourist sites.
This area is classified as one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the city, where many investors go to it frequently.


The finest real estate in Bahcesehir:

There are those who called it the city of gardens because of the vast green spaces and gardens, which gave it a wonderful beauty, and it is characterized by a wonderful location in the heart of the European part of the city, It is characterized by a wide network of public transportation, which is distributed between land and sea, which worked to connect it with the rest of the other parts of the city.
You may not know that Bahcesehir is administratively affiliated to Basaksehir, and therefore its infrastructure is well developed and it owns many luxurious residential complexes with a luxurious urban style. Add to your information that it contains many service and recreational facilities such as a wide chain of restaurants.
Many investors chose Bahcesehir over other areas of Istanbul because it is considered one of the most promising real estate investment areas with a secured future, especially since real estate prices in it are increasing periodically, especially as it is close to the most important strategic projects in the city.


Real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul:

The Asian real estate market in Istanbul is no less important than the other side, and may even outweigh the balance for some investors than the European side, because it is characterized by calm and tranquility and a large spread of green spaces, parks and sea views. Through the following paragraphs, you can learn about its most important areas.
Apartments for sale in Umraniye Istanbul:
Umraniye is one of the most important areas of the Asian side of the city, surrounded by many important areas such as Uskudar, Kadikoy, Kartal and Beykoz, despite all its modern urban development, but it still retains its first character and the green spaces and gardens that added to it a distinctive aesthetic splendor.
Many investors consider it the safest area against earthquakes, and it is always a destination for many investors. It has gained its investment importance as a natural result of its proximity to the Istanbul Financial Center.


Real estate investment in Uskudar:

This area is located in the Asian part of the city and is characterized by its view of the Bosphorus Strait on one side and the Sea of ​​Marmara on the other, surrounded by Umraniye – Beykoz – Kadikoy, it contains the most important historical and tourist attractions such as the Maiden’s Tower and the largest mosque in Istanbul (Camlica Mosque), this area has received the most attention from the government, which has worked to develop its infrastructure, since it is an important tourist destination frequented by many tourists and is also considered the ideal place for housing and stability. It is witnessing a great real estate diversity, where you find luxury residential complexes and villas with beautiful sea views.
Uskudar is one of the richest areas in terms of educational institutions, schools, universities and institutes, all of which made it obtain great importance and great investment importance. It should be noted that real estate prices in it are constantly rising.
According to statistics, the volume of real estate sales in that region has increased significantly, especially in the recent period.


Types of real estate in Istanbul:

After all the information that we mentioned above, we must point out a very important matter, which is the most important types of real estate that exist in that city, the most important of which are:
– Apartments in residential complexes, which are in great demand.
– Villas that can be used to implement many distinctive investment ideas.
– Also, abundant profits can be obtained from commercial real estate, especially in the tourist seasons.
– Hotel apartments that are in high demand.
– studio apartments.
– Student housing apartments.
– Hotels.
– Restaurants/cafes.

The real estate market in Istanbul is wide and large and full of distinctive options. You can contact us to see the most important offers we have to choose what suits you. Our advisory team is waiting for you to provide you with all the information you want to know and to inform you about the smallest details.


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